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Highland Promise (feat) Tim Edey

(Added By: Steve47169 On: 1st Dec 2020 Viewed: 26 )

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Ben Sands

Ben Sands lives in Newry, Ireland, close to the mountains of Mourne and the Irish Sea. He sings songs and plays tunes - mostly his own. His songs are about life and love and the ways of the world. Some are whimsical, some are sad and some are very humorous indeed. He plays a number of instruments - guitar, banjo, mandolin, whistles, keyboards and occasionally fiddle. Ben has been recording and performing far and wide, both Solo and with his siblings in The Sands Family, for many years.

(Added By: CelticRadio On: 2nd Aug 2020 Viewed: 63 )

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Clovers Revenge

Clover’s Revenge is a dangerous intersection of two Irish musical traditions: Acoustic pub music & Celtic punk rock.

Using the simplest possible instrumentation, the trio creates an explosive sound, with detailed harmonic lines, complex rhythms, and provocative original lyrics, all at speed.

Steeped – no – pickled in the traditions of the Dubliners, Pogues, Silly Wizard and Flogging Molly, the band insists upon high-speed, technical traditional tunes and punk rock badassery.

Beau Wilberding, Cajon Drum – Beau Wilberding is a Sarasota resident of twenty years, a friend to many, and a foe to none. With no background whatsoever in Irish music, Beau was delighted to accompany John and Zach, and to witness the ways, means, ins and outs of Irish storytelling in musical form. Beau’s joy in playing is apparent to all comers – the man can’t seem to stop smiling as he plays the cajon.

Zach Johnson, Guitar, Vocals – Zach Johnson, known to his many students as ‘Dr. J,’ has family roots in the Old Country. Extraordinarily well educated, Zach is a life-long musician and holds a PhD in classical guitar performance. But don’t let that fool you – he plays Irish Speed Folk, sings and quaffs whiskey with great relish.

John Barron, Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar – John Barron is a son of Chicago and attended University in the Dublin suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. He is from a large Irish-American family, and treasures his Irish heritage. A veteran of the stage, his wit and wisdom pierce even the pint-heaviest evenings. But, beware, if he sees you frowning, he’ll stop the music and ask you why.

(Added By: John45869 On: 10th Dec 2019 Viewed: 129 )

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Hi. My name is Samantha Eagleson, but my artist name is Lena Lovelace. I’m an underground artist and I put a lot of energy and work into my songs! My ultimate goal is to have at least one of my songs broadcast. My genre tends to be an indie/folk alternative, but recently I’ve started to branch out into a more Celtic tone. The song I would love for you to listen to is called “Saoirse”

(Added By: Guest On: 26th Oct 2018 Viewed: 279 )

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Clan MacArthur Rating: 1 / 1 Times

Once upon a time, long, long ago could be the starting line for a fairy tale or the defining of the history of Clan Arthur. The name MacArthur is among the oldest in the Argyll Highlands, so ancient as to make modern research difficult. We had resided there since the earliest of times, that even in the old Celtic days, we were the subjects of a celebrated couplet:

Cruic 'is uillt 'is Ailpainich, Ach cuin a thainig Artairich?

The hills and streams and MacAlpine, But whence came forth MacArthur?

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1083 )

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The Fleming Pipe Band Rating: 6 / 2 TimesRating: 6 / 2 TimesRating: 6 / 2 Times

Pipe Band from Belgium

(Added By: Didier On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1031 )

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Castles of Wales

The Castles of Wales web site provides visitors with a lot more than simply a few photographs of the most famous Welsh castles. Our pages cover a wide range of topics related to Welsh castles and Welsh medieval history, and many of our essays are written by today's leading experts in their respective fields of study. We provide information on over 400 different Welsh castles, accompanied by high quality photographs, as well as profiles of the men responsible for their construction and an explanation of the turbulent times in which they lived.

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 625 )

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The World of Celtic Art

Until recently, Celtic Art has been regarded as a mysterious relic of an archaic culture and people who once lived in the British Isles and other parts of Europe. Truth is, they live here still, despite attempts by successive invaders and cultures to dislodge or swamp them. Disappearing but briefly into the remote wilderness of Scottish glens, Welsh mountains, gloomy mists of Irish bogs, Cornish castles and moors and Breton amor they have continued to emerge throughout history to found glorious dynasties and intermingle occasionally with 'foreign' Saxon cultures.

