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> Is This Year An Unusual One?, Something weird happening where you are?
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Posted: 04-Aug-2010, 12:07 PM
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Okay, I haven't been here for quite some time. And so I didn't think of asking you, when this year started to get definitely weird.
I'll start with telling you, what has happened with me/us so far and then you'll be left to telling your stories of this years events.

I first realized that this year is kinda strange around Ostara. A friend of mine says for him it's already started in winter. He swears that what we call "Raunächte" (I believe the translation would be "Twelve Days of Christmas", which might be used in a different context with you than it is with us) already began in November and lasted until February. Usually the beginning is around Yul and the end in early January. That time of year, when the nights are chrisp and full of spiritual life. When things happen, that tend not to during the rest of the year. As for me: I believe this years beginning was Dec 14th, the end somewhen mid January.
Then there was a break until the day of Pan. It was a Tuesday, this year, 30th of March. It was afternoon when I was passing my precious time in a chatroom and an accquaintance of mine come online, just to tell me he had received a message via dream, that this evening one should better refrain from doing spiritual work.
Some days later a friend of mine, living nearby, told me, they had had some trouble that evening with a pack of "spiritual wolves" (in lack of a better describtion - those wolves were not real, but to them they looked like wolves). Those entered their estate unbidden and were very irritated. They tried to get inside and didn't understand, why the usual means of defence that are established around their house, were triggert. Some form of local spirit finally succeeded in smoothing out matters. What they were told was, that those wolves where running for quite some time and wouldn't stop soon.
Some weeks later, the evening of Beltane. My friends and me were down by the lake attending the bonfire of Walpurgis. We tried to get to some quieter place nearby, but were told not to leave the fire. All the places we usually visit when down there where forbidden and hostile that night.
When we came back to my friends' house it was really hostile everywhere around. Three of us decided, that we wanted to ask what was going on. We left the house again and promptly realized that on my friends property it was much calmer than outside on the street. There there was also a difference: The darker a place the more hostile it felt but we also felt that we needed to go into as much dark as possible. As for me I mostly felt that the night was alife. One of my friends got a message consisting of several images, starting with some things that already happened (i.e. the eruption of the volcano on Island) and continuing into the future, telling of destruction. The other one left us for some time. What he found behind a corner was a prosession of ancestral spirits. After receiving our respective messages the world became more hostile once again and we were told to get inside again.
On our very own Beltane celebration the next evening we had a nice time in the garden of my friends' house, but shortly after ending the ritual we were once again told to get inside right away, which we did. It was creepy.
This years midsummer celebration didn't take place because of too many people being ill at that time. But following our Lammas celebration there was again something unusual: We had the Lammas ritual in the garden as usual, some time after ending the ritual again we were told to go inside. One of us (the one who saw the ancestral spirits before Beltaine) wanted to go for a walk because he felt it important. He had two places in mind. We decided for one and left in a group of five people (him, me, the other one who was with us on Beltaine and two other friends). We walked some time, feeling that we were passing through a guarded tunnel. There was life in the shadows: wolves and cats and warriors. When we reached to field there was fog dancing over the heads of grain on the field. There seems to be an old ritual place nearby, where we were not allowed to go. We stayed for some time. I don't know what the oterhs were told during that time. I saw the full moon over the nearby wood and mostly enjoyed feeling part of everything. The one message I received that night was what I get again and again for some time now: We're not alone. Something's awakening. And it's important that we're here. The stay on the field ended by something chasing us away. It kinda sounded like the Wild Hunt.
The thing that really got me on Lammas is the fact that one night later, when I happened to take a look at the moon, it was half moon. But I'd swear there was a full moon hanging in the sky when we were on the field.

So why am I telling you all of this? I believe what is happening to us is not limited to us. And I'm curious if there was anything weird happening to you as well, especially around the days of the feasts. Any hostility that was unusual, any messages that were strange, anything at all?

Thanks a lot and blessed be.

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Posted: 27-Apr-2011, 12:13 AM
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Good Dreaming to you...

Your experiences would not be the first I've heard of or come across or was told of... Nor will they be the last I'll hear of...

Experiences and encounters like this have been happening all over. And you're right. Things are awakening: both good and evil. Ancient and beyond ancient. Things and beings and deities we remember, and those which we have long forgotten. It's the end of an Age that approaches. The end of one revolution of the Wheel, and Ascension is right there within reach. But not without a fight. Everything in existence is gearing up for it.

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There's magick in believing...

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