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Traditional Toasts for Weddings

October 23, 2005 - Public Domain -

To the Bridge and Bridgegroom:
Here’s to the newly married pair,
Sitting in state, and blushing there,
With hearts brimful of cheer;
Long may they live their joys to double,
Long may they live to have their trouble,
Till troubles disappear!

Here’s to the bride and bridgegroom,
Let’s answer to the toast –
“May all their troubles, when they come,
Be ‘little ones’ at most!”

The Bridgegroom’s Reply:
I rise to thank you, one and al
For such a worthy toast;
Words cannot say just how I feel,
They’re feeble things at most;
But for my wife and for myself
I feel this word is due,
We owe much of our present joy,
Our worthy friends, to you!

To the Bridesmaids:
Here’s to the bridesmaids! May they not
Have very long to falter,
Before they too are caught and led
Triumphant to the alter!

The Bridesmaids’ Reply:
Your hopes are outs, we’d like to be
Caught in the way you mention,
But till the right man comes our way,
We don’t mind some detention.

To the Best Man:
Here’s to the Best Man, and may he,
Before a year has flown,
Pluck up sufficient “heart” to be
A bridegroom on his own!

The Best Man’s Reply:
I rise to thank you and to say,
The reason why I tarry
Is nothing more no less than this-
The best man never marry!

To the Parents of the Bride:
Here’s to the parents of the bride!
May this day’s happy cheer
Be quite a pleasant memory
For many and many a year

They’ve lost their daughter, it is true,
A fact they need not spurn,
But it is just as true they’ve got
A new son in return!

To the Bride’s Father:
Drink, gentlemen, along with me,
With right good will and true-
“The father of the bonny bride,
Here’s long life, sir, to you!”

To the Minister:
Here’s to the man who has tied the knot
That weds the happy pair;
When the blessings of life are going round
May he have an ample share!

To Our Mothers-in-Law:
Here is a toast we seldom drink,
Yet worthy with the best,
Our wives’ and sweethears’ mothers,
The butt of many a jest!

And yet between ourselves tonight,
Let’s heartily confess
Their hearts are true,
Their love is too,
None bless as they can bless!

To the Ladies:
Here’s to the ladies, wedded and at ease,
Because they were not difficult to please:
Here’s to the many damsels that you see
As yet unmarried, who should like to be;
Here’s to the others, cherishing a cat
Because they’ve given up all hope of that;
And last not least, here’s to our sweethearts true,
The less they know the better – entre nous.
“Embrace” them all in one good rousing toast,
“Dear” things, they’re really worth all that they cost!

Here’s to the ladies, bess them all!
They make this life a pleasure:
As wife, as sweetheart, or as pal,
They’re all a perfect treasure.
But – dark or fair, or short or tall,
Can’t they just take our measure?

The Ladies Reply:
To me a task has been assigned,
One just exactly to my mind,
And well you know it!
The ladies thank you for your toast
Without the men they would be lost,
Their blushes show it!

To the Best Girl:
To the sweetest girl in the world let’s drink,
She’s the one we all have got!
And it’s grand for each of us to think
She’s the best of all the lot;
For it’s this that makes the whole world sing
So “toast” her again, for the love of the thing!

To the Entertainers:
Here’s to the friends who have sung and played
To make the evening bright;
We owe them what we’ll pay them now –
Thanks for a happy night!

To Our Friends:
Here’s to our friends,
May their love never pall;
May we never be able
To count them all!

Think oft of those
Whose love is true,
And who quite often
Thing of you!

To Our Absent Friends:
Here’s to our absent friends, and may
They meet us and greet us
For many a day!

Though they’re far away over the sea,
They’re remembered by you and by me,
So we’ll drink to their good health
And a steady increase to their wealth;
May they ever be happy and gay
As the lark at the dawn of the day;
May adversity melt at their door
As the snow melts when winter is o’er;
May their friendships be many and true,
May their foes, if they’ve any, be few!

To Our Old Friends:
We like to think of the dear old friends,
We knew in the days of yore,
And to call them in from the earth’s far ends
To sit by our side once more.

And that is what we’re doing tonight
In the midst of our friendly cheer,
And our hearts thrill though with the true delight
To see them beside us here.

For though unmeasured distance parts,
And leagues of seas divide,
We’ll feel the beat of each other’s hearts
Till the end of time and tide.

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