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> Do You Believe In God?, Just write down if you believe or not.
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Posted: 24-Apr-2009, 04:29 PM
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Celtic Guardian

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Regarding Antwn's comment:

"Here's a question. Do you think its possible to know what God is? And even if you came up with an answer, how would it be possible to be verified? Who would do that?"

That is consistent with the Triune God of the Bible who has revealed that salvation only comes through faith (belief and confidence) in His Word. Oh, and He also claims to be the only One who can and will one day verify it.

This is an interesting and I hope helpful discussion as Olorin noted - even should everyone disagree with me.

I must say that I do side with Stoirmeil's comment:

"Only if you think the human mind runs on logic and algorithms, or that objective consciousness is the majority of its contents. And if you do think that, you are deluding yourself about more things than the existence or nonexistence of a deity."

Mostly, from my experience, my neighbors and I (somewhat unfortunately) operate more on instinct, emotion and irrationality (tending toward chaos and near insanity) than upon logic and reason. And even the best of logic and reason too often lead to absurd, humorous or even monstrous conclusions. If you don't "beleive" biggrin.gif me, you just gotta visit my family, my workplace, my town and my government! sad.gif

And amen, dear friends, it is more than nice to have something to really beleive in; especially when your very soul affirms that it is a firm foundation. That would be my prayer for all of you.

Best regards all,
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Posted: 25-Apr-2009, 05:22 PM
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Celtic Guardian

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The verification I had in mind was independent and corroborative, which is a separte thing altogether from faith based "verification" which provides no verification at all excpet the circular argument which says my holy book speaks the truth because it says it does.

Of course people will believe what they want regardless of anything I say, and I don't want to get into a extended religious argument, since it will boil down to a matter of faith anyway, which is unarguable because logic has been abandonded as a context within which the argument can proceed at the outset, so I'll just say happy believing to you. smile.gif

I would like to provide an analogy however. Imagine a group of people sitting in a room and you ask them "are extraterrestrials real". Each will have an answer, some may say they were kidnapped by extraterrestrials and had experiments performed on them, others will not have any empirical data to relate but will simply offer an opinion, still others may have seen lights in the sky or a UFO pass by, or seen videos and some may be members of MUFON or some other organization and consider themselves quite expert on the subject and be able to provide research data, charts, interviews with ex-government officials implicating a coverup etc.

After hearing all of this information, one might feel sympathetic towards one person's argument or another's, but one absolute certainty will remain - no one knows for sure and no one can provide independent corroboration of their beliefs, despite their sincerity or the compelling nature of their evidence. One's basically in a best guess position.

Religious information is similar with regard to whether God exists - with particular regard to the nature, intentions, will and desire of such an intellegence - personal experience notwithstanding. There is also a distinction to be made between a person's experience and their interpretation of what that experience is - i.e. their attempt to contextualize it within what they know and understand about reality. The purity of a mystical experience by prophets, meditators, channelers or one's self doesn't correlate necessarily to the purity of its interpretation.

My 2 cents.

Yr hen Gymraeg i mi,
Hon ydyw iaith teimladau,
Ac adlais i guriadau
Fy nghalon ydyw hi
--- Mynyddog
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Posted: 25-Apr-2009, 09:11 PM
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Celtic Guardian

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YES, most definitely, I believe in God, the Holy Trinity, whatever name you want to give, I do believe!
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Posted: 06-Feb-2011, 03:18 AM
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Group: Celtic Nation
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QUOTE (Camac @ 18-Apr-2008, 08:10 AM)
I believe in a Creator but it is definately not a God.


I'm intrigued by this... you believe there is an all-powerful creator who made the world... and then abandoned it? I'd love to hear more of your beliefs.

Personally I have no faith although I used to be a catholic and entered the convent. Now however I believe in myself alone and I find it liberating.
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Posted: 03-Oct-2015, 10:55 PM
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Braveheart Member

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I believe! king.gif

"GOD Armeth the Patriot"

David S. R. Clark, Administrative Sergeant-Major
Teton & District Performing Arts (Bagpipes~Drums~Vocalists~Highland Dancers)

Burns' Society of the Tetons

Ammon Scottish Festival
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Posted: 04-Oct-2015, 08:07 AM
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Reader of souls, vision seeker, TROLL
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To quote Einstein " If god did not create us then we would have created god"
Think on that.

I am an agnostic pagan so I have many gods.

I support the separation of church and hate!

IMAGINATION - the freest and largest nation in the world!

One can not profess to be of "GOD" and show intolerence and prejudice towards the beliefs of others.

Am fear nach gleidh na h–airm san t–sith, cha bhi iad aige ’n am a’ chogaidh.
He that keeps not his arms in time of peace will have none in time of war.

"We're all in this together , in the parking lot between faith and fear" ... O.C.M.S.

“Beasts feed; man eats; only the man of intellect knows how to eat well.”

"Without food we are nothing, without history we are lost." - SHADOWS

Is iomadh duine laghach a mhill an Creideamh.
Religion has spoiled many a good man.

The clan MacEwen
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Posted: 05-Oct-2015, 11:55 AM
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Celtic Guardian

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Shadows, good quote. I have another by Einstein.

"The deeper one penetrates into natures' secrets, the greater becomes ones' respect for God"
Albert Einstein
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