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Castlegrrl Posted on: 02-Nov-2005, 01:26 AM

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My gosh you people are wonderful! Shamalama and gallesjrt - you have given me more food for thought. I am an English teacher and an ESL teacher so being in any foreign country does not scare me and I would most likely want to work - though just kicking back and writing and caring for Isaiah would be nice. I know this will not be easy if she makes this choice and Tracy is being careful - she is a smart girl but wants an honorable career and the ability to care for her child. She says she also hopes that a few years of hard work would pave the way for her to be in a position to care for me too. I have beaten cancer had some rough years raising my kids alone and have always wanted to see Japan and other places before I die, so maybe I will get the chance to live in a foreign country while I help her to keep Isaiah safe and secure while his mommy serves.
Again thanks for all your insight, encouragement and respect - I must admit I am still sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what will happen soon if at all.

Good health and happines to all on this list . . . you have lifted me up to a higher place when I had a little season of well warranted concern.
Rachel the Castlegrrl
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 29-Oct-2005, 08:11 PM

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Madadh, you have beatiful children! I appreciate your insight everyone: Monarch's Own, Arizona Amy, SCShamrock! All of you have given me food for thought. Yes, we know the recruiters talk lots o' bull and she is one saavy girl and saw right through. It is hard to tell from the photo but she is a bit of a Lara Croft bad-ass with a very sweet side. The recruiter saw that and considered her nursing two year trial and knows she does NOT want to be a nurse. She does not have a degree but is strong, smart, tough and quick on her feet and they also could see what tragedy had turned her into. I will follow her to where ever she gets stationed and raise her wonderful son while she serves. I love them that much and more than I can show them in this lifetime. I remember very little of my Dad's Army National Guard days - he got thrown from a horse and was seriously injured.
Looks like I'll end up an army Grandma - unless she changes her mind.
Thanks to all who responded. You are golden!
Rachel the Castlegrrl
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 27-Oct-2005, 10:35 PM

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OMG!!! I am waiting to see if my youngest enlists in the Army. She took the Army entrance exam - someone tell me what it is called - ADVAP or something like that. Anyway she scored higher than most women her age and at master's degree level so, with just two years of college and oodles of life experience (good and bad) Army recruiters are trying to talk her into going into Intelligence. I am scared and happy and concerned all at the same time. She has a 6 year old beautiful boy. She called a few days ago and asked me if I would join her when she finishes basic training and help her with my grandson. I immediately said yes without even thinking a minute. I could teach English anywhere or not work if I didn't want to. She says I could just write and sing and be there for Isaiah when she is not.
I don't know what to expect if she makes this decision. I will be giving up all I have worked for here and gladly - but am still afraid. She and my other two kids look like the Irish half of the ex-union but I am Native American (Navajo and Zuni) and am often mistaken for East Indian even though I am very light with dark hair. I was told that she may end up in Germany for a few years and I would be hated and that my grandson hated even more - he is half African American! Being in California I am not used to much prejudice. I didn't just fall off the pumpkin truck though, I just know me. I may be open-minded and respectful of others and their beliefs regardless of race, but I know I will have a difficult time in any other place whether it be Germany or North Carolina or where ever "we" get stationed.
I have enclosed a picture for any who care to see how beautiful these two are. And yes, I will travel with her if she makes this choice. It just makes me a little queasy in the stomach and I wonder what to expect.
Oh, and if anyone is wondering about the hubby in this equation, he was shot in the head in an almost fatal, mugging while coming out of a grocery store, and survived only to be quite mentally damaged and paralyzed. He became 7 years old instead of 26 instantly, and years of physical therapy and mental health care could not teach him all over again that he was married and had a loving family. They have all suffered so and I just want what is best for all of us. Can any Army moms and wives weigh in here. I would surely appreciate it.
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 27-Oct-2005, 09:57 PM

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Oh Monarch's Own!
I am so happy for you. Please emerge from your bliss for a moment or two and tell us how you are and the Hubby one too!
Hope to see you online again soon.
Castlegrrl tongue.gif
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 24-Oct-2005, 10:49 PM

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Thanks Maggie-Dear,

Are you sure you didn't curse him already. I thought about it and realized that just about everything in his life these past two weeks had fallen apart - his car, his home he wanted to buy fell out of escrow everytime he goes to a class they don't remember to deliver his media equipment and then his Powerpoint presentation keeps bombing and things are overall - a bit of a mess. I really didn't send any negative mojo his way but it seems to have bitten his arse already.
Yes, he still tried to get too sweet with me even today, but I am holding my ground and he seems a little frustrated. He is getting way too tanned for this time of year - even here in California and I heard him say to another faculty member that he "accidentally stumbeled upon the nude beach here in San Diego!" Yah. Right. Sure.

