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I am SO tired!!! RAmBlE....
Posted by barddas on Jul 21st, 2004 12:15 PM
AHHHHH I haven't been able to sleep for two days now. GGGrrrr.
It's hot at work and that is not helping to keep mae arse awake!!!!

So last night while not sleeping I thought I would be productive and work on a few songs that I like, and just wanted to figure out how to play them for my own enjoyment. Two great songs by Arlo Guthrie-Darkest hour, and Highway in the wind. Great songs!!! I love Arlo! Supernice guy....I have seen him preform many times. VEry entertaining!

Website progress is moving... Le 'Barddaswench' ( self named, mind you) Said things are going quite well. But that I need to get more info to her so she can get it onto the site...LOL!

Nothing else going on...except I need sleep!!!
Did I mention it is hot today??? Yes, and i do hate when it's Sticky...LOL!')

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