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The Lore of Órla Fallon

Órla Fallon introducing brand new studio album: Lore

A journey through classic Celtic melodies, orchestral arrangements, and cinematic atmospherics.

Singer and songwriter Orla_Fallon, of Celtic_Woman fame, has made a name for herself in the folk music world, and her sound never stops giving the audience an incredible experience. The talented Irish singer is highly praised for her vocals (in English and Irish language alike), as well as her harp performances.Órla’s most recent studio album, Lore, is a stunning achievement in its own right. This album his the follow up to her 2019 album, “A Winter’s Tale,” which was also extremely well-received. The project features 12 songs, each track being a powerful testament to Órla’s world-class musicianship and skills. You will immediately savor the fragrance of this production, with a crisp top, and a softer texture as you reach deeper into the arrangement. The instruments collide together beautifully, and there is a lot of room to let everything breathe, like air bubbles in a perfectly expanded skyline. In addition to that, the zesty tone of the lead vocals is truly remarkable, adding a distinctive, yet subtle flavor that gives the material its distinctive signature. Once you have a first taste of the songs in Lore, you’ll want to dig in deeper and even give the whole project a second spin right away. Lore is perfect for any fan of Celtic music, as it features a collection of lovely melodies, performed by one of the most talented artists in this particular genre today.

What’s special about it is that this is music that’s arguably made with passion and commitment, showcasing the worth of a life-long legacy of quality folk music. The music that’s featured on this release is beautifully melodic, combining elements of folk music with orchestral arrangements that are incredibly dynamic and forward-thinking. From ambitious cinematic drums, down to folk instruments as well as strings, anything goes. Above all, Órla’s vocals are incredible, and her performances are excellent from start to finish, generating so much energy and even capturing that iconic, convivial atmosphere that makes Celtic music just so special. “Lore” extends over the span of roughly 40 minutes, creating a beautiful sonic tapestry of harp textures and mesmerizing vocals. The song Siuil a Run is a perfect introduction to the album, with its minimalistic backdrop of percussion elements, and hypnotic string instruments, not to mention Órla’s iconic vocals. This album immediately sets the bar high from the start, highlighting the sonic coordinates of this studio work.

Bean Phaidin (Drops of Brandy) unfolds beautifully over a soothing pad of sounds, with drums and vocals building a very nice rhythm together, as the guitar joins along soon after. This song feels like waking up in the morning, as the sun warms the room right after a dark and stormy night. The third track on this release, Roseville Fair, has a slower tempo and a more traditional mood, exploring a different direction. The guitar melodies are incredibly pretty, and the sound of this track suits Órla’s lyrics in English to perfection. The fourth song, Baidin Fheilimi, is a classic folky number, with beautiful guitar and mandolin interaction adding more depth to the rhythm section. The album keeps unfolding beautifully with tracks such as “Galway Bay” and “Two Sisters,” which highlights Órla’s penchant for timeless themes and traditional melodies, reimagined in a very personal way. The seventh track, Citi Na gCumann, is another fantastic addition to this release, adding more to the mix with a fuller and more cinematic arrangement. The song “Do You Love and Apple” is a sweet piece of music, which feels incredibly emotional and far-reaching. This is by far one of the most intimate songs on this production, and the quality of Órla’s performance truly speaks for itself. This song has a very remarkable feel to it, and you really don’t need more than a simple arrangement to make it stand out. The next song, Wild Mountain Thyme, falls along the same lines, embracing more orchestral elements, such as a stunning string section that feels bright and uplifting. Next up is Nead Na Lachan, a song with a nice old-school feel and a very cheerful vibe, the kind of track that you could expect people to clap along and sing along too! The 11th track on this album is titled “She Moved Through the Fair,” and it stands out as another amazing musical moment on this release. The notes of the instruments are mesmerizing and performed very gently, perfectly matching the fragility of Órla’s vocals. Last, but definitely not least, The Parting Glass is a very nice closing song, which wraps it all up nicely, leaving the listener wanting more!

Órla is undoubtedly an extraordinary talent, and this 2020 album is yet another step forward in her amazing career. The album showcases some of the finest musicianship you’ll hear this year in the genre, in addition to a stunning approach to production. The vocals and instruments are very life-like, clean and lush, showcasing the full sonic range of every single element in the mix.

In conclusion, this is a very well-produced release, which definitely deserves your time and consideration.

Find out more about Órla Fallon, and do not miss out on Lore, which is currently available on many of the best music streaming platforms on the web. This album is currently available through Green_Hill_Music.


Lore - Órla Fallon

5.0 Stars!

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Track List
1. Siúil A Rún
2. Bean Pháidín/Drops Of Brandy [Medley]
3. Roseville Fair
4. Nead Na Lachan
5. Galway Bay
6. Two Sisters
7. Citi Na gCumann
8. Do You Love An Apple?
9. Wild Mountain Thyme
10. Báidín Fheilimí
11. She Moved Through The Fair
12. The Parting Glass


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