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Posted: 08-Oct-2007, 11:49 PM
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I know that all relationships have their ups and downs. You just have to make sure that the good times are a lot longer and vastly outweigh the bad ones. I've been with my Girlfriend for almost two years now. Mostly all good times. I can say that our relationship intensifies during the summer and seems to cool off in the winter. In fact, we can go for weeks without talking in the winter. That doesn't mean that I forget Her. No No No. I usually buy stuff for Her during the winter. Although, I'm not sure She spends as much time thinking about me as I do about Her. That is probably where our problems come from. I know She can be difficult, but I still love Her. I don't know if she feels as strongly about me as I do about Her. I don't care. I'm not getting rid of Her anytime soon. I have told my wife I would get a second job before I would get rid of Her.

That's right, my wife knows about my Girlfriend. Is she jealous? Yep. I have encouraged my wife to spend time with my Girlfriend. They have spent some time together, but my wife says she just isn't comfortable with my Girlfriend. I understand that, so I told her that she didn't have to spend any time with my Girlfriend if she didn't want to. She says she will, but only if I am there. Menage e tois!!

So Tuesday I go out to my Girlfriends because I wanted to take Her with me because I had to go pick up my daughter at school because she had a dentist appointment. I didn't give my Girlfriend any notice, I just showed up. She sounded like She wanted to go, but when it came time, She wouldn't move. Not even a little. Not forwards or backwards. I was upset to say the least. What did I do or not do that has upset Her. It has only been a couple of weeks since I was out there. We didn't go anywhere then, but She didn't give me any indications that something was wrong. Now I'm scared. And worried. But I still had to take my daughter to the dentist, so I left.

When I got home, I was still worried and scared. I was unsure as to why She wouldn't move. Especially after hearing Her enthusiasm when I got there. Maybe it was just Her way of getting at me because I hadn't been around for a couple of months. I don't know. I spend so much time with Her during the summer. Sometimes I think She is completely dependent on me. I'm constantly bathing Her. Cleaning Her up and making Her look even more fantastic that She already does, although I don't think its possible. She would make a great trophy wife, but I will never marry Her because She just isn't family oriented. She loves the fast lane. She craves it. The glimpse She gives me of it sometimes scares me. I am a very happy family man. I know I couldn't afford to live with Her in the fast lane.

I decided to search the internet for some ideas. I even consulted some books I had at home. I even told my wife about it. Being a woman, I thought she might have some insight. She didn't, so I decided to call a friend and ask him. He had a suggestion that kind of coincided with what I had thought my help me get Her more motivated. I took his suggestion when I went back out to my Girlfriends and I took his suggestion and asked Her if She wanted to go out for a little bit. Again, She was enthusiastic about leaving. Then I noticed an undertone in Her that seemed to tell me that She was saying She wanted to go out, but not everything was quite right between us. So I took Her out, but only for a few minutes because those undertones persisted and while She was talking a good game, that undertone was still there and now it was beginning to scare me. So I took Her home after about 10 minutes.

Once we got back to Her place, the undertones persisted and I started to really worry, so I shut Her down and told Her I couldn't bear to hear it anymore. I just left. I went back to my house and called my friend again. I told him what I thought I was hearing and he said that he was baffled. He didn't know why She would have those undertones either. He suggested a trick with a broom handle that I had never heard of before. He said if I touched Her is certain places with the broom handle I might be able to tell what Her problem is. I know what you are thinking. A broom handle!! I couldn't believe it either. I thought maybe it was some sort of game I was supposed to play with Her. But he had assured me this would help me out, and I trust him. He has a girlfriend too. She's a year younger and apparently every bit as temperamental as my Girlfriend.

So I go back out there to Her place and I grabbed Her broom and approached Her. I think She knew what was coming. She still sounded enthusiastic to see me. But the undertone was still there. I touched Her with broom handle right on Her heart. I listened to Her to see if She would change Her tune. I really didn't know what to expect. I wasn't sure if I was committing some kind of crime or if She would respond to me at all. I actually felt kind of foolish. I looked up because I thought I heard a car approaching and I was surprised to see my wife show up. I heard my Girlfriend start to change Her tune and within a few seconds, She sounded as if there had never been any problem at all. My wife looked at me with the broom handle in my hand and asked me what I was doing with it. I tried to explain it to her, but she just looked at me like I was crazy. I told her that I needed to spend some time alone with my Girlfriend and my wife looked at me with those understanding eyes and left us alone. I decided to take my Girlfriend out again. This time, my Girlfriend did not disappoint me. She seemed eager to talk to me. Sometimes She would talk really fast and loud at me. She knows how much I love to hear that. I never get tired of that. Sometimes I can't hear myself think because She talks so loud to me. I love it! Sometimes its a low grumble. I love that, too. Sometimes we are out for hours on end. She talks constantly. Her voice resonates the very fiber of my being. Every time She even begins to talk to me, I know why I love Her. I got home and my wife told me that she was very happy for me that my Girlfriend was okay. I told her that she wasn't nearly as happy as I was. She said, "I have to live with you when She's not happy and it makes you miserable." I tell you what, I love her too. That's why I married her. How many other women out there would so readily accept a girlfriend?

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Posted: 12-Oct-2007, 08:24 PM
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Posted: 15-Oct-2007, 10:50 AM
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LOL-That's a good one luxor

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