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Celtic Thunder
Act Two

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Award Winner

Featured Artist
#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Ride On - * Award
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2 A Bird Without Wings - * Award
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3 My Boy - * Award
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4 Raggle Taggle Gypsy - * Award
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5 Love Thee Dearest - * Award
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6 I Want To Know What Love Is - * Award
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7 Heartbreaker - * Award
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8 Mull of Kintyre - * Award
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9 Knights In White Satin - * Award
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10 Young Love - * Award
View Song Information
11 Yesterday's Men - * Award
View Song Information
12 That's A Woman - * Award
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13 Danny Boy - * Award
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14 Caledonia - * Award
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15 Heartland (extended version) - * Award
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16 Castles In The Air (bonus track) - * Award
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17 Christmas 1915 (bonus track) - * Award
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17 Christmas 1915 (bonus track) - * Award
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: celticsusan
Date Posted: 23-Feb-2012

Comments: I have all of the Celtic Thunder cd/dvds, (have pre-ordered "Voyage"), but I have a special place in my heart for Act Two. The extended version of "Heartland" brought me to tears, literally. I love this album because of the variety of the styles of the singers. Damian, still the young one at this point, singing "Bird Without Wings", George's barely concealed emotion on "Yesterday's Men",who can forget Ryan's smoldering "Heartbreaker", where he first earned the nickname "Dark Destroyer", Keith's "Castles in the Air" showed his immense skill playing guitar as well as singing, Paul, the romantic singing so tenderly in "Love Thee Dearest." Of course "Caledonia", the ensemble song that was definitely a fan favourite for more reasons than the amazing vocals. I literally wore the Act Two cd out.

Member Name: surfersully13
Date Posted: 17-Feb-2012

Comments: I own all their cds & dvds (less than 2 weeks for Voyage!) but this is my favorite.

Member Name: heartsong
Date Posted: 06-Feb-2012

Comments: I also saw them perform in Atlanta, every year since they began. They each add their own beautiful skills to the show.

Member Name: cchayes
Date Posted: 05-Feb-2012

Comments: i love all the songs on this cd-dvd. a bird without wings made me cry. Go, Damian! and keith's rendition of i want to know what love is, amazing! paul's tenor voice is outstanding. i miss him a lot, but emmett is doing quite nicely. ryan's "heartbreaker" is very aptly named,i think!all the guys are talented,and their shows are suitable for young and old alike.

Member Name: cchayes
Date Posted: 05-Feb-2012

Comments: love this cd and dvd, but then i love them all. i have all of celtic thunder's dvd's, except "voyage' and have it preordered so anxiously awaiting it's arrival.saw the guys last oct. in atlanta, ga. and it was an awesome night!

Member Name: Joanne25
Date Posted: 02-Feb-2012

Comments: smile.gif Listening to this does bring back good memories... I did indeed like the original CT show.

But I like that new clasical-y guy too. I do, I do. They should keep him.

Member Name: LadyDiAus
Date Posted: 28-Jan-2012

Comments: I absolutely love these guys and their music. From their debut album 'The Show' right up to the next to be released 'Voyage' these guys have shown their musical talents over and over. Even with the change in the line-up this past year, with some leaving and new ones joining, they are destined for bigger and better things. Celtic Thunder...thank you!!!

Member Name: BADAMS4107
Date Posted: 10-May-2011

Comments: I love listening to Celtic Thunder. This is an outstanding group of multi-talented young men. Just when you think they've attained a personal high, they reach higher and deeper within and create a song that deeply touches your core. I could listen to these young men all day - and that must be the opinion of many of you because lately each time I come in time to request a song, it's rejected because the artist has been played recently! I'm NOT complaining, it touches my core to know that more and more of you love their singing like I do.

Member Name: IrishBeachLassie
Date Posted: 14-Jan-2009

Comments: I absolutely adore this group, both their CD's and the DVD, I haven't stopped playing them since I saw them at the Nokia Live in Los Angeles, California, I am totally hooked. Their music has changed my life. In all my years, yes through the 60's, I have never been so taken by any other group or singer's music. Just listening to and from work makes my whole day better, no matter what happens.

Member Name: calliope
Date Posted: 06-Oct-2008

Comments: such an amazing blend of vocal ranges, talent and ages. These guys are just amazing.


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