I am glad I found out fast - even though he sure did turn on the charm. Just reading back what I had written made me think and see what a cad he is. Thanks for the cheering on. I appreciate it so much.

Take care thanks for the response,
Castlegrrl Rachel
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 23-Oct-2005, 01:17 AM

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First my best to Monarch for the healing of those kidneys - I've been through it all twice and it is no trip to Disneyland!

May I whine a little and get some feedback? A new faculty member came to work in my Dept. (English, Literature and languages) and set his sights on me and for a few weeks we did everything together and I even picked the home he was going to buy then realizing he really couldn't afford it - I advised him to keep looking. He said and did all the rigtht things and seemed to be kind and good and caring even though I detected a bit of selfishness, I tossed that up to years of living alone working hard to get his Ph.D. and get acclimated to America. He is a spiritual person and though I had never dated a Frenchman or one who has was trying so hard to hold onto his youth - he went out and bought a BMW sports car! - I am a very giving and patient woman but things started getting one sided. I know we are not supposed to notice this if we are truly the magnanimous but I was getting some strange signals though he tried to hide them.
There was a little get-together for language people that I did not attend and my friend and former Dept chair asked him right out what his intentions were toward me - she knew we went everywhere together and he was unabashedly affectionate even in front of co-workers with I nipped in the but real fast. It was too late they knew we were dating so my friend asked. He told her were were just good friends. He also mentioned he had joined an online dating service hoping to meet the woman of his dreams. The description of his perfect woman was the opposite of me!
I was shocked, hurt and wondered what the last few months had really meant.
We talked later that day and he apologized, and was so flustered he could hardly look me in the eye. Although he had told me he loved me - it was not in the sense most would take to the altar!
I had been used and at some point he would have sported the halls with some young woman (he was hoping for someone 12 or so years younger than himself) and it was then I would have found out.
It has taken weeks to just get through the day without crying at least once and I have to work with this man. Please no scolding about dating in the workplace - our university has no policy against it but it almost never fares well for the woman when it's over. I also found out by being direct and asking him - does he have any male friends? No. Is he cheap? Yes. Is he used to using his French charm and good looks to get what he wants? Yes.

I was so stupid - or was I? He tries to be sweet and flirty and act like nothing ever happened. I have to daily just put on the professional face and be kind and remind him he cannot call me baby and mon ami and act like we are an item. Everyone has noticed that I stay away from him and limit my contact when he is in one of his "Mr. Wonderful" moods.
What do you think women? I'm feeling better but want to make sure he knows that he may not treat me like there is still some string attached - and it borderlines on sexual harassment.
Any feed back will be taken to heart . . . my daughters and girlfriends call him names and want to tar and feather him because he has hurt me but I'm a big girl and want to rise above this hurt . . .
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 23-Oct-2005, 12:21 AM

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Hello All,
I have been away awhile and missed the kindness of this place and feeling the words of the faithfuls like Celtic Rose - a dear one . . .
I started teaching English at night and then with harp lessons and singing more than I have in the past few months, I have been away from my computer too long when not at work. I must begin to sneak a few hello snips during the day to keep in touch with so may of you who welcomed me so kindly when I joined.

California misses so many of the fall colors many of you get to see and enjoy.
I am thankful for them - really, but one does get tired of evergreens when you know there are other real seasons going on elswhere.
I also have a little message for the Girls Only list - had my heart really broken and need the support of the sisters there.
Atumnal Blessings to you all,

"We feel deeply, ache, rejoice; we reach and touch and know we're not alone."

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Castlegrrl Posted on: 21-Jul-2005, 02:14 PM

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Hi Cale and welcome from another newcomer that feels right at home here!
Yes, my PC at home is fixed fine and like new - I should have upgraded to XP a long time ago and there were OS issues that just needed to get right! Now, my new Mac on the other hand, NEVER gets sick and I love it - of course because it's a Scottish computer!!
JP sorry to hear that "Big Brother" is watching and putting the smack down at work!
I do web development and web research everday so I get to listen and play while I work. At this university - by law they have to tell us when they are snooping and a little box comes up that says they are remotely jumping in. Also our tech support team takes remote control of our computers when we have major problems. It looks so funny to just sit back and watch your own cursor move and windows change while they trouble shoot from all the way across campus - I love technology!!
My boy is all settled in to his new place and it has a mother's touch tongue.gif and he loves it. We picked great colors and he's a very ecclectic young man (a musician) with good taste.
The week is winding down, so for those of us with five day work weeks - Yippy and thank God!! It got a little hot here in San Diego for a few days but I live near the coast and the ocean so I'm a bit spoiled.
Hope all had a good week and thanks for updates on the girls JP.
Enjoy your weekends everyone!
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 16-Jul-2005, 03:05 AM

