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> Container Gardening, Urban Earth Goddesses Unite...
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  Posted: 27-Apr-2005, 04:04 PM
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Anyone here have experience with container gardening?

I've been at it about four years now, and am still learning!
In past years I've done flowers, but I've slowly begun to learn more about veggies and for the last couple of years I've had a pretty productive kitchen garden on my back porch... stir fry veggies, salad greens, tomatoes, onions, and all manner of herbs.

This year I'm taking a stab at growing root vegetables in a barrel: salsify and parsnip. I tried this last year, and would have been successful in my endeavors to harvest this spring if the squirrels had not beaten me to the roots.

I'd love to hear what folks are growing in containers, and any tips they have. I am growing in a borderland Zone 5-6, but was raised in Zone 4 (Maine), so I tend to pick veggies that will survive to Zone 4-5!

~Athdara the Bold
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Posted: 01-May-2005, 10:18 PM
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Celtic Guardian
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Gardening is one of my passion, well I'm also a green witch , dah.I practice herbalism too.Learning this art told me how much it is important to grow your own plant to know what you eat.

I have an impressive garden but I never have enough.Still living in zone 3.But I have many plant in container , well close to 20 I guess.Many of them have to be brought indoor during the winter so I have a few tips.

You should give the most light or sun they can get .Insect and disease are always waiting .Never give too much water and take not one eye but all your attention to see trace of insect like spider mite ,aphids and white fly.Some plant attrack them like a magnet.

During the winter I also have wormwood , deadly nightshade,mint 4 kind of , rosemary,costmary and a collection of strange plants .Mint attrack spider mites.

The best advice I can give is everyday take look at your plant .
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  Posted: 02-May-2005, 09:05 AM
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Group: Celtic Nation
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Ah, such good advice! I added mints to my garden for the first time last year, and noticed a decided increase in garden pests. It was also a perfect climate last year for things to thrive - we had a bloom of armored scale the like of which I hadn't seen in many years, which killed every nasturtium in the neighborhood. I'm hoping the wet cold winter and dry spring up here will help matters.

This year I'm ordering lacewings and lady beetles from gardens alive.com to combat the mites, aphid and whitefly. I despise using pyola on parts of plants I'm planning to eat - even with a veggie wash I'm never convinced I've washed it all off.

Interesting that you raise nightshade. I've been trying to irradicate it from my yard since I moved here. Far too much of it around, it's so invasive.... and I worry that my beagle will get the idea that the berries are tasty (she eats blackberries, not sure she'd know the difference).

Nice to see another green witch on the boards! biggrin.gif I've no formal training in herbalism but there are a few remedies I am confident in preparing. I really ought to take a course or two in it one of these days.
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Posted: 06-May-2005, 07:44 AM
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Lady of Starlight and Petal

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Hello !
I have a crop of tomatos happily growing in those henious white ten gallon buckets... I grew early lettuce in them as well, with a Plastic Tee Pee device I rigged up , did pretty well !
I have no choice about the tomato crop this year, but to put them in containers..
Tom Thumb pots are fantastic for Tomatos,,
If I could afford more, all of my tomatos would be planted in these...
But with a bit of tweaking, drilling holes in the bottoms and a bit of gravel for drainage, those big plastic buckets seem to do fine ..

More on Veggies in containers here...



Nice sites on containers..



I grow a number of things in more eye pleasing containers as well..
I have a doorside herb garden , grown in a classic stawberry pot..


They work nicely !

As for cultivating Belladona, or Deadly Nightshade,it is envasive, but easy to tear out.. I like it growing on a portion of an ugly chain link fence,,,
but do keep my pets away from it !
Have a care when handleing any toxic herb! Wearing gloves is a good plan..
One never knows what interaction any herb can have with any OTC or Medical drugs, better to be safe than sorry smile.gif

Here are a few links about the plant..
and a few about it's effects on pets as well ..






Enjoy !
In Service to the Dream,

Proud member of Clan Mac Roni , CEO of The KDC

The curve is mightier than the sword ...

"He's twitching, because ,
mah axe is embedded in
his nervious system " !
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