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Choriambic Posted on: 15-Nov-2018, 11:56 AM

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I knew the story, but never read it with so much detail. She was an amazing woman, queen, and warrior! Thanks for sharing.
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Choriambic Posted on: 16-Jun-2017, 12:12 PM

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Happy Bloomsday! Hope all who've read ULYSSES (or saw the great Irish movie based on it) are taking time out to have a pint (or something) at the pub.
My first year back in the midwest, near the university in IL where courses (and follow-up fun groups) included the Irish Studies program there, I'm hopeful I'll have luck finding people ready to celebrate.
beer_mug.gif :
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 06-Jan-2015, 05:34 AM

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Snow just bega. 30 minutes ago. white. light , swirls over the highway like a fairy skirt, silver and crystal light. ( very glad I'm on the commuter bus and can enjoy the show)
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 04-May-2014, 06:20 PM

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Also, I just found two of the most MARVELOUS Irish crystal snifters at the street fair running on my street today. Would be good music to help test them out with.
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 04-May-2014, 06:19 PM

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Maybe I'll be one of those first time winners? (First post for a CD)
If not, been thinking anyway I wanted to get back to the boards more often so this is a nice nudge.
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 10-Sep-2009, 07:32 AM

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Also--sorry this landed in Celtic hearts--I know it should be in something like General Discussion (where I thought I'd put it, but then I couldn't find it.)

thanks for responding so I know where it landed. (Still working on my navigation skills.)

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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 10-Sep-2009, 07:26 AM

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Thank-you! I'm very close to the Unitarian church. I'll ask my friend who goes there--might even be able to get a group!

I did try the park once, Patch. The deer gave me a look like--do you REALLY have to do that :-). I'm close to a beach, though, and you're suggestion made me realize there's no critters to bother there.

Again, thanks to you both!
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 09-Sep-2009, 02:20 PM

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Hoping that you've already cleared out the problem. I think all the advice and discussion that preceded was surely very helpful, but wanted to add a cleansing I learned from a psychic in NM.

You mix ammonia with water (as directed on the bottle--something like 2 tbs to a quart or more, please check.) and pour it into a fine mist sprayer.
Open windows wide.

Go all around the house. I'd suggest starting with the room then moving out and up.

Light mist around all windows, corners, and doors. Open cabinets and spray in front of them (not inside, just to clear and draw out the energy). lightly spary the air moving to the center. In bedrooms, go around the be 3X then verryy light across pillows.

in a bowl mix salt with water. Go around again, this time flicking out droplets of water around the room while saying:
salt and water by casting thee, make this place both light and free, and all my power keep for me, and it IS my will, so WILL it be!

The woman who gave this to me, Jackie Littlejohn, explained that energy pockets collect in rooms where we sit and think or hover too much and over time create eddies that seem to pull in more negativity.
I recently did this again after a number of years and again my reaction was WOW I (and others have said it too) literally see the quality of the air liglhtening.

If metaphysics is uncomfortable, please checkout newer physics, like books written by Fred Wolfe, to help offer explanations for why this works.

I hope you had some feedback from the gaming group. Games do pull kids in so strongly, as do other things, so I hope you also were able to have a very good, open minded professional check your son and give positive advice on his hearing these things. Often it is a mix of the metaphysical and the personal psyche, so very good to cover all things.
He's lucky to have a parent who will work thorugh these things with him with an open mind to all the possibilities!!

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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 09-Sep-2009, 12:45 PM

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I lived in Chicago for a number of years and celebrated my 50th b'day by buying a bodhran and taking classes at the Old Town School of music. Mike Austin, our teacher, was great as was the group and only because I moved did I leave it.

Out here on the east coast where there's a failure of high ceilinged apartments, and really grumpy tenants and strict rules, I have nearly lost my ability to play at all.

Anyone else have trouble finding practice areas? Any creative suggestions for where to find them?

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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 09-Sep-2009, 12:39 PM

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Hi, I wrote this story following one of the 'exercises' the writer John Gardner suggested for writing workshops.
The exercise asks that you write a one page description of something, pulling in as much imagery as your can .....oh, and it all is supposed to be JUST one sentence. (I love these exercises.) The original was just one sentence, but I had to break it into more than one when I revised it.

by Maureen Elizabeth Mills
“Is that a real Philly pizza shop?”

