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Scottish Toasts

October 23, 2005 - Public Domain -

An All-round Toast:
Here’s to thee and thine,
Here’s to me and mine,
Here’s to everyone we know,
Rich and poor, and high and low,
Here’s to those we ought to mind,
Here’s the whole of humankind!

The Man with the Smile:
Here’s to the man who can say
He’s seen many a happier day,
And yet who feels that life’s worthwhile,
And meets it with a jovial smile.

On Presenting a Gift:
(To Gathering)

We’ve met tonight to honor one
We’ve known for many a day.
To bid him to, as best we can,
God-speed upon his way!

(To Guest of the evening)

The gift we ask you to accept
Is not a costly treasure,
And yet it shows our deep respect,
Though in a humble measure.

We wish for you in your new sphere
What you’ve not lacked as yet –
As true friends as you’re leaving here –
Success you’re sure to get!

Reply on Accepting a Gift:
My friends, unworthy though I be
Of your kind words tonight
I cannot but confess your gift
Brings unalloyed delight.

For in the days to come I’ll think
Of what it now conveys,
The love of those whom I have loved
Through may happy days.

And yet, if any word of mine
Has cheered or act has blessed,
I’ve been repaid in countless ways
This gift has not expressed.

Of all our gifts, or great or small,
True friendship is the best of all!

Scottish Toasts:
Here’s tae us and a’ we ken!
There’s no’ a better race o’ men
In ony clime-
For “Scots wha hae”
Can win the day
At ony time!

Raise yer tots,
Brither Scots!

Ye’ll never a freend, my friends,
Sae lang’s I’m to the fore:
Sae keep in mind when round my way,
Ye mauna pass my door!

May the best you’ve ever seen
Be the worst you’ll ever see;
May the mouse ne’er leave your pantry
Wi’ a teardrop in its e’e!
May your hum keep blithely reekin’
Till you’re auld enough to dee;
May you aye be just as happy
As I wish you aye to be!

May you aye ha’e a copper to spare,
And a pinch o’ guide sneeshin’ to share!
And what is the best thing o’ a’ –
A freend at yet beck an’ yer ca’.

‘Tis said that “parting is sweet sorrow:”
‘Tis just as sweet
To think of some bright future morrow
When we shall meet!

Lang may yer lum reek,
Yer hame be free frae care;
Lan may yer freends seek
Yer cheery presence there;
Lang may the mouse find
Yer meal-poke skailin’ fou,
And lang, lang may ye mind
That I’ll aye mind o’ you!

Response to a Toast:
The heartiness with which this toast
Has been proposed tonight
Makes me feel very like a man
Who’s got a sudden fright:
For sure as two and one are three,
My head is where my feet should be,
And as I’m therefore off my feet,
I’ll just say, “Thanks” and take my seat!

Burns Night:
As lang as Scot wi’ Scot shall meet,
As lang as brithers brithers greet,
The toast list winna be complete
Without a toast to Burns.

The Immortal Memory:
Drink once again, my friends, with me
To “Burns’ immortal memory”!
Long may his songs and verse impart
A thrill of joy to many a heart;
Soon may his dreams fulfillment find,
A brotherhood of humankind!

A Song at Parting:
Air – “Auld Lang Syne”

The best of friends meet but to part
And go upon their way:
Yet only part to meet again
Upon another day

Upon another day to meet,
Upon another day,
They only part to meet again,
Upon another day.

So hand in hand in kindly clasp,
With old friends and with new,
With hopes of meeting soon again,
We now shall say “Adieu.”

We now shall say “Adieu,” my friends,
We now shall say “Adieu,”
With hopes of meeting soon again,
We now shall say “Adieu!”

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