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Loreena McKennitt
An Ancient Muse

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Incantation
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2 The Gates Of Istanbul
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3 Caravanserai
View Song Information
4 The English Ladye And The KnigLoreena McKennitt
View Song Information
5 Kecharitomene
View Song Information
6 Penelope`s Song
View Song Information
7 Sacred Shabbat
View Song Information
8 Beneath A Phrygian Sky
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9 Never-Ending Road (Amhran DuitLoreena McKennitt
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: Patriot1776
Date Posted: 11-Sep-2008

Comments: Hey, is any of Loreena McKennitt's albums available in 33 1/3 RPM LP vinyl format? I'm migrating my way from CD's to vinyl records and this sounds like an album I need to try. biggrin.gif

Member Name: Ross
Date Posted: 11-Sep-2008

Comments: I just received Loreena’s ‘The Visit’ CD. As much as ‘An Ancient Muse’ is an incredible album, I’m completely amoured with ‘The Visit’. The emotional and vocal tension exercised is akin to that of a classical theater actor. I would love to just sit across a table over coffee and listen to her talk… better yet, make that a glass of wine… a big glass.

Member Name: j Padraig moore
Date Posted: 02-Sep-2008

QUOTE (Ross @ 01-Sep-2008, 10:47 PM)

O.K., the crazy guy from Connecticut will be quiet now. I was simply encouraged by your comments and, obviously, bewitched by Loreena.

Ross    Response: 

Oh no Ross, you're not crazy: you're just like the rest of us! I am in total agreement with you about Loreena.

Member Name: Ross
Date Posted: 01-Sep-2008

Comments: Hope you don’t mind my elbowing into your conversation. Just have to say that I heard Loreena for the first time about five days ago and have purchased three of her CD’s. I have a strong affinity for things that project an ancient and somewhat ethereal yet substantive presence. I sort of froze when I first heard her. She is primal but sublime at the same time. That’s why it seems so haunting… like something right there in front of you, but your grasp passes through.

I spend a great deal of time hiking in the forests near my home. When you’re there alone and it’s wonderfully quiet, it seems like there’s a music drifting about, but just beyond your perception. Such has been written about for centuries. Listening to Loreena is like hearing that music.

O.K., the crazy guy from Connecticut will be quiet now. I was simply encouraged by your comments and, obviously, bewitched by Loreena.


Member Name: Lady of Avalon
Date Posted: 24-Aug-2008

Comments: Welcome to our community from Montreal mikealan glad you found us and I'm sure that you'll discover plenty of good subjects in our variety of forums and look forward to your future posts.

And so that you know I too I'm a great fan of Loreena McKennitt and so gald that she decided on a come back to the music.And I am listening now at the album.

LOA smile.gif

Member Name: Leelee
Date Posted: 24-Aug-2008

Comments: Hello & welcome, mikealan, from another fellow Canadian biggrin.gif Glad you found this great Celtic Radio Site thumbs_up.gif Enjoy the Forums, Music & wonderful people in this Community smile.gif I look forward to reading your posts cheers.gif

I am also a Loreena McKennitt fan biggrin.gif I was/am totally mesmerised by her voice & lyrics ever since I discovered her music (back in the day). I have been a Celtic Music fan from that moment on music.gif .

However haunting it may be, I felt that this was the music genre I should have belonged to all along. I have recognized other Celtic Singer's music and songs which I have heard for the first time, yet somehow I have heard them before, as I would know the tune etc. Kind of spooky ghost.gif especially when ye hae only heard the song for (supposedly) the first time. Yep, the Celtic Way is where I'm going to stay biggrin.gif Must be meant to be thumbs_up.gif Enjoy!!!

Member Name: mikealan
Date Posted: 23-Aug-2008

Comments: Well , what can I say except although I have been a Loreena fan for awhile , this particular album had me spellbound from the moment I first heard it.I have had the priveledge of seeing Loreena Mckennitt twice now in concert ,both times during the Ancient Muse tour, and it simply was an experience I don`t believe I shall ever forget.
Every single song on this album is simply magical, and I have to say " Beneath A Phyrgian Sky " is by far my favorite song that I have ever heard , ( and that`s saying a-lot ) .It is a very powerful song , for sure , and whenever I find myself tired and straying from the path , it always pulls me right back to where I should be.
If you want to listen to something that will touch your soul , then this is for sure , the place to start.
Mike H


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