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Woo hoo!
Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Dec 21st, 2004 3:21 PM
It's been a week. I've passed all my classes. I'm just waiting for my diploma to be mailed to me. Woo hoo! I've been to a couple of job interviews but I won't hear too much until after the holidays since everything is so freakin' hectic. Anyway, I went to this one intervies for data processing and boy oh boy! It took TWO HOURS!!! I took a typing test which I did twice as fast as they required (which is a good thing) and then I filled out a ton of paper work. Afterwards she's like, "I'll get back to you in about a month" Boy that was a long day. I've applied to all sorts of jobs and sent my resume out to about a hundred places. So all I can do now is wait. (Theme song to jeopardy going through my head right now). Anyway, I'm going home on Wednesday so I'll see ya'll later!

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