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Clan MacArthur Rating: 1 / 1 Times

Once upon a time, long, long ago could be the starting line for a fairy tale or the defining of the history of Clan Arthur. The name MacArthur is among the oldest in the Argyll Highlands, so ancient as to make modern research difficult. We had resided there since the earliest of times, that even in the old Celtic days, we were the subjects of a celebrated couplet:

Cruic 'is uillt 'is Ailpainich, Ach cuin a thainig Artairich?

The hills and streams and MacAlpine, But whence came forth MacArthur?

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Clan Graham of Menteith & Montrose

All about Clan Graham with histories and many interesting links.

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New York Caledonian Club, 1856

The New York Caledonian Club is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, charitable, educational and literary organization that is open to anyone who has an interest in Scotland.

Visit our hospitality tent at various Highland Games in the tri-state area; read our quarterly newsletter, An t-Albannach; learn Gaelic or Great Highland Bagpipes in a class offered in the Scottish Studies Program; or join in the festivities at a ceilidh, Hogmanay, Tartan Day or our signature (and legendary!) Burns Supper.

The New York Caledonian Club is a member of An Comunn Gaidhealach Ameireaga, the Conference of Patriotic and Historical Societies, the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations and the 100 Year Association of New York.

(The tartan border you see at the left is the Caledonia tartan and has been adopted by the Club as its official tartan.)

(Added By: Caithness On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1158 )

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St. Andrew's Society of San Francisco

[dohtml]The St. Andrew's Society of San Francisco web site.[/dohtml]

(Added By: Macfive On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1050 )

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Clan MacLachlan Association of North America, Inc

The official North American Website for Clan MacLachlan.

(Added By: MacEoghainn On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 688 )

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Clan Macpherson Association

The Clan Macpherson website.

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Clan Ewing in America

Clan Ewing in America was organized to foster interest in the Ewing Family; to promote gatherings of the Clan; to publish a newsletter periodically with information that is of a biographical, genealogical, and historical nature; to encourage research identifying the relationship among the many different Ewing families in America; and to share our research finds with others.

(Added By: MacEoghainn On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1026 )

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Clan Donald USA

The internet home of Clan Donald-USA, Inc, the official representative in the US of Lord Macdonald of Macdonald

We are a nation-wide organization of almost 4,000 families who trace their ancestry to any of the branches of Clann Domhnaill.
Clan Donald-USA embraces all the MacDonalds and other surnames that are recognized as branches or adherents of the greatest of the Highland clans

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Clan Lamont of North America Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Clan Lamont is one of the oldest clans, with an oral tradition of descent stretching back to the Kings of Ireland.The name is derived from a chief in the 13th century, Sir Laumon, whose charter granting lands to the Paisley Abby, is still in existence. Few clanc can document their existence at such an early date. Although the name comes from the 13th century chief, the clan is much older, being known as MacKerracher before Sir Laumon"s time. Sir Walter Scott refers to him in Antiquary as "lamon mor" or the great Lamont in English. Sir Laumon's mother is believed to have been a daughter of the great Somerled, ancestor of the MacDonalds. Tradition, supported by a genealogical work of 1682 found in Inveraray castle, maintains that the son of Sir Laumaon, had to flee cowal as a result of a murder, and founded the Lyons of Glamis. He took the name Lyon from the Lamont arms, and chose as his arms, the reverse of the Lamonts, a blue lion on a silver field.

As the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, is a Lyon of Glamis, if this tradition is correct, the Queen Elizabeth II is a Lamont o her mothers side.

Come check out our web site and finish reading our great history. You can visit our tents at you local Highlands festivals

(Added By: kidclaymore On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 666 )

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Clan Cunningham USA Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

Clan Cunningham USA is an established and dynamic organization formed by a diverse group of dedicated, innovative leaders from across the USA. Each of our Board members have had extensive involvement in other Clan Cunningham organizations with many serving as Founders, High Commissioners and National Officers.

Desiring to form an organization that is open and democratic in its governance, CCUSA was formed in May 2002. Since that time, Clan Cunningham USA has continued to grow and thrive; building on the dedication of it's ever-increasing membership. We are excited about the future of our organization and welcome you to join us as we build on the traditions of the past and the strength of our common heritage.

(Added By: cscunningham On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1044 )

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Clan Cunningham Society of America Rating: 7 / 3 TimesRating: 7 / 3 TimesRating: 7 / 3 TimesRating: 7 / 3 Times

Clan Cunningham Society of America, Inc. (CCSA) is the first and the largest Clan Cunningham organization in the world. For almost three decades Clan Cunningham Society has worked hard to preserve, discover, restore, document, and share our rich Cunningham heritage. With a growing world-wide membership of over 700, Clan Cunningham Society continues to embark on many new programs and projects, forging ahead into the 21st century with a clear and renewed vision for the future.

