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Athalay Posted on: 28-Jan-2007, 01:16 AM

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Sorry for my question but how many centimeter is one inch? 2,5?
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Athalay Posted on: 17-Nov-2006, 11:14 PM

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Try to search on this side. Or if you understand the germany i can apply a good codex for you:

Hanko Döbringer (1389)

You can download at www.kardrendje.hu
Click on the hungarian flag, after this choose the "könyvtár" menu, and click again the hungarian flag. After it, the left side appear a "menü". Click on the first ("könyvtár"), and after then, the right side click on the "vívókönyvek". Then the centre appear some codex: choose the Hanko smile.gif. Its translated in hungarian so you will see the first page is hun, the next german, the next hun, the next german, etc...

I hope i can help you.
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Athalay Posted on: 17-Nov-2006, 12:38 PM

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From PVC?? No... i have to say no. I made my own chain armor (abaout 16.000 circle in, and the weight is only 12 kg {abaout 25 pounds} and its comfortable). I cant make it from PVC... the swords that we use can destroy easily the pvc. Dont forget: the steel dosn't cut the steel: so if you use it to make really useful, you might to made by steel:).

I dont like the films: they are usually far away from the real armors, swords, culturals and persons. I dont understand why they dont ask only one museologist... or a knight.
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Athalay Posted on: 15-Nov-2006, 04:14 PM

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Nobody reply it? Nobody has questions?
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Athalay Posted on: 07-Nov-2006, 11:45 PM

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Do you know? The first steel armor was the chain armor. The crusaders use it in Jerusalem and in the VIII - XIII. Centrury. It was made little rings (the most simple form is 4 to 1 - It means one ring connect in 4 ring). It was very strong and it defense against the cut and puncture (but not perfectly agains the puncture). It was a big error: the crush. The chain armor haevy, but felexibile. If you get a big crush usually broken some bones or die in inner hurt.

So it started to get up armor coat which was abaout 1-3 centimeter thick textil under the armor. It defence against the crush but was very hot.

The plate armor started to favorite araound XIV. century. In this time the steel was good enought to forge exellent steeel plates to armors. About one generation (Maybe 40-60 years) the chain armor went out the fashion and the plate begin the main armor type. Until the XVI-XVII it has good defense but with te handgun it cant competation so it went out. From this time the soldiers wont wearing any armor exept helmet (until XX century).

If I remember anything aaout this i will write down, and if you get any question: dont hesitate smile.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 07-Nov-2006, 11:30 PM

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Its a surprise that someone know this band... i started think it only know in Germany and a few man in Hungary biggrin.gif

If someone could hear anything from tham - do it! You won't regret it wink.gif

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Athalay Posted on: 02-Nov-2006, 12:52 AM

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Im preparing my training... oiling the sword, cleaning the armor, and think about the next few hours smile.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 30-Oct-2006, 12:52 AM

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Hi. I try to open a forum that you can see in general smile.gif
Im a member of a cultural tradition company in Hungary so i try to collect lots of thing about the Medieval age... it means mainly the armors and arms and battles, and sometimes some famous (or not too famaous but important) people's life. I hope you will enjoy this smile.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 30-Oct-2006, 12:46 AM

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Good morning, people smile.gif

Im looking for pictures about medieval weapons and armors. I made a chain armor but i heard about that was a variant which was opened at the front (like jackets). Do you know everything about it?

The another theme is weapons. Im fencing with one-and-half handed sword (longsword) and there is some good pictures of them:


Which is your favorite weapon/armor? What do you know about it? Write down, discuss it... enjoy the Medieval Age smile.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 11-May-2006, 12:28 AM

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I have only a little story.

One day at summer i went to shipyard to fishing at Lake Balaton (its not too big lake...