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Hey All,

After my computer bombed and was completely rebuilt from the innards out - I'm back online and happy!
JP - Still praying for the girls!
Celtic Rose Howdy! How's the van?
BGL Hello too and eveyone else - SB, Rindy!
Gettin-Away - My brother lives in Alaska - went for a visit many years ago and never came back - he loves it so much. Yes, the night and light was a bit to get used to!
If your daughter ever needs a wonderful family near Eagle River or Anchorage - they would be there in a second to help. He's a beautiful soul, great family, awesome kids almost all grown. Just let me know.
It is after 2 am here and I'm so tired. Helped my son today, move into the first home where he didn't need to have roomates! I'm proud of him - and oooh did I spend too much money! It's funny how the shower curtains, dishes, new bedding all smacks the wallet - I got a little lint and lots of receipts left there now and that's about it.
Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 14-Jul-2005, 08:02 PM

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Welcome Teresa! Glad you are here! We have something in common besides singing and musical theater - WE LOVE MEN IN KILTS!
There are lots of great folks here. I'm new too and got the warmest of welcomes last week when I joined in. Glad you found CR.net and this wonderful community of Celt loving kindreds!
All the best to you,
Rachel (Castlegrrl)
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 12-Jul-2005, 12:35 PM

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I too was moved to tears to see men, women and children holding signs saying "I am not afraid" and "We are not afraid" collectively as a people! Our wishes and prayers here, not only on this list but world wide are that we could raise our children and live without fear of evil and hatred destroying our peace. I can't tell the rest of the world - but I can tell you - my new friends here at CR, that I pray you sleep peacefully at night with no fear and have love and peace overflowing; that you prosper and have good health.

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Castlegrrl Posted on: 09-Jul-2005, 11:07 PM

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JP - just reading your update made me sick inside and thankful at the same time. I feel things so deeply sometimes it is hard to make sense of it all. In this case there is no use trying - there is evil all around. I will continue to pray for the girls and families and friends - I will pray for healing - emotionally and physically.
As I sit here on my balcony on this beautiful summer evening writing this, I realize that I am safe and blessed, but take nothing for granted. Music does help - truly. I could not live without it.

CelticRose, I missed the Highland Games - heard there was much fun and merriment going on there! Yes, San Diego is home and L.A. is very different but close in proximity as you already know. Now the last time I was in Arizona it was soooo hot! Think I stayed in the pool the whole time.

Watched a sad movie tonight and it gave me a chance to have a good cry. A few days of sorrow and concern sometimes need an outlet - quite cathartic.

Ah Debussy . . . so beautiful. I agree Mike.
I love the Baroque masters and Vivaldi is my favorite.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone . . .

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Castlegrrl Posted on: 09-Jul-2005, 12:54 AM

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Geepers Mike! Do you believe in angels? You could have really been hurt or worse.
I'm so glad you are alright and that it was fixed for not too much money!
I have had friends and family who had brakes go bad and it was terrifying.
So glad you are okay though.
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 09-Jul-2005, 12:06 AM

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Oh JP - somehow get word to your friend's son's girlfriend and sister that there are people that care and are praying for healing. There will be fear and mental stress that may haunt them and I hope all needs are met and they can feel safe again.
Thanks Celticrose for your kindness. I have looked around here a lot and see many posts from you that are loving, kind and well stated - so I must say I am happy to be among such good company.
This afternoon I had to go to a teachers workshop and it was fun and stressful but to prepare myself before I listened to a little Clannad (Banba, and Anam) and I listen to CR at work during the day when I'm in my office. I often have people stop as they walk by (I keep the door open most of the time) and everyone is always curious. It is wonderful to be here!
May all have a wonderful weekend - San Diego will have sun and wonderful weather so I'll get out and enjoy some of it!
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 07-Jul-2005, 09:58 PM