Curved into a curve under his arm that tapers off at his hip, her maroon and gold (school colors) just-washed for the third time Archer College sweatshirt stretched tight over her shapely torso, his faded t-shirt hanging in limp folds alongside it, them moving smoothly, in tangent, until she sees that shop with the “Philly Pizza” sign in the front and now her body stretches around his so she can hold in her view (like a swan’s neck dipping around to locate and call back into the sweep of its wake an errant egret whose course had strayed) that shop wafting out an aromatic mix of oregano, garlic, basil, and a pinch of some still-secret ingredient that simmered all day in a sauce of roma tomatoes until reddened to the color of a Tuscan sunset. It pulls her and she edges them over to the cement step that leads up and through the open door of the shop to where this pizza could be bought and would, she was sure, be served to her sitting on the edge of an orange vinyl booth like her mom and dad once called their spot, balancing that pizza on the tips of her fingers and biting into it, savoring its hot stringy threads of mozzarella, provolone and viscous sauce wrapping across her tongue, probably (as usual) causing her to lean forward as she concentrates to keep everything balanced making her legs press against the back of the bottom of the seat (sweaty for she was sure the room would be steamy with the heat of a brick oven) so that when she starts to chew and relax and lean back they’ll smack loose, something that always made her old boyfriend Hal laugh though she’d always ignored him, concentrating on keeping her pizza level with the top of the cool formica table, admiring its mix of mushrooms, pepperoni, and artichoke hearts as their banquet of flavors mounded on her tongue and (oh joy) many other slices still waited on the well-worn aluminum pizza pan she’d slide hers from, one exactly like those they used at Bruno’s, the shop at the corner of Cedar and Edgemont that had been the meeting spot for her old high school since Bruno’s grandfather, a young immigrant, had opened it, and the spot where she’d met Hal, where they’d snuck their first kiss in a corner by the jukebox, and where he’d promised nothing could ever come between them even though he’d taken that football scholarship to a Big Ten school somewhere in the middle of miles of wheat fields half across the continent from her, not even phoning after the first month, where he’d met her at Christmas (only because she’d talked to his mother when he wasn’t home when she phoned and she made him meet her) . . . that place she’d returned his ring and thought she’d closed the door on those feelings until passing this shop, which maybe isn’t an authentic Philly pizza shop so why go in, when instead she decides, she has new interests and turns and smiles at him enjoying the curious look he shoots back at her as she nudges his hip to move their direction around towards the door of the adjacent gourmet cupcake shop, a place she’s never been and with which she has no associations except those beginning to tingle like tendrils of mocha chocolate, spreading an anticipation for what they were about to enter and create.
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 09-Sep-2009, 12:08 PM

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I recently finished Lev Grossman's THE MAGICIANS. It's an amazing patchwork of other books (or drawn from them, most notably NARNIA series books and Harry Potter/but the dark side).
I wondered what other people thought about it.

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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 03-Sep-2009, 09:50 AM

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Thanks, Rindy! Going to do some serious study of the site and how to navigate and really get started this week-end. Lots of really interesting things beings discussed!

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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 03-Sep-2009, 07:39 AM

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Lowlands is good. My dad's family appear to have originated (on maps at the Scottish Highland games--mom could only trace them up to Nova Scotia) to be from just south of Edinburgh--a place called gala waters. When I picked a tartan, I tried to get that but was a year too late, Lochcarron had stopped weaving it so I chose their Gordon blue as my second choice (we're a sept of Gordon through dad's family). We have other scottish family connections through mom, but she said they're 'border' so the only tartan I find for them is Ulster (yes, Irish, but mom explained they were going back/forth constantly so the border groups really were a mix. She suspects they may have been involved in Culloden because suddenly a large group came over here right after that battle.)

If it's not too far away and you haven't checked it out already, I can recommend the Renn Faire in Nashville, TN. Went there 2 years ago with a friend to see the real, live jousting contest. They also have highland games there (they were promoting it when we were there.)
I am really bummed that this year's MD Highland Games has been canceled--and it looks like indefinitely. I will try to post some pictures I have from the past couple of years. We also have a really great Renn faire (one with its own village) and a friend is coming out to go with me this October.

