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Macrae Posted on: 25-Jul-2003, 07:12 AM

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Moira smiled at the sight of a Buddha in the garden of a Highlander but, of course, this was no ordinary Highlander. She wanted to know more, needed to know more so she plunged in and asked...

"Tell me a little about yourself Lierin, if you please. Are your parents still living?"

That was a safe, polite question to ask. "Perhaps she'll open up a little to me and we can try and trust each other more. It will be nice to have someone to talk to for once."
Moira's missions didn't allow her much time to hang out and talk with people other than her "family" in the order. Stephen was the only one who came close and he was miles away. She wondered what he was doing at that moment and if he missed her as much as she missed him. He was in the Middle East on a mission to protect an ancient fortress from looters. There were some artifacts buried beneath in a vault that didn't need to be found, at least not yet. The priest he was also guarding had become a close friend. "Lucky him" she thought, "at least Stephen and his charge have similar interests they can talk about. I have nothing in common with this woman other than a need to protect something of great importance." Which reminded her....

"What will happen if the Jackal makes it through the gate with the treasure?"
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Macrae Posted on: 24-Jul-2003, 06:30 AM

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(OOC: Dang! You two should just get it on already and be done with it!)
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Macrae Posted on: 23-Jul-2003, 01:26 PM

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Moira Elizabeth Macrae

Age: 30
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130lbs
Dark blonde hair with blonde highlights.
Green eyes.
Muscular build but more streamlined and toned than beefy! heh
She's a hot little mama!

Started training at age 10, first mission at age 20.
Martial Arts: Wang Fu, Su Bok Do, Drunken Boxing, Karate
Hand to Hand combat (These are only used in self defense or in defense of people under her protection)
Fencing and broadsword.
Highly experienced at riding horses and camels and has the ability to fight on the back of both.

Special "gifts":
Discernment: she can sense or feel the presence of evil creatures and otherworldly beings be they good or evil.
Shielding: how she does this is a secret but it works and NOTHING can penetrate this shield, it lasts about 30 minutes or so.... or she recasts the shield before it dissipates. To touch it would burn the crap out of anyone and I mean ANYONE.
Illusions used to distract or confuse.
All her senses are way above normal, sense of smell is almost like a dog's, hearing as well, vision almost like a hawk. Ok imagine Legolas from Lord of the Rings or any of those elves for that matter!

Languages: can read Egyptian & Mayan hieroglyphs, Ogham and runes, speaks Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Gaelic.
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Macrae Posted on: 23-Jul-2003, 07:40 AM

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(OOC: I thought your Uncle had a different name and this was a new wolf! Oops!)

On the way to Lierin's Moira closed her eyes and drifted for a few minutes. She considered what Lierin was and how that might affect her role as protector. Her thoughts then drifted to Aeryk/Bill back in Wick at the monastery and she wondered how he fared. Fade out....

Fade in to monastery.

Aeryk can be seen sitting near Brother Aidan, their heads bent in concentration over a book. Aidan asks him a question, Aeryk answers and Aidan laughs and pats him on the back as if to say "Well done!".

"You have a quick mind Aeryk! You are learning so fast it is all I can do to keep up!"

Aeryk grins and looks almost sheepish. Unused to praise for a job well done, Aeryk isn't sure how to react. He accepts the praise with a smile and continues to listen to Brother Aidan expounds upon the laws of nature and other such mysterious things. Fade out....
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Macrae Posted on: 21-Jul-2003, 11:48 PM

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Moira liked this wolf. He seemed friendlier than the other one. She offered him a hand to sniff and looked into his eyes. She had always been fond of wolves and when she was about 15 they had become her favorite animal, even more than horses. She had been on a spirit walk of sorts in the Celeddon Forest when she had gotten herself caught between a tusked wild boar and the boar's piglet in the midst of a small meadow. The closest tree to climb was too weak to hold her weight so all she could do was stand there and try to be invisible. Her skills weren't honed yet so she couldn't throw out something to distract the angry sow long enough to run for larger trees. Moira stood there waiting for the charge that was soon to come and hoped that her small hunting knife would be sharp enough to make it through the tough skin of the boar. All of this happened within seconds, of course, with little time for Moira to think of other means of defense. The sow chose that moment to charge, her head down and tusks gleaming in the sunlight. Then suddenly a wolf came running at full speed into the clearing and turned the sow away from Moira and off to the side. Moira literally leapt at the chance to make her escape and took off for the dense trees about 50 feet behind her. She climbed the nearest one and watched the sow and the wolf dance around the clearing for a few minutes. The sow finally gave up and, reunited with her bawling, fat baby, left the clearing. The wolf made his way leisurely to the tree Moira was in, stopped at it's base, looked up at her, winked and walked away. At least she thought it winked. It sure looked like it! She called out a thank you before climbing down and making her way to back into the darker part of the forest to finish her journey. She had loved wolves ever since but she never thought that people could actually talk to them. She wasn't so sure it was a natural thing to be speaking with animals but there were worse creatures on the earth that humans spoke to. Wolves were angels compared to THOSE creatures!

