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48th Highlanders
Amazing Grace: Bagpipe Favorites

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14 Auld Lang Syne/Will Ya No Come Back Again/Bide Awe
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Abide with Me

Amazing Grace: Bagpipe Favorites

Listener Reviews

Member Name: stoirmeil
Date Posted: 04-Apr-2008

QUOTE (Patch @ 03-Apr-2008, 10:14 PM)
I do not have enough years left and maybe not the ability to become really good.    Response: 

To the make of a piper

To the make of a piper go seven years of his own learning,
and seven generations before.
At the end of his seven years
one born to it will stand at the start of knowledge,
and leaning a fond ear to the drone
he may have parley with old folks of old affairs.

Playing the tune of the Fairy Harp,
he can hear his fore folk, plaided in skins,
towsy-headed and terrible,
grunting at the oars and snoring in the caves,
he has his own whittle and club in The Desperate Battle
(my own tune, my darling),
where the white-haired sea-rovers are on the shore,
and a stain's on the edge of the tide;
or, trying his art on Laments,
he can stand by the cairn of kings,
ken the colour of Fingal's hair,
and see the moon-glint on the hook of the Druids.

- Neil Munro

You have time for the valiant start. Enjoy every minute of it in health and prosperity. smile.gif

Member Name: Patch
Date Posted: 03-Apr-2008

Comments: I too find the pipes stirring. Two of the CD's loaded in my car are pipe music. I found an old set of pipes, had them refurbished and bought a chanter. I am probably just a "fair" piper at this point. I do not have enough years left and maybe not the ability to become really good. My dog likes my music though. Amazing grace is my best and I like it. The chanter fingering is pretty straight forward on that song. My second choice would be Scotland the Brave.

There is a lot of good pipe music on CD's now where 15 years ago It was hard to find.



Member Name: Camac
Date Posted: 01-Apr-2008

Comments: DinoV37Oct;

I have to be truthful with you and say that of all the Hymns in creation I cannot abide Amazing Grace. I will say this though you are right about the 48th Highlanders. About 10 years ago the CBC started a talk show on TV and the Pipes and Drums of the 48th were the opening guests.Let me tell you when they had finished playing they brought the house down, The audience would not stop clapping and cheering. I would venture that they are the finest pipe band in Canada.


P.S. My dad was a menber of the 48th back in the 50s'.

Member Name: DinoV370CT
Date Posted: 01-Apr-2008

Comments: I've had this CD for years and just love the way it sounds.
The way the 48th Highlanders of Canada plays Amazing Grace just fills me with emotion.
The other tunes on this CD are just as stiring.
The sound of the Bagpipes and Drums just seems to reach down into my soul and fires my imagination.


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