Have a great week-end. I have a specially long one and hope to devote some time to really exploring the community to getting myself started in a few other threads.
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 02-Sep-2009, 02:44 PM

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Hi Englishmix,

I love all in the mix and happy to have this group to explore. It's been said I lean most towards the Irish, though as I get older I've noticed some more conservative Scots manners emerging that wasn't there before. rolleyes.gif (though this could be some latent dutch.)

I simply feel totally at home in a good family pub with a guinness and people around discussing good things and some traditional (or close to it) music playing!

I take it from your name, you lean more towards the English?

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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 02-Sep-2009, 12:32 PM

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Hello, this is my first posting to this thread -- about the fifth altogether now. (Been enjoying the music for over a year but didn't realize the richness of this community!)

So, imagine how thrilled I am that one of the recent postings is Diana G. sharing that the next book in her series is about to arrive! One neice who also loves it is turning 40 this week and NOW I have a cool present to send to her.

Sorry Diana about the irksomeness of publishers limits on mktg copy. I've been working in the area for over 25 years (which has greatly sidetracked my own writing efforts) and we're in service to providing bits of copy geared to how quickly and much we hope those readers we want to gather for authors will give to us. And, the booksales reps and the bookstore buyers--they are REALLY tough on what they expect done within 8 or less seconds.

Can't wait to tell my mom the next book is coming!! When will the illustrated one be available? Mom was an American cadet nurse, so somewhat like Claire in the first book and I know she'll love it.
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 02-Sep-2009, 12:18 PM

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Thank you very much for the link to the Highlander series talk group! There are about 3 things I want to ask or add, but I'll wait and post to it.

I'm learning navigation skills, so jumped to your profilie when I wanted to respond and noticed you'd asked for suggestions for heraldry services? My mom began tracing us back decades ago when I was really young. She and my aunt pretty much scared up almost everyone, including a Tory great (several times) grandfather who started my Dad's line (so my last name) over here. They had to scoot up to Nova Scotia when Washington was bringing his troops into New York. But, the Scots seemed to like the Irish quite a bit so I have a real balance of both--six Irish counties and 2-3 clan names in Scotland. (plus other european groups, that could have been celtic--one viking.)
I have to say, it's fascinating to learn these things and see how some of the siblings or cousins really show leanings in one direction versus another. (We were catholic so BIG families.)
To get to the point:
I can't suggest anyone specific, but last xmas a friend gave me a subscription to Highlander Magazine. It is filled with listings of people who do that work and I think the magazine is careful to only have listings for people who are serious about it.
Here's a link to their website. If you can't get a free, reader's copy and only want some suggestions let me know and I'll pull some out of the last issue. (I like it, but I love Ireland of the Welcomes more.) http://www.highlandermagazine.com/
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 02-Sep-2009, 08:07 AM

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Thank you Lee Lee and Mcnberry! Wow- Canada and Germany. We're really representing the stretch of the Celts! How cool.

I noticed, LeeLee, that you're also a fan of Diana G's HIGHLANDER. Is there a specific thread where people talk about her series and similar books??

And Mcnberry, your English looks very very good and I totally agree about how nice it is to listen to the music, though I favor the Celtic Moon station over Highlander.

Again, many thanks for your welcomes!
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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 01-Sep-2009, 02:39 PM

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This is contemporary, but maybe it will help.
I heard this described both in Chicago when some members of an Irish musical family were interviewed, and it was shared with me by someone (also involved with music) who lives in the Irish community in a suburb of DC.
When people come to the door, they need to give a song to enter.

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Choriambic1950 Posted on: 01-Sep-2009, 10:14 AM

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Ok, it took your contest to finally get me to post, but I will do a better job to get online and read these more often. Many look really interesting!

I am Maureen and I live in Annapolis, MD, but actually I'm a Midwesterner. My family is from the Missouri bootheel/on the Mississippi river. I enjoy listening to the music, especially at work it helps to get me through the day.
Hope everyone's week is going well.

all best,
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