"It's a pleasure to be meeting your acquaintance Calum."

Moira was starting to smell something foul and feel something lurking near when Lierin mentioned the silence coming from the room. She pressed her ear against the door and listened. She heard muffled whispers and light scraping of shoes on the floor, then nothing.

"Blast! They're running!"

Moira takes a few steps back and plows into the door, with her shoulder taking the force of the impact. She nearly falls over onto the floor as the door is old and the wood of the frame is weak with age. She immediately begins to feel on the walls for a seam or draft of air to find the secret passage.

"There's no telling how many secret passages this castle has. Fools! How can I protect people when they keep running off or getting knocked unconcious?! Ah there it is."

She opens the mirror to reveal the door to the passage. The feeling of something lurking left suddenly just then.

"Let's go. We'll try to catch them outside."

On the way through the passage Moira turns to Lierin and says:

"Did you feel a presence when we were in the hall? It left right after I plowed into the room."

Moira thought for a moment......

"It's after THEM! Ah ha! One or both of them IS involved somehow with this vampire. We need to find them...NOW."

(OOC: I might not be able to play much over the next week or so. I'll explain on another topic so as not to clog up the game space here.)
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Macrae Posted on: 18-Jul-2003, 11:26 AM

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Moira closed her eyes and took a deep breath and sort of "sent" her mind out to feel around. She wasn't used to this type of work. She was more of a protector than a hunter. However, she had skills that might prove to be useful before too long. That she was sure of.

"Aye Lierin, he's near but not on the grounds yet. At least not that I can tell. I feel a presence close by but it's like he's waiting in the wings for something or watching for a chance to strike. There's something weird about that Anne girl though. Can't put my finger on it. I don't think she's as daft as she appears to be."
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Macrae Posted on: 18-Jul-2003, 10:16 AM

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Moira stayed quiet. She eyed the contents of the castle and tried to keep the inventory in her mind in case she needed it later. She was the kind of person who liked to stay unnoticed as much as possible and right now that seemed to be the best way to proceed. She smiled when introduced to everyone and grinned when she saw that the couple had crosses around their necks.

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Macrae Posted on: 13-Jul-2003, 12:05 AM

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Hey....what is this Samfest? How much is it? Times? I wanna come check you guys out. The Center is just a hop, skip and a jump up the road from me.
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Macrae Posted on: 12-Jul-2003, 11:50 PM

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That was quite lovely most noble bard.

Scarborough Faire. Is that the one in Texas...near Dallas?

Edit: I just checked your website! A fellow Texan!!! WOOOHOOOO and YEEEHAAAW!! ok I was kidding about the yeehaw but WOOHOO!!!!

I'm about 40 miles north of downtown Houston!
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Macrae Posted on: 05-Jul-2003, 12:58 AM

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When I get visited.......it's usually by gas and I'm in the bathroom for hours.


hehe....sorry...hehehehe........whew! hehehehe tongue.gif
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Macrae Posted on: 04-Jul-2003, 02:43 AM

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I'll be thinking of you as I swim, get a light sunburn, drink copious amounts of wine coolers and/or Irish whisky and Coke and watch fireworks!!! WOOHOOOO! And...YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAWWWW!!!!!

(Ok I NEVER say "yeehaw"...just felt that being the only Texan...y'all expected it! hahehehahahahahehehe!!)
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Macrae Posted on: 04-Jul-2003, 02:38 AM

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Hail and well met to all the new members!! I've only been here a few days but I've found it to be filled with a good lot of jolly folk! Have a pint on me!
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Macrae Posted on: 04-Jul-2003, 12:24 AM

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has the tartans used by the Macrae clan. I think there are 9 or 12 on that page. The Dress Macrae is there too. The image under my name is slightly darker because I had to convert it from a bmp to a gif.
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Macrae Posted on: 02-Jul-2003, 11:20 PM

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hehe....that WAS funny.

