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Posted by barddas on Jul 16th, 2004 2:04 PM
Last nights rehearsal was great! Started new tunes last night. They are in the can. Arranged, and ready to play out! Very cool! Out of no where we started a jam at the end of Back home in Derry, it was like my old metal days! A wee distortion solo at the end it was a ball! I haven't really jammed out like that since Barddas started. It was nice to visit that style, and be assured I could actually still do it!!LOL!

Ah Geraldine's thinkin' of Galway just came on- what a great song! You can feel all the emotion of the words. Great imagery..That's one I need to pick up!

Almost time to punch the clock and get outta here!
Gotta call a few places in Louisville, Ky about setting up shows.... ( This is more of a reminder for me than BLOG BS...LOL!!!)

Well, that's all for the day

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