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1265 )

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WALKS IN SHADOWS - Historical Interpreter

18th century interpretation of colonial and revolutionary America on the Pennsylvania frontier.

(Added By: Shadows On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 717 Comments :: 1)

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Skyelander's Scottish History Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Official website of historian Robert M. Gunn. Scottish and Celtic history plus a history forum.

(Added By: TheCarolinaScotsman On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 615 )

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Genealogy.com Rating: 6 / 1 TimesRating: 6 / 1 TimesRating: 6 / 1 Times

Genealogy.com is a part of the MyFamily.com, Inc. network of sites. The company enriches the lives of its customers by providing the tools, resources and community that empower them to uncover and share their unique family stories.

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 902 )

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Highland Dance Resource Pages

The main root home page for the Highland-Dance mailing list and other scottish dance resources. Excellent site!

(Added By: Highland Lassie On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 829 )

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Keltic Nations

Jewellery, art and acoustic instruments by North American artists and crafters including original Celtic rings handmade by us. In addition, we carry a selection of some of our favourite CDs.

(Added By: Keltic On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1378 )

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Clan Graham of Menteith & Montrose

All about Clan Graham with histories and many interesting links.

(Added By: hilander1299 On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1171 )

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Brobdingnagian Bards Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

A Renaissance in Celtic Music

The Brobdingnagian Bards (pronounced brAHb'ding-näg-EE-en) are The Original Celtic Renaissance duo combining unique instrumentation (autoharp, recorder & mandolin) that'll leave you hungry for more: Celtic drinking songs for breakfast; fantasy, folk and dragon sandwiches for lunch; and an extra helping of JRR Tolkien-esque instrumentals for dinner.

They are the #1 Celtic band on MP3.com with over Three Million MP3s downloaded making them one of the Top 10 bands on MP3.com...out of over 200,000! This success and their entertaining live show make them a favorite of Celtic and Renaissance Festivals despite the fact that they do not have a label.

(Added By: hilander1299 On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 990 Comments :: 1)

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New York Caledonian Club, 1856

The New York Caledonian Club is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, charitable, educational and literary organization that is open to anyone who has an interest in Scotland.

Visit our hospitality tent at various Highland Games in the tri-state area; read our quarterly newsletter, An t-Albannach; learn Gaelic or Great Highland Bagpipes in a class offered in the Scottish Studies Program; or join in the festivities at a ceilidh, Hogmanay, Tartan Day or our signature (and legendary!) Burns Supper.

The New York Caledonian Club is a member of An Comunn Gaidhealach Ameireaga, the Conference of Patriotic and Historical Societies, the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations and the 100 Year Association of New York.

(The tartan border you see at the left is the Caledonia tartan and has been adopted by the Club as its official tartan.)

(Added By: Caithness On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1158 )

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A Drifter's Legacy

Read for free some of Eddie Bruce's acclaimed Scottish & English Short Stories.

"Written with a wonderful sense of irony and dry humour, acclaimed and emulated by fellow-writers for their technical perfection, these stories will reduce you successively to shocked silence and helpless laughter. Mr. Bruce can find humour in tragedy and a vein of sadness just below the surface of comedy. These could only have been written by someone who had lived a long life in the role of an outsider, and who understands the uneasy truce that defines the end point in the battle against alcoholism. A truly riveting and unforgettable journey through the soul of a superb storyteller with a wealth of stories to tell." David Gardiner, London, U.K.

"Few short story anthologies possess the ability to continually change pace while simultaneously controlling their content. Mr. Bruce delighted me with his timing and amazed me with his craft as he blended hyperbole with sentiment, Cockney slang with Edwardian sophistication, all mixed together with a smattering of Highland dialect. This book understands the nuances of life offered to those who work for a living yet its understated tone allows the reader to read between the lines and draw conclusions without being clubbed by trite metaphors or bawdy language. It is, quite simply, elegance without the pretence. To his credit, the author refuses to bemoan his characters' simple existence. Rather, he elevates them through their own actions as they deal with life in its barest sense. Folks, this is a great book. Miss it at your own peril." Bob Church, Quincy, Illinois, U.S.A.