See! Some people are happy with any old tartan. As long as they've got some plaid fabric covering their butt they're in heaven. Me...I want MY family's tartan! It just wouldn't be the same with any other!

To answer your question GB, I would prefer the Ancient Hunting Macrae, a piece of which is my little "avatar" over there <.
I would be happy with Dress Macrae though!
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Macrae Posted on: 01-Jul-2003, 02:37 PM

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The Greek symbol for Christ is the "chi rho" ; looks like a lower case cursive p with the X intertwined with it.
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Macrae Posted on: 30-Jun-2003, 09:01 PM

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Hey Scott! Welcome! You and I may be related. The Macraes were the Mackenzie clan's right hand men (and women!)!
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Macrae Posted on: 29-Jun-2003, 10:11 PM

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Many of the Celtic druids became Cele Dé. There is still a church for it too. The Celtic Orthodox Church. They have a website which I checked out not too long ago. I'm still not sure if they're all they say. It bears more research to be sure!

St. Patrick was once a student of the druid order. This is where he first heard of the Cele Dé I believe.
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Macrae Posted on: 29-Jun-2003, 10:06 PM

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I saw "queso" and knew cheese. All the rest was a guess. I only know a few words in Spanish and the majority of those are cuss words or phrases!

This does seem to be a fun bunch of people!
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Macrae Posted on: 29-Jun-2003, 02:01 AM

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Ah but Droopy was very clever and always ended up ahead of the game!
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Macrae Posted on: 29-Jun-2003, 01:57 AM

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Did you say there was too much cheese in the coffee?

hehehe No habla espanol.

Oh yeah: Mr. Moderator/s How do you earn the right to post in the Protected Forums?
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Macrae Posted on: 29-Jun-2003, 01:49 AM

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The O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack had to be the grooviest I've heard from a movie in a long time!

Has anyone ever heard of the Wicked Tinkers? I've heard of them and want to buy some of their stuff but I've not heard the music yet. If you've heard their stuff then please let me know!

I saw Cherish the Ladies in March. They performed with the Houston Symphony for the Irish Pops series. I don't know her name but they have this young lady with a voice that makes you want to pack your bags and hop the next flight to Ireland. And she was born and raised in Ireland as well.

Also...check out www.arkmusic.com. They have some great Celtic tunes inspired by the books of Stephen Lawhead...quite possibly the world's best author...in this century anyway. I put him up there with Tolkien and Lewis! arkmusic.com has other Celtic tunes as well. I just bought $63 worth of CD's from them and let me tell you, it was money well spent!

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Macrae Posted on: 29-Jun-2003, 01:29 AM

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Sorry but I could only pick 10 poll answers! I guess I could have lumped some of them together. I wanted to put "none of the above" but figured someone would comment if they had any questions and they have! I hope no one feels left out! That was not my intent!

My reasons for posting the poll were purely selfish. I wanted to see what kind of people were posting here and I wanted to make sure I wasn't posting on a board that I had no business posting on! I also wanted to make sure I was not alone in my beliefs. It has been my experience on some other boards that if religion is brought up it inevitably starts a flame war. It's nice to be around people that share your beliefs and can speak as many, not just one.

I see so far that we have quite a variety of beliefs, as I assumed there would be. All things Celtic usually attract all types of people. Celtic history, lore and music tends to lure just about anyone!
I appreciate your participation in this poll and it will indeed be interesting to see the results after another week or three.

Rath Dé ort!
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Macrae Posted on: 28-Jun-2003, 01:17 AM

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I'm Pepe with a whopping 37 points and I'm ok with that. hehe

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Macrae Posted on: 28-Jun-2003, 01:05 AM

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"The Tartan?Here's To It"

The fighting sheen of it,
The yellow, the green of it,
The white, the blue of it,
The swing, the hue of it,
The dark, the red of it,
Every thread of it!

The fair have sighed for it,
The brave have died for it,
Foemen sought for it,
Heroes fought for it,
Honor the name of it,
Drink to the fame of it?
The Tartan!

?Murdoch MacRae
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Macrae Posted on: 28-Jun-2003, 12:58 AM

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I got all misty eyed when I read that Daddy Travis is in Iraq.
Keep your chin up and he'll be home soon! I know my family is proud of our boys over there! (Our girls too) We're proud of the families back home too!
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