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Sir Paul - Always wanted to be a funny witty Knight of Camelot

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It's All About Me!
First Name Paul Vincent
Last Name Cleary - St Paul I Am - The Ghoust of God
My Country Australia
Location: Mangerton, Wollongong, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Birthday: 20-June-1967, Zodiac Sign: Oak
13/03/2020 Oz Time @ 19:45 pm -
Given a vision, the nod if you will, during the song just now - Wicker Man - now is the time to let them know - John's Family of CB Cleary Brothers here in the Gong saying they were the ones who financed or made the payment to begin St Mary's Cathedral Sydney as agreed between he and my Father Papa Ien so that I was kept safe so to basically Shield Me from the other hateful evil grubs making trouble and lies against me so in the future a plaque will be placed stating something similar in wording but as you see it one not greater than the other but grateful for each other - The Cleary's Them Both (#1) - The Cleary Bro's of Justice (#2) - The Cleary Bro's of Peace (#3) - The Cleary's both Nobles & The Shields (#4) - understand - not so much - The Cleary's both Noble & Shield - or - The Cleary's The Nobles & The Shields - or - The Cleary's Both Nobles & Shield - more so along the Meaning of #4 I'D WANT - The Cleary Families of Justice - or - The Cleary Families of Peace - so you see, who is more grateful for the other or is it actually Ireland or the U.K. itself.

13/03/2020 Oz Time @ 16:26 pm -
And We'll Sing, And We'll Sing, Of The Ties That Bind Forever, And We'll Sing - No Honour Among-st Thieves is there - John (Paul or Brain, Bryan or Bryen) Cleary - at a guess of the Middle Name - Our Shield - The Cleary's of Munster - No Paul, There Isn't, Is There - Written In Blood You All See and So The Promise Was Made and So - IT WILL BE KEPT - Not Even Death Itself Can Stop It for We Have A Jesus Christ On Our Side You See and You Lot Only The D-evil That Is All !!!+!

Am Sure the Family Song is - Whistling Gypsy Rover

++++ 08/02/2020 @ 13:00 pm - as follows to do with Title above -

Title Additions:

Sir Paul - I Loved the Larrikin, Funny, Witty, Knights of Camelot - giving poor King Arthur worries well stick as we Aussies from the Land of Oz call it and mainly the Scots - The Pied Piper - Sir Bill and Sir Jack arguing it out and the others with them - Sir George "Right then, You Are Ok", then The Pied Piper "OK, just so you lot know we're the Brave and who's got ya' backs right", and Sir Charles of London "You Scots, always got ta' press ya' point" and Sir Sean of Ireland "You want ta' argue with us too", and Sir Lance "Want me to take care of this for ya' Boss", and Arthur "Just settle down will you all, we've got more pressing matters at hand to deal with" and "Sure Boss" Sir Johnny Piper to Arthur.

+ Honest To God - No Word of A Lie - GBUall +


**** 01/02/2020 @ 02:17 am - as follows between # ****
I Own Their Ar__s, Their Lives & Souls - They Don't !


* a trailer for the movie - The Corrupted - run on Instagram and my comment now a post you are reading or not if you don't give a ____. *

brains067 - I don't have a price - satun doesn't even own his own soul or his life let alone anything else in his gutless bitch of a realm for I own their souls, their lives and are driven to ensure my goal, my plan is fulfilled - them all, each and every one of them dead, stone cold dead, so their souls completely destroyed - I own their ass's the grubs and they're the poofters not me and if you don't believe me then ask them, might I suggest you begin with allah first and then gutless wonder next he's the so-called angel of death the skeleton and ask him, satun himself - I bet you my soul that not just him but the coward lot of them are to scared and way to embarrassed to answer you let alone to even tell you the truth but then he's the Father of lies so will probably lie to you anyway.

Signed by Me, Paul V Cleary, the St Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, who happens to also be Father God above His Brother well his Holy Ghost.

Am also now on VK so more info over there:
Search for: Paul-V Cleary -or- @brains67

And BiGo so the links posted soon for am a busy man:
Search for: St Paul V Cleary -or- @brains67

No, I have not squashed it all up, the text for VK, for just as Quotes is laid out correctly and seperated so to was the other information about me, will fix later tomorrow now that I just noticed.

