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One of the goals of Celtic Radio is to bring together a community of listeners and musicians that share a unique bond of culture and music. Our community events section contains an event calendar, chat rooms, member birthdays and more! All members and musicians are encouraged to post their local events to the calendar. Special chat rooms are available upon request. Watch this section for special community events!

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Proverbs of the Moment
Gaelic Proverbs come primarily from the western Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and they have a distinctly rural or agricultural flavor which reflects the society from which they were gathered. It is to be expected that many of them pertain to the weather, to the planting of crops, and to country life in general. Others reflect the Gaelic love of company and hospitality, fear of poverty and laziness.

Gaelic Proverb:
Is sleamhainn leac doras an taigh mhòir.

English Translation:
The chief’s house has a slippery doorstep.

Few countries have a greater number of proverbs than has Scotland. Even today, everyday speech in Scotland is sprinkled with them. Scots are wonderfully given to this way of speaking, and the lovely Scots tongue loses much of its flavor when forced to translate their unqiue language. Those that appear in English have been preserved that way for at least 200 years!

Scottish Proverb:
A covetous man does naething that he should do, till he dies.

Latest News

January Contest Results

Posted on: 07-Feb-2016, 03:12 PM
Posted by: CelticRadio

user posted image

We've got some really great CDs to give away this month. Be sure to read this enter page or visit our MEGA CONTEST PAGE to find all of the currently active contests on Celtic Radio!


A Big Congrats to the following members who won a CD in our January monthly CD Contest:

Dale from IN wins the Ramblin' with the Rats - Stolen Songs of Struggle CD.
Margaret from NY wins the Raven Moons CD.
Clifford from NJ wins the More Of The Moor Of Dundee CD.
Maria from GA wins the Spirits CD.

Congrats to the Winners!

Check out our February Contest here and how to win.

Our February 2016 CD contest features music from Paul MurphyEamon DwyerThe Willis Clan and  Seasons.


Celt Rock Stout Contest

user posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted image

The Celt Rock Stout contest is a no holds bar collection of some of the best Independent Celtic Rockers to grace the stage. If you are a rover, or a one-eyed Paddy, Drunk, Sick, Tired and taking the Rocky Road to Dublin with Some of that Real Old Mountain Dew, then this contest is for you. Included with this contest is a "one of a kind" collection including some of the hottest Celtic bands. CDs include Tempest's "The Double Cross"; The Gleasons "A Letter to Erin"; Murder the Stout's "Murder the Stout" and a Murder the Stout sticker.

Our founder contests are only available to Celtic Radio Premium or Enhanced members. It is our way of thanking the people that keep this site in business!



user posted image

Sign up for our special St. Patrick's Day raffle and you could win one of these great prizes - all total we have over 20 prizes to give away on Paddy's Day! We have 3 Celtic Pentagram Necklaces, 3 Irish Celtic Storybooks, 10 Celtic Radio Premium accounts, The Carty Sisters' "Cotar" CD, Hair of the Dog's "Liam Left the Lights On Again" CD, Emish's "Sinners Make the Best Saints" CD, O'Brien Gourley Sproule's "Bright and Early" CD, Celtic Angel's "Celtic Hits" CD. We will announce the winners on St. Patrick's Day, so join us for a day of music, toasts and Guinness! Happy St. Patrick' Day! Contest ends on March 18, 2016.


View all of the our contest on the MEGA CONTEST PAGE

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Last comment by 1BrightStar at 07-Feb-2016, 09:11 PM

Link of the Moment
NYCC Scottish Studies Program

The New York Caledonian Club offers informative and entertaining Scottish cultural courses including bagpiping, Scottish Gaelic, and Highland and Step dancing, at a cost that makes participation affordable. All are welcome, club members and non-members alike. Designed for anyone from the young student just becoming acquainted with Scottish culture, or the seasoned pro who wishes to brush up and improve on all things Scottish, the courses are taught in a manner that permits each student to progress at his or her own rate in accordance with the time available. The courses are structured to satisfy both social and learning functions and opportunities to utilize these skills are an integral part of the Club's yearly agenda.

Added by: Caithness On: 0000-00-00 00:00:00


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Game of the Moment - Asteriods
Asteriods - A visually stunning game of classic asteriods - beefed up with music and graphics galore!


Member Birthdays!
 Today is a special day for these members. We have 89 members that are celebrating their birthday today. Wish them a happy birthday by clicking on their member name to send a birthday greeting with our private messaging system!

Todays Birthdays:


The Celtic Zodiac

The Rowan, 1/22 - 2/18

Rowan trees were planted near doors and gates to ward off evil influences and branches were attached to barns in order that the cattle housed inside would be protected from misfortune. This tree was also believed to guard the gateway to the spirit world and its boughs often used for dowsing and deflecting spells. The Rowan is sometimes called the "Whispering Tree" and ancient legend tells that it has secrets to reveal to those who would but listen. The Rowan has been associated throughout history with protection against wickedness and is believed to be the wood which was used to engrave the Norse Runes. Its name is linked with the Norse "Runa" or "Rundall," meaning "a charm." It is also associated with the Sanskrit "Runall" meaning "magician." The Cornish and Scots would carry an equal-sided cross of Rowan to protect them from harm and wands were often placed over doorways to houses in order to ensure good fortune. In Wales, Rowans used to be planted in churchyards so that they might to watch over the dead. The Rowan, a tree of protection and insights, was known to be a tree belonging to the Faery. Its wood was frequently used for bows, favored second only to Yew for this purpose. When sliced in two, the orange-red Rowan berry reveals a pentagram symbol of protection. Thus, this tree was believed to possess the ability to protect from enchantment and trickery. It was once thought that the berries of the Rowan were so sacred that the Gods guarded them jealously and kept them from humankind. The Rowan was also believed to enhance strength with courage. The Ancient Druids woul........ more

Read more about your Celtic Zodiac sign!

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Share a laugh and drink with the regulars. Leave your worries at the door!

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Celtic Man and Woman

Celtic themed wallpaper for your computer, 800 X 600 sized

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