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Highland Way
Are you feeling it yet

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Caledonia (Original)
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2 Coolies Set (Original)
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3 Back Home in Derry (Original
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4 Dont Call me Early (Original)
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5 Glencoe (Original)
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6 Merry Blacksmith Set
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7 Drunken Sailor
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8 Danny Boy
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9 Maid O Fifeo
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10 Tramps and Hawkers
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11 Flowers of Edinburgh Set
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12 Lewis Bridal Song
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13 Lonesome Boatman
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14 Cam Ye Oer Frae France
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15 The Queen of Argyle
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16 The Fiery Cross
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17 The Calton Weaver
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18 Wild Rover into Black Velvet Band
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: IrishBeachLassie
Date Posted: 10-Mar-2013

Comments: HIGHLAND WAY ~ Are You Feeling It Yet!

First, I have to say that seeing Highland Way in person is a definite plus…not just because Brian wears a kilt and all the ladies would love to see him twirl around in oh such a special way…but every single band member is very friendly and actually takes time to talk to all fans wanting that very special hug or an autographed CD, like I did. Brian’s vocals are awesome…LOVE hearing him sing…love the way he hits those high notes.

Ned ….great clear voice….his mandolin playing takes you to another dimension….all vocals totally compliment the other; these guys are all very talented…I’ll never pass on a chance to see them again for a lot of reasons……the drummer is fantastic, fun and personable.

Love hearing Brian’s Scottish Brogue…adds a LOT authenticity to his songs; every single band member plays VERY well…love the whistles, Paul on the violin totally rocks…he’s really quite good; didn’t get a chance to talk to him in person, my fault, rocking mandolin…chilling, awesome guitar….music is all extremely well played.

“Caledonia” whether I’m listening to this CD or seeing them in person, I can’t get enough…touching, gentle and great vocals, absolutely my favorite version of this son; and believe me I’ve heard a LOT of version; also my favorite track, great that it starts with this being their first track.

Lonesome Boatman – OMG…beautiful, haunting, mesmerizing….WOW Loved it; pretty much ties with Caledonia; both I’d never tire of hearing OVER and OVER and OVER.

Coolie’s Set is awesome…I can see this in a movie soundtrack and certainly hope the right people are reading and listening…cause its that good…just as good or better then anything I’ve heard used in a movie before….well done guys….

Glencoe; great song, wonderful touching vocals, violin absolutely beautiful; Drunken Sailor, Danny Boy, The Calton Weaver, Back Home In Derry; to name a few; I’ve heard all of these from other groups; Highland Way does a brilliant job on them all.

Wild Rover – great fun song…I can imagine they had a lot of fun recording and playing this….can totally see the audience participation; a drinking song…the ending must be hilarious.

I have to say that EVERY track was great listening, ALL great vocals and the music at its very best; I would strongly recommend this to everyone….great addition at your music library. By the time this CD has finished; “you’ll definitely be feeling it.”


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