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  Member Journals are a benefit of Celtic Radio membership. They extend and personalize your online persona by allowing you to express your "personality" through the day to day events that effect your life. Journals can also be used to write stories or develop your online fictional character! Visit this Journal directory to browse the most recent entries!

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Date Member Journal Poster Title Views Comments
30-Dec-12   edwathen66   edwathen66   edwathen66   346   0
16-Jul-12   CelticRadio   CelticRadio   Defender of the Crown   28713   0
11-Jul-12   Taliesin   eryn   Thanks for sharing that...   17088   0
04-Jun-12   Shadows   Shadows   He is here   35320   0
04-Apr-12   maddogmikk   jmparrish   Hope   10449   0
04-Apr-12   Shadows   jmparrish   Congratulations!   35320   0
27-Feb-12   Shadows   surfersully13   Wonderful news   35320   0
27-Feb-12   Shadows   Shadows   A boy   35320   2
13-Feb-12   CelticThunder   CelticThunder   Celtic Thunder Performers   6833   0
07-Feb-12   GeckosRule   GeckosRule   What Does It Mean to Be a Witch?   905   0
06-Feb-12   kris77ser   kris77ser   Kristian Schlosser   1120   0
28-Jan-12      saltycelt   There's Snow In the Air - But Spring's on the Way      0
26-Jan-12   82farmerandthedell   82farmerandthedell   Rags make the best riches, robes make poverty!   1773   0
06-Jan-12   rand94gan   rand94gan   Randy Carrigan   844   0
06-Dec-11   arnwilt64   arnwilt64   Arnold Wilt   979   0
04-Nov-11   Shadows   Shadows   Men at Work   35320   0
11-Oct-11   Vixie   Vixie   My Music Reviews (c) Vickie J. Yakus (Vixie)   4070   0
26-Jul-11   DRAGONRACER   DRAGONRACER   Finally bought a subscription   1854   0
25-May-11   maddogmikk   maddogmikk   lonely   10449   1
08-May-11   maddogmikk   maddogmikk   Were is the love   10449   0
03-May-11   maddogmikk   maddogmikk   Hate   10449   0
03-May-11   maddogmikk   maddogmikk   mmmm   10449   0
11-Apr-11   thunderfollower   thunderfollower   Ryan Kelly   640   0
08-Apr-11   maddogmikk   maddogmikk   How to become a good puppet?   10449   0
07-Apr-11   maddogmikk   maddogmikk   why   10449   0

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