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Posted by Ceciliastar1 on Dec 13th, 2004 12:14 PM
Three days and i'm done!!! woo hoo!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!! yaya! I graduate in three days! My last final is today and I have to work through Wednesday! I have a job interview on Thursday. It's for data entry probessing. Sounds lame but it's a job so I'm not going to complain! I have the worst headache ever right now. I need to go to sleep but I can't cause I'm at work. haha! I just did a survey and boy did it take a long time! Anyway, this week I'll find out how I did on my thesis. I will eventually mail the song I did to Macfive so that he can put it on the radio. It would be awesome if you guys could hear it, I would love to put the video on the internet so that you guys could see the finished project, but I don't know where or how I would do that. I can't afford to pay for anything right now. Hmmm...

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Good Luck
Posted by emerald-eyedwanderer on Dec 13th, 2004 12:44 PM
Good luck on your job interview thumbs_up.gif .


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