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I too have been waiting to hear from beloved studets from our university who are studying in London. We heard that they were close to one of the sites near the underground but no one was hurt and were able to get away from the area before it got chaotic.
My heart aches so for the people of London and all who are suffering. I am a praying woman and have been since I heard early this morning.
I am glad those here in on CR in the UK and with friends and family there have no sad news to share, unless I missed a post. If so I'm sorry.
Peace, healing and grace to all . . .
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 07-Jul-2005, 06:36 PM

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Ah yes Stoirmeil. . . the children are beautiful, but I'm biased. Imagine the auburn to brown hair on my lasses, and skin that has enough Indian to tan nicely, but still they have freckles and hazel and green eyes and my son has brown eyes but is quite fair with a handsome dark Irish look.
True, too Celticpride, I have found that the people I know here in the states that are Celts of any tribe or clan are loving and good people.
And did you know Madadh, that many of us feisty Indian women go crazy for Irish, Scottish and Welsh men?!!! I did, and got the best part of the deal! - three amazing kids!
Thanks to Avonlea22, N0LIKA, Celticpride, Stoirmeil, Madadh, Dragonboy3611, Dundee, MDF3530 and Macfive for already helping me out and making me feel so welcome. tongue.gif
P.S. - I know this is silly but I just started playing the harp and was almost giddy to find an avatar of a redhaired beauty playing a harp - sorry Dundee - I'm not going red rolleyes.gif
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 06-Jul-2005, 11:35 AM

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Celtic Rose, did anyone respond to your question about the movie Dear Frankie?
Here is the synopsis from IMDB just in case - sorry if it is a repeat tongue.gif

"Nine-year-old Frankie and his single mum Lizzie have been on the move ever since Frankie can remember, most recently arriving in a seaside Scottish town. Wanting to protect her deaf son from the truth that they've run away from his father, Lizzie has invented a story that he is away at sea on the HMS Accra. Every few weeks, Lizzie writes Frankie a make-believe letter from his father, telling of his adventures in exotic lands. As Frankie tracks the ship's progress around the globe, he discovers that it is due to dock in his hometown. With the real HMS Accra arriving in only a fortnight, Lizzie must choose between telling Frankie the truth or finding the perfect stranger to play Frankie's father for just one day..."

The beautiful and talented Gerard Butler is in this movie - but alas it never made it to a theater near me so I couldn't see it.
Good things,

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Castlegrrl Posted on: 06-Jul-2005, 11:09 AM

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Thanks for the kind welcome! All of you - did I tell you I loved Dragons?!
Please tell Dundee I am of the Navajo and Apache dark haired people - though far, far removed and always a Californian. I did have a couple of red haired children and one still retains a bit of auburn. My Ex was a Scot/Irishman with family still in Dublin and around Ireland somewhere but I am told that though I love the Irish - have half Irish children still would not make me welcome there. So I'll have to talk to my friends here.
All the best,
Rachel the Castlegrrl
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 06-Jul-2005, 10:21 AM

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Dragonboy - I'm new here but wanted to say hello and remind you that camp can be a wonderful time. I got kissed for the first time at Jr. High camp - I'll never forget it even now that I am an old woman with kids of my own!
My daughter went to summer camp with two broken arms, (she was skating really fast and tried to stop herself by hitting a parked truck sad.gif I know it sounds silly and sad) but she really wanted to go. I'm sure you will have fun and lots to tell when you get back. So take a camera and make some memories.

~Rachel AKA Castlegrrl
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 06-Jul-2005, 10:20 AM

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Dragonboy - I'm new here but wanted to say hello and remind you that camp can be a wonderful time. I got kissed for the first time at Jr. High camp - I'll never forget it even now that I am an old woman with kids of my own!
My daughter went to summer camp with two broken arms, (she was skating really fast and tried to stop herself by hitting a parked truck sad.gif I know it sounds silly and sad) but she really wanted to go. I'm sure you will have fun and lots to tell when you get back. So take a camera and make some memories.

~Rachel AKA Castlegrrl
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 06-Jul-2005, 09:51 AM

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Hi Amy - I'm new too and wanted to welcome you. Glad your little ones are learning good music!
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Castlegrrl Posted on: 05-Jul-2005, 08:52 PM

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I wanted to introduce myself and say I'm happy CelticRadio.net is here to join us all together.
I'm Castlegrrl (Rachel) all the way in San Diego, California wishing I was in a Castle somewhere in Ireland or Scotland! I sing, just started taking harp lessons and work for a university English department doing all manner of things including web design and plagiarism research, when I am not singing or teaching voice and English. Drop me a line to say hi or ask me any question - I love to write to new friends.
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