(Added By: orraloon On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1093 )

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Emerald Rose Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

[dohtml]High Energy Celtic Folk Rock Band from the mountains of North Georgia.

Their CD's include Emerald Rose, Bending Tradition, Fire in the Head: Emerald Rose Live, Celtic Crescent, and Rants and Rambles.[/dohtml]

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1106 )

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[dohtml]A Celtic-American site devoted to the traditions and heritage of our Celtic ancestors. We make custom-made kilts in modern materials. You'll also find sporrans, kilt hose, belts, and Celtic Cross accessories galore! "What's Up Yours?"[/dohtml]

(Added By: Gaelic Bread On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1423 )

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The Caledonian Kitchen

The official website of America's best-selling Haggis! "Serving Scottish Tradition" in the US, the Caledonian Kitchen offers its award-winning taste of Scotlands national dish, Haggis. Secure and informative online shop features Haggis, Presentation Haggis, Irn-Bru, giftboxes and Haggis related merchandise.

(Added By: Ancile On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1126 )

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Ancient One Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Poet , Psychic and Spiritual Advisor. Site has great links , stories and more.

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 602 )

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NYCC Scottish Studies Program

The New York Caledonian Club offers informative and entertaining Scottish cultural courses including bagpiping, Scottish Gaelic, and Highland and Step dancing, at a cost that makes participation affordable. All are welcome, club members and non-members alike. Designed for anyone from the young student just becoming acquainted with Scottish culture, or the seasoned pro who wishes to brush up and improve on all things Scottish, the courses are taught in a manner that permits each student to progress at his or her own rate in accordance with the time available. The courses are structured to satisfy both social and learning functions and opportunities to utilize these skills are an integral part of the Club's yearly agenda.

(Added By: Caithness On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1159 )

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SaveGaelic.org Scottish Gaelic Portal

Scottish Gaelic portal aimed at promoting Gaelic in Scotland and around the world. Includes an online forum where visitors can get help with their Gaelic or ask questions about the language. The site is run by volunteers and is non-profit.

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1069 )

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St. Andrew's Society of San Francisco

[dohtml]The St. Andrew's Society of San Francisco web site.[/dohtml]

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1050 )

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Laura Shulman (Gilroy, California, USA) genealogy & web directory

Laura J. Shulman's (Gilroy, California, USA) website containing genealogy pages. Lighthouse Woods Alternative Web Directory is there too, a directory mainly for the region around where I live (between San Jose and Monterey). The genealogy pages include information regarding my Irish ancestors who fled Ireland during the 1800s ending up in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York State, of course including those ancestors ejected from Ireland during the Great Famine Years. My ancestors ghosts' pull at me.

(Added By: antique_juniper On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 645 )

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Special Group Tours to UK and Europe

[dohtml]*Leisurely paced, flexible itineraries in the company of just 2 - 10 others.
*Scheduled or private tailor-made departures.
*Enjoy your independance without the hassles of driving yourself
*Choose from multi-regional tours, in depth regional tours or custom theme tours
Tel/Fax: 215 725 5250[/dohtml]

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1263 )

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Rock Art in the British Landscape

A groups website about prehistoric rock art in Scotland and England. A true meeting place for all who are interested in these mysterious, non-figurative rockcarvings. Made with stone tools in the late Stone- and early Bronze Age by our ancient ancestors. After 5000 years they are still there to explore. This website is a friendly entering point. We hope to see you soon.

(Added By: rockartuk1 On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 635 )

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Clan Ewing in America

Clan Ewing in America was organized to foster interest in the Ewing Family; to promote gatherings of the Clan; to publish a newsletter periodically with information that is of a biographical, genealogical, and historical nature; to encourage research identifying the relationship among the many different Ewing families in America; and to share our research finds with others.