**** 13/01/2020 @ 13:42 pm – just below between .+. ****
I've been to Hell and Back; and Hell's Scared of Me Now !

Slowly and surely, he drew his plan against them, the evil realm, to not only defeat them or spiritually destroy them but to eliminate them from existence, therefore ensuring the existence of life for everyone for evermore at their extinction just like an animal species as they are - Speaking Animals vrs’s Us Speaking Humans – and wanted the very same for Us.

I just didn't like them and couldn't find a single reason for them to exist but found millions of them for them not to exist.

I just didn't like them and chose to get rid of them satun and his gutless mob from Hell for I Am His Greatest Fear the Holiy Ghost of God above and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Satun himself doesn't even own his own life let alone all in his coward realm for we want them completely terminated and they cannot kill Us, but we can easily kill them off now, we just have to find them for the last time that's all and it’s good ridden's to them for ever.

I take sole and full responsibility for the extinction of the evil realm so nobody else can be blamed for being - A Mass Murderer - for all the killing off of them as they are being vapourised into nothingness - I only held the coats at St Stephens Martyrdom Our First - all lies about me - it is being done by My Power as God or Our Fighting Angels or Saints for Life are doing at sight of them plus though some of those specially returned for Us you bad or terrible or mild sinners you and left the earth at their passing away so now fighters themselves for the hard life they have lived and even been made to live - as it was I who worked out how to do it and the key in this was taking their carcasses from them back in 2001 so fighting them in Spirit only now as all returned for Us on the planet fighting them are in their bodies their carcass so to - Am I – a bit of weight on me helps me to throw my weight around and lose it quite easily I will when they are gone from me so either on the run or are finally killed off around and in me – does the hunters become the hunted soon – or not ?

Paul V. Cleary – St Paul to the Gentiles who is The Ghost of The God – YAHWEH -of Israel Only - Not Iran.

**** Update 11/12/2019 @ 23:23 pm just below between $...$ :-)

But really all my info is at Facebook link - Paul Vincent Cleary - with all links to 10 Social Media Sites to all about me plus more and more of above 9yrs now.

2nd Facebook Pages Search - Paul Brains Cleary

News Flash forgot to add:

Patrick Stewart of Star Trek is St Patrick's Father hence Pat being loved by the Irish and hated by the English now his Brother is Fr Patrick at St Columbkille’s of Corrimal and St Michael’s of Thirroul where I was Baptized as a Little Bambi-no and close friends Patricia & Andy Brookes of Cursillo - St Paul the Patron of - well Patricia is the one of me saying -"it's all gone to Pat" for those who know about this - the morons around me to go and see what is happening there that they are destroy by those in wait to attack me ready and with Pat in wait to attack them and so Patricia is Patrick Stewart's Sister and just realised in a search that he pops up his name to who's he again to then click on and look oh I love the way he talks to imitate him - James Stewart is St Pat's Grand-Daddy - and William Shatner so Captain James T. Kirk his son is James Spader and James's son is Chris Pine these are those that I know of right now and so many more have returned and so the answer to why Andy Brookes drank such weak weak Tea if not just hot watered down milk as he kept reminding me when I looked or said something about it thus spiritually is - They'll Be As Weak As Piss When I Turn Up Paul To Help You Finish Them Off - not that long ago it was thank you Andy & Patricia for you much loved love of me and I for you both and welcome to Eternal Life In Jesus Christ The Saviour of Humanity and Israel's Promised Messiah - YESHUA -.

