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> Member Guidelines, Celtic Radio Suggested Guidelines
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Posted: 29-Jan-2004, 05:01 PM
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As part of your membership to Celtic Radio, you are eligible to participate in community discussions on our active and extensive community message forums.

The community message forum is an integral part of CelticRadio.net, combining your member account information all into one central location. As we deliver more and more features to our site, it will be important that your membership account is in "good standing" to take advantage of new and enhanced features.

So what does "good standing" mean? By that, we mean that you agree to and comply with our terms of service. It also means that you are acting in a manner, which promotes good community with your neighbors. Think of CelticRadio.net like an exclusive club that you have joined. Like any club or organization, there will be a wide range of people and personalities; agreements and disagreements. You may choose to join because you are looking for new friends; to participate in the club's activities or to possibly take on a more active role in the club's organization. You may even have joined just to sit back and watch the activities from a distance - and that is ok! Whatever your reason for joining, we are glad that you did and fully welcome you to our little niche on the World Wide Web.

Remember that as a club, there are certain responsibilities that we have to our neighbors and ourselves. Perhaps the club may have a welcoming party for new members, remember it is important that members get to know you if you choose to participate. (First impressions do count!) It's very possible that this club may have meetings or discussions down the hallway on specific topics. You might want to sign-up for those discussions as they strike a personal interest with you! Over time, and as you mingle throughout the organization, you will certainly get to know the culture, the people and find your place within the community. You will also come to know what is acceptable and what is not because the community will let you know!

So with that, I would like to present you with a guide to the CelticRadio.net community message forums!

1. Do introduce yourself! If you don't talk, people will not notice you!
2. Do take the time to explore system and how it works (You can't run until you learn how to walk!). Taking the time to fill out and personalize your profile will allow people to get to know you better and faster!
3. Do try to post your comments and opinions in the appropriate forum. Back to the analogy of the club, would you walk into a round-table meeting on Ireland and start talking about Scotland.
4. Do understand that not everyone is going to agree with your position and be prepared for responses that you may not agree with.
5. Do respond to the content of the message and not personally to the person. For example: You are a crazy person to think that the President is doing a good job. Alternative: I believe the President is failing the public because of these reasons....etc.
6. Do be open to different ways of thinking and different views. We are all not the same, that?s what makes things so interesting!
7. Do respect the wishes and comments from the moderating team. We have a great team of conscientious volunteer moderators. If you have been contacted by one of them, know that there has been a discussion and agreement on how to deal with the specific issue.

1. Don't think that people who disagree with you don't like you. Getting hurt feelings is very easy online because we can't see the persons facial expression.
2. Don't retaliate or hold grudges against members. Back to the analogy of the Club - what happens when you retaliate in real life. Don't play with fire unless you are willing to get burnt!
3. Don't assume that people understand your position. Be clear in your communications.
4. Don't launch personal attacks. Again, respond to the content - not the person. Think twice before you hit that reply button. Are you escalating a confrontation?
5. Don't be a coward. Just because your online does not mean that we don't know whom you are. Don't say things that you would not normally say face to face. This site uses extensive logging and we can trace you if we have to.
6. Don't try to hack into the system. You will be caught and prosecuted.
7. Don't make claims or statements unless you are willing to back-up what you say. Again, respond to the content, not the person and don't make false or inaccurate statements!

We appreciate your help and support in following these guidelines. With the member ranks growing day by day it becomes more important that we all try to keep CelticRadio.net a great place to visit. CelticRadio.net is truly a very special place, more like a family, not because of the people who designed it, but because of the people that visit and use our services. Without you, we would just be a bunch of data on a hard drive. Thanks for your continued support and for making CelticRadio.net what it is today!

We look forward in getting to know you!

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