We think you will find www.clancunningham.us to be a wonderful resource for all Cunninghams. Our website is rich with valuable information about Clan Cunningham history and genealogy. In addition, you can find out about upcoming Scottish festivals that Clan Cunningham Society will be attending, in addition to learning more about projects Clan Cunningham Society currently has underway. A great deal more is available to Clan Cunningham Society members, so we encourage you to join today!

(Added By: Bill Cunningham On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 1111 Comments :: 1)

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International Dunlop Society

Where the babbling burn "Glazert" winds round a small rise, through the green countryside of East Ayrshire, there is a place...a place where Celtic men and women defended their homes and families 1,000-1,500 years ago. Against the painted Picts, the Brits of Strathclyde, the Gaels of Ireland, the Angles, the Romans and possibly the Vikings, they stood in this place, this fort of stone and mud, this insignificant small hill and paid for these lands with sinew and steel and blood! They gave this place a Name, these Celts:
...a name that would be carried by thousands down the Halls of Time.......To Ireland, America, Canada, Australia
...a Name that we know well...for it is ours

the Place, the Name :


(Added By: newworldcelt On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 899 )

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Clan Cunningham USA - New England Region Rating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 TimesRating: 10 / 1 Times

[dohtml]Learn about Clan Cunningham and of Scottish Activities here in New England. At this site you will find links to;

GATHERING of the CLANS - a listing Scottish that have web sites. To add missing clans e-mail me.

NEW ENGLAND AREA EVENTS - A listing of New England area games and Scottish events. Know of Scottish event, game, concert, program e-mail me and I will list it.

NEW ENGLAND SCOTTISH LINKS - A listing of Scottish links to New England; Scottish Scoieties, Clans, Musicians, Pipers and Bands, Stores, and other sites of interest.

CLAN CUNNINGHAM LINKS - Links to Genealogy information, sites of interest to members of Clan Cunningham, and links to WEB SITES - HOSTED BY CUNNINGHAMS or ABOUT CUNNINGHAMS, (find out what your fellow clansman & woman are up to - we have a very talented family) - If you have a site and would like it listed please e-mail me.

General Scottish Web-Links - Links to; Scottish Heritage sites, Scottish Merchandise, Scottish/Celtic Music, (Internet Radios, General Music Sites and Bands), Scottish Foods and Drink, Touring Scotland and General Scottish Information. If you have a site that fits here let me know about it.

This site is hosted by: Steve Cunningham

(Added By: cscunningham On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 796 )

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Is Sinn Na Clann MacSimoin

Descendants of an ancient Irish family originating in "Breifne" (County Cavan), today Clann MacSimoin is an organization of individuals and families of native or descendant Irish blood bearing one of the following patronymic variants of the ancient Irish surname MacSimoin:

Fitsimmons, Fitzsimmins, Fitzsimmon, Fitzsimmons, Fitzsimon, Fitzsimons, Fitzsymmons, FitzSymons, MacSimoin, MacSimoinn, MacSiomoin, MacSiomoinn, Simmon, Simmonds, Simmons, Simon, Simonds, Simons, Simonson, Symmon, Symmonds, Symmons, Symon, Symonds and Symons.

These surnames are historically recognized as authentic variants according to the works of several renowned Irish scholars (i.e., Keating, Connellan, Woulfe).

We welcome you to visit our site for more information. Slainte!We welcome you to visit our site for more information. Slainte!

(Added By: MacSimoin On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 683 )

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Clan Campbell Society - Arizona Region

The Arizona Branch of the Clan Campbell Society (NA) is proud to represent such a proud clan as the Campbells. For this we dedicate our time and energy into building the bridge of communication and friendship through this web site. We are honored to bring to you this web site as a vehicle for announcements and interface between family, septs and friends.

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 788 Comments :: 1)

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Clan MacFarlane

The Official page of the Clan McFarlane Society

The MacFarlane homeland is located in
the Highlands at the heads of Loch Long
and Loch Lomond. For over five centuries
this area, the feudal barony of Arrochar,
was held by the chiefs of Clan MacFarlane
and before them by their ancestors the
barons of Arrochar. The family is Celtic
in the male line and native to their
beautiful Highland homeland of tall peaks
and deep lochs just above the waist of

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 764 )

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The Crossans
Hellraisers of Castlemilk
Fierce with our Hellraising-
yet fiercer with our Love.

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 659 )

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Clan Arthur Association, USA Rating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 TimesRating: 10 / 2 Times

The "Official" web site for Clan Arthur in the USA!
Serving MacArthurs around the world!

(Added By: Guest On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 641 )

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Clan Cathcart

One of many links to the History of the Clan Cathcart. It is a great site for those wanting the History of the Clan. I hope all enjoy it and are able to understand the Pride we Cathcarts have in our Clan and its History/

(Added By: Druid_of_Ark On: 31st Dec 1969 Viewed: 617 )

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