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The Celts

March 10, 2014 - CelticRadio.net -

The Celts is a documentary from 2013 on the first European people north of the Alps to rise from anonymity. This program looks at who the Celts were, where they came from and what made their culture so distinctive. From ancient times to modern day, the history of the Celts is discussed in 6 episodes with each episode about 60 minutes long.

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We found this series to be both informative and entertaining with some interesting new aspects of Celtic culture and history that we were not previously aware about. Such as the fact that the language spoken by more than half the world is from a western tribe of Germany called English. This is a fantastic series if you are of Scotch, Irish, Welsh or Celtic background and desire to know in depth the history of the Celts. We were hooked from the first episode simply because there are not too many complete series on the Celts. It originally aired in 2013, so it is a fairly recent series. Here is a description of each episode:

1. In the Beginning
The Celts were the first European people north of the Alps to rise from anonymity. This program looks at who the Celts were, where they came from and what made their culture so distinctive.

2. Heroes in Defeat
The heyday of the Celts was the La Tene era. It was tribal, and women were often the leaders: warriors, bards, druids, artists and craftsmen. Their little known settlements as well as their massive hill-torts tell of inhabitants who traded within and beyond Europe. But then the Celts clashed with the Romans and highly developed culture fell apart.

3. The Sacred Groves
This program looks at the pagan religion, Druidism, which underpinned early Celtic society and is still practiced today.

4. From Camelot to Christ
The slow collapse of the Roman Empire saw the arrival of new cultures which threatened the Celts. The program claims that the British king, Vortigern, invited the Anglo Saxons into Britain to help fight the Picts but they betrayed his trust and gradually took over the island.

5. Legend and Reality
From the 8th century onwards the Celts were hammered by invasions by the Vikings and then the Normans. Following the Reformation in the 16th century, Celtic communities in Wales, Ireland and Brittany were marginalized in the push for political and religious unity in England and France.

6. A Dead Song?
This program examines the emergence, history, meaning and threats to the Celtic identity. Today the struggle to define an identify continues.

This is a well told and highly historically accurate series that is visually detailed and intriguing. There are so many tidbits of information that we think anyone of Celtic background will find this series fascinating and will make for great discussion and viewing over the course of a number of evenings. Five stars from Celtic Radio!


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