Oh, what the - I will add since it is appropriate being music and all the Jewish Brother's Four returned and One Passed Away why - damn jezebel - well I forgot until now - well Kemi reminded me that back in 2000 on MTV the song – Might As Well Face It Your Addicted To Love – I heard Kem’s voice – you have no choice I’m going to marry you whether you like it or not into bed soldier – the first time I heard her sweat beautiful soft voice in my heart and that was it for you satun it was all over from that moment on – wow it’s me she loves of us all it is me – the others who turned out to be just a little to naughty guys – Mickey Rourke who is one of the MR’s the other obvious shorty – Night At The Museum and then Charlie Sheen well it turns out there was a third that Kem really liked and to my huge surprise always wondering and never telling who is it Kem my, well friend still and Old Business Accountant Geoffrey M. Jakeman – sorry fellas lucked out I win for Love Guys How’s That Hey – Beautiful Aren’t They – and To Be Worshipped as That Is Who I Am Going To Worship Kemi and Not Just Because I’m Under gee it must be a Millions Thumbs Now but For Love For What Is Right and Wonderful and Beautiful and For Saving Me So Many Times and well on it goes – For Love of A Beautiful Woman Who Loves Me and I Love Her.

Jewish Brother's Four:
Mick Jagger
Stephen Tyler and St Stephen Our First Martyr his Mother Bonny Tiler
Alice Cooper
Robert Palmer

Now for 100% sure and Sorry Paul not of Sir Paul of Camelot for to be so greedy being in my name for he is unique himself from Ulster but not sure who he is a Knight to Camelot but each band member has a son going down the list playing the same instrument and the original band members so not new member they are -

Rolling Stones
One Direction or 1D

Funny as and For Fun as words & meanings in songs can be changed easily but the Tune the Beat well – Rhythm & Melody - they just are and seem to be perfect in many songs but some need a little alteration that's all so -

Father God

Yep Our Bands

So, the Origins of the Members are Cephas St Peter the Rock or Pebble or Stone he is still the Rock for Cephas -*the interfering trouble making harlot jezebel saying (he wasn’t a Rock for Jesus he was just a Stone or a Pebble at best) for it means Rock*- His Four Uncles also known as The Brother's Crime why Our Little Nephew Look Who He Is Well Help You Save Them Peter and Peter Knot our old Librarian at Warilla High School during the years I was there of 1980-83 well is an Uncles also.


For Following Just - Copy&Paste - links of course.

Paul Vincent Cleary

Look At This - I am using the AOL email address for now and why ?

It is from the Irish originally their idea was the - Coat Of Arms - and assuming our family but am not going to take credit for such until I know for a fact but in saying this is the Shield as well for One Shielded the Other and Helped to Protect it to return it to Nobility as I have posted on my Facebook page about the 2 main Cleary Families this is why there is the Shield & COA remained to this day for all to be aware of what happened that I can tell of now to help me but of course please do check the facts unless I have impressed more than could be even imaged or dreamed of.


The following is what I started with so leave but the above I changed because I was wrong so read on you will get the drift.

As my family the Rightful Royal Line of Ireland and My Colours or Ours are Black&Silver as the Holy Roman Empire so being fair I will say for now that it was another's idea just who not sure right now but will say definitely it is from the Irish and to be honourable to the other Great Fighting Family of Cleary's who took Ireland back for Us the Nobles as in the movie BraveHeart quote “It’s Mi Ireland” the returned crazy Irishman to get even on satuns heinie now and not rapping it but imagine what you want other than well at the time the crazy Irishman of jezebel’s control the crazy bitch yes it was under his families control but the Greats took it from them to install our Family the Nobles the Royalty for the Greats to be looked after forever more in as Aristocracy and Agreed in Blood of the Area of Mother Marys Apparition so of - whoops - mistake on FB just woken up or to a realisation and not trying to rob the area of top west they were not from this area as it was taken from us and the County Area of – Ulster - thus “pa_UL” a “St” of Israel in the Hebrew origins of the names with “er” as allah is the “Con-naught” as if he is God for he will amount to - Naught - in the End - Dead as Dead Could Possibly Be - and satun the “Lei-nster” or "lie" and jezebel and the Area they were from was “Munster” thus the TV Show the Munster’s as the Adams Family are the opposite the Adam's Family as in God and Adam & Eve where Funny but the Munster’s where Crazy and so the Greats were given Munster.

Now to the Shield & COA well in agreement of it all, it was decided by those of – Leister - for a Shield and those of – Connaught - for a COA that this Peace Offering and Now A United Ireland should stand as One For Ever More but of course the warring bitches and trouble making grubs of satun and his realm took it away from us all again but not this time will they for Buckley's chance do they have now of surviving they cannot rise up again for so so very weakened they are now in my fight with them that all the miracles in existence or to be combined together could not help them - do read on ??