(Added By: MacEoghainn On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1026 )

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Coila - ceilidh band

Coila, the energetic celtic band, is based in Scotland and has toured in Europe and the USA/Canada performing at ceilidhs and festivals. Full details of the band and MP3 file downloads are on-site

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1034 )

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The Stationary Willberries

Stationary Willberries

"A trio from the Isle of Man, Stationary Willberries play traditional Manx folk, along with contemporary folk, blues and popular music by folks such as James Taylor, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon- and it all works wonderfully together. One of
their tunes is nothing more than a guitar solo lifted from a Beatles song- yet it is so exquistly crafted and performed it works beautifully as a stand alone song. This seasoned trio share other activities and interests with each other besides
music. Two of them are bicyclists, two of them teachers, a couple of them working in banks. Somehow these shared life interests have helped them form a musical bond that results in a sound that resonates emotionally as well as musically. It doesn't hurt that accordian player Alan Hess provides a strong
bass line lifted electrically from the left hand buttons of his accordian! " (Lee Widner - Feb 04 - Live 365)

It's a great sound and you can hear them on Highlander!

(Added By: creator On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 981 )

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Jackson Hole Scottish Festival Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Combine a trip to the Festival with a family vacation in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone National Park. Festival features Celtic music, Bagpipe competitions, Athletics and much more!

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1101 )

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Medieval Swords, Bowie Knives and Fencing Foils from Spain. Order historical replicas of Guns, Swords, Knives, Armor and Stage Props from manufactures worldwide.

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1130 )

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Clan Donald USA

The internet home of Clan Donald-USA, Inc, the official representative in the US of Lord Macdonald of Macdonald

We are a nation-wide organization of almost 4,000 families who trace their ancestry to any of the branches of Clann Domhnaill.
Clan Donald-USA embraces all the MacDonalds and other surnames that are recognized as branches or adherents of the greatest of the Highland clans

(Added By: Stevo On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 2089 )

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bilingual trip hop collective from snowdonia

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1022 )

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TRIGALLIA CELTIC FESTIVAL Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Trigallia is a Celtic Festival that happens every two years in the town of Argenta (Italy) that is 50 km South-East from Bologna. Into this festival you can find a small old village composed by huts built with straw and wood, animals, fires, artisans and more. Furthermore at every festival you can see the shows of some of the most important artists of celtic music. Wonderful photogallery of Trigallia 2003 is available. The next festival will happen in June 2005. Our official website is www.trigallia.com

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1068 )

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CELTICA MAGAZINE Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Celtica is an Italian bimonthly magazine concerning celtic culture and music; each issue has attached a CD of celtic music by various artists. The content of the magazine is composed by items and reports on events, festivals and, generally, celtic culture. The magazine is normally sold through all the Italian newstands but it’s also possible to buy either the current and the old issues by mail order. Furthermore it’s possible to take out subscriptions either from Italy and from abroad. The official website of the magazine is www.celtica.it

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 917 )

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At the time the original ceili.ie site went online, there were not many websites devoted to Irish traditional music, song and dance. In the meantime, this has changed completely and there are now many excellent websites dealing with traditional Irish Music, Song and Dance. So, we have re-designed ceili.ie as a search engine, specially for traditional Irish music, song and dance - please try it!

ceili.ie: Traditional Irish Music, Song and Dance Search Engine

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1114 )

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Lets Dance The Irish Way Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Online community offering irish dance information from all over.Irish Dance School Directory and more...

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 676 )

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The St. Andrew's Society of Connecticut

The St. Andrew’s Society of Connecticut welcomes all who wish to share their love of Scotland, Scottish heritage and culture. Membership is open to all, you don’t have to be Scottish to belong.

Throughout the year members and guests gather together to celebrate Robert Burns’ birthday; and also for a High Tea, a family picnic, an ice cream social, and to sponsor a Scottish Festival--our biggest event.

The Society produces a newsletter The Caledonian 3-4 times a year. We have a Library which contains over 500 books, videos, audio tapes and other information. Members are entitled to borrow library items. We have a genealogy club for those members interested in tracing their families.

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1099 Comments :: 1)

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Southern NH Scottish Games & Celtic Music Festival

Clans, Celtic Music Festival, Highland Dance, Bagpipes, Vendors, Athletics Events, Children Events and much more!

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1061 )

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Kennedy, Ollie Rating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 TimesRating: 8 / 1 Times

Ollie Kennedy...the singer, the songwriter and the performer has been around a long time - he played with the showbands. He's played pubs and concert halls, he's been Foster and Allen's bass guitarist for longer than most of us can remember. As a musician, guess one could say he's middle of the road ( a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll, a little bit celtic) - yet distinctly Irish. Just listen to his "Squeezebox in Mullingar Town" and you'll find yourself transported to his Westmeath home.

