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> Who Were You In High School, Describe how you were in High School
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Posted: 24-Feb-2005, 07:17 AM
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Celtic Guardian

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I was in band but would not qualify as a band geek. I was part of the ambitious crowd, we were in high school to learn and not to see how popular we were. By senior year most of the people in my class hated my best friend and I because we didn't see the point of being shallow and we actually wanted to do something with our lives. But neither one of us was geeky we just worked really hard and were involved in many things. My best friend and I thought the situation in high school was rather comical by the time we left.

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Posted: 27-Feb-2005, 07:05 PM
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Celtic Guardian

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Well in Germany the school-system is different. You mostly hang out with your classmates all the time. In Germany the class stays together all the time with only split ups for PE and if you choses a language and the others choose shop or Home eco. So there are no real clique system. The classes are even together in recess and hang around on the school grounds.

Other than that we also sit mostly in the same classroom and only the teachers change.

Makes it so much easier. LOL

I was actually the rebel type.

I was dresses in ripped jeans, wore boots and stuff. I was the only one hanging around heavy metal hangouts and only hung out with american soldiers. I lived for Heavy Metal and Hard Rock and looked the part.

All my friends in school listened to the softer type of music. But even in those times I listened to Bagpipe music. Something different. Was and still am a big Elvis Fan. So I was very different then all my classmates.

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Posted: 28-Feb-2005, 08:58 AM
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Celtic Guardian

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I graduated high school in 1978.

Band geek for the 1st two years. Wore glasses.
Drama geek for the last two years (president of the Drama club). Wore contacts.
Enrolled in the "smart" classes. Advanced math/science, etc.

Those three combined equalled No Love Life. crybaby.gif

But there was Lori, who I dumped for Amanda. Worst mistake in my life. To this day I regret it. Lori was an angel that I allowed to get away.

We had the Smarties, the Geeks, the Jocks, the Beautiful, and the Auto Shop'ers. Several of us banded together to form a "group" that tried to span the other groups.


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Posted: 28-Feb-2005, 06:28 PM
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Fear-leanmhainn an Rėgh
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None of the above:

Graduated 1973 (despite efforts to the contrary)

The first couple years I was one those those people out on the edge (didn't belong to any clubs, bands, athletics), wasn't part of any clique, but was big enough no one picked on me (that and most of my friends were a bunch of rowdy rednecks). Last couple of years I was with the Christian Group on campus and a lot of people ran the other way when they saw us coming for fear of what we might have to say.

Steve Ewing

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Posted: 01-Mar-2005, 08:12 AM
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I was the nerdy geek who was in the band, the honor society, mu alpha theta, and on the yearbook staff. I have my 20th reunion coming up this year as well.

Karen Maxwell
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