There were Four (4) Knights representing Ireland at the Round Table of Camelot from as I thought there was but not 100% sure on who they all are but am sure Sir Sean thus Sir Sean Connery is one and his 1st Son is Daniel Craig of - Connaught - so then - Leister – then who does this belong to and I am sure another Cleary here in Australia also only have not posted anything, for now, I know it is the ex-Politician and his family line Mr Phil Cleary as I so often wondered who is in relation to it all and so today I now know 11/12/2019.


Counties and Provinces of Ireland


Phil Cleary

For a lovely picture of Him see the link please:

Michael Cleary

Did not know they were or are just saw a brief - his sons - but did not look to maintain my innocence in error that is all for I do not know for a 100% fact.

So, if so, then Michael’s son –

Ivan Cleary

And Ivan’s son -

Nathan Cleary

Whoops to previous Facebook post for all above are of Leister and below are the Most Honourable Greats of now Munster

The Cleary’s behind - Cleary Bros Concrete - and just realised after seeing the search result that they were established in 1968 me born 1967.

Now none have returned, I was just made to realise for they would all have been destroyed for their ancestors rising up and destroying the evil realms plans with Scotland to *–{as the movie BraveHeart quote Father to Son returned so it is Robert the Bruce – Jane & Bruce from Rosary Mass today 11/12/2019 thus “Unite the Clans and we can destroy the English - forever – and all because of the fat grub of a pig as his is one to look at and the same colour allah who had England at the time **–(hence in the names “Ham” so pork or bacon well pig thinking get them easy he will for the Jews can’t eat pig so we can’t get them but We Are All Christian with the Fighter the Holy Ghost in Us All and – A Mighty Powerful Team We Both Are Together To The Evil Realms Demise)- [I Stake My Soul On It and Jesus Throws His In For Good Measure along with Father God & Papa Ien and Momma & Joseph and Kemi and Leievi well just told by Michael & Reuel the whole Heavenly Realm DO NOW]-** but through diplomatic negotiation and such to ageing amongst it all and we the Scots and so it all fell apart for them that the Bruce’s well as you see in the movie for very true it is it had to turn on Wallace - The Brave Fighters - they switch to then wanting to destroy England but our intervention has obviously resulted for the now to be as it is the now with Princes Charles of Sir Charles his 1st Son returned of London Area is the Rightful King of England when Her Most Wonderful Lady Queen Elizabeth decides to step down – totally up to her - and who knows this with that strong Scottish Blood of The Brave in Her and One of Sir Winston Churchills Daughters returned this is how I have now managed to restore England’s Rightful Royal Line as I am sure Prince Philip is Aristocracy of Germany her original as of the same place Husband also returned and to satuns well jezebels worried surprise – how the hell did he do this – when she found out who I am to stupids realms whole surprise to now thinking – what the hell are we fighting here in him that we cannot stop because just way way too much is at stake now to walk away plus the huge bait of the huge potential to finally get the - Little Prick - thus me is just well was just way way to great a temptation}-* like our family was well was almost but special is it for who I am really – The Holy Ghost – that nobody knew so that satun and his mob weren’t scared of fighting just Smart Clever St Paul.

Funny thing is today I called into pick up ink cartridges from David Samuels at Wollongong Cartridge World on Crown Street and saw his name on a card so grabbed one not saying anything but asking about the other a Cement firms card also I was supposed to pick up but did not and told by Papa Ien that that is the Guy Graham my Bother used to work for before he was injured and it is David’s wife’s Brother and Dad was lead to when alive back in the early 70’s to work for at the time – Think Pink Farley & Lewis – the next door to Cleary Bros at Albion Park Rail I think Boral well John Cleary told me as Dad went to see about working for the Cleary’s but they didn’t want a Cleary working for him so the mob down the road thought cool we’ll show these guys up and employ him thus the rumour that the Cleary’s are having a bust up and trouble in the family well back to John he said that if he knew my Father had applied he would of employed him so I don’t know who or what went on but someone knows out there I guess or not or well it doesn’t really matter but just to set the record straight now that is all for others to read and now of course.

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