This is Ollie's official homepage - and features a photo gallery, a newborn discography section, lyrics and a guestbook. If you know who Ollie Kennedy is - drop by and leave a hello. If yo've never heard of him...take a look anyway...you might be his next fan.

(Added By: pcklz On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 959 )

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Skye's Scottish & Celtic history discussion forums

Hello to all!

We are going into our 10th year of running messageboard and mailing lists about Scottish history and culture and would like to take this opportunity to invite anyone who is interested in Scottish, Celtic and medieval history and culture (serious discussion ranging from beginner to advanced) to join us - for free - at our fully interactive forums.

I'm a medieval historian and writer, and we have other talented writers and contributers on these forums. We welcome all who are interested in learning more about Scotland, Ireland, Wales, ancient Celts and even England (!) with some Viking medieval history thrown in for balance. We are looking for members who won't just lurk but who will participate. Ask questions; get involved in history and culture discussions or just use the general forums for great and friendly chat. We are a nice group, never allowing flaming or irritating people. Almost like a friends and family atmosphere, not an academic one.

So, if you are a history buff, or just enjoy reading and talking about Scotland, Celtic history and related topics, please accept this invitation to join us. To do this, just use the link below, register at the board (using the link at the top right), log in and join us in all the history and culture of our great heritage.


Hope to read you there. :)

Robert M. Gunn, MA
Editor, ScotWeb history
>Scottish, Celtic and Medieval history Online discussions

Home page:

(Added By: Skyelander On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 730 )

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Lord of the Rings

Your source for everything concerning the triology "Lord of the Rings." Videos, photographs, screensavers and much more!

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 746 )

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irish traditional and christian music played on harmonicas by dave hynes and noel battle (ten times all ireland champion)
this cd. is ideal for lovers of irish music. the site is very informative and features soundbytes

(Added By: grinderiron On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 975 )

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150th Combat Engineer Battalion

The 150th Combat Engineer Battalion was formed in New England, back in 1943. Unlike most military groups, it consisted mostly of men drafted in the New England area. They took their Basic Training together at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, and served together during the war. They made the first assault crossings of the Rhine River, and did many other notable things to help us in winning the war. They are one of the few small units that received a Presidential Unit Citation. They also have one of the few American Soldiers who were awarded the British Medal.

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 772 )

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McMusic International Rating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 Times

Official website of Scottish composer Tim McGowan now residing in the U.S.A Professional musician for 20 years writing music scores for Scottish theatre and film.

Soothing Instrumental music with a Scottish, Celtic Mood.

6 CD's to purchase from a secure site and free samples to listen to before you buy.

If this music doesn't stir and move you, I'll eat my kilt!

Drop by, sign my guestbook and say hello.

Award: Voted #1 Peoples Pick - Hottest Website at Webbie World by voters all over the world.

(Added By: Wolfie On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1066 )

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Kiwicelt Wooden Flutes

Dedicated To The Traditional Irish Flute And The Wooden Flutes Made By Irish Flute Maker Martin Doyle. Kiwicelt Also Offers Resource And Inspirational Content.

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 995 )

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Bear Kilts

Bear Kilts are widely known for their quality and comfort.
We are one of the companies leading the way to getting kilts recognised as every day wear for men. We do this by making inexpensive, wool and poly/viscose casual kilts and wearing our kilts 24/7.
Kilts are garments, not costumes!
Go Bear!

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1071 )

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Clan Cunningham USA Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Clan Cunningham USA is an established and dynamic organization formed by a diverse group of dedicated, innovative leaders from across the USA. Each of our Board members have had extensive involvement in other Clan Cunningham organizations with many serving as Founders, High Commissioners and National Officers.

Desiring to form an organization that is open and democratic in its governance, CCUSA was formed in May 2002. Since that time, Clan Cunningham USA has continued to grow and thrive; building on the dedication of it's ever-increasing membership. We are excited about the future of our organization and welcome you to join us as we build on the traditions of the past and the strength of our common heritage.

(Added By: cscunningham On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1044 )

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Photos of the Isle of Man. Regularly updated collection by manxman Peter Killey.

(Added By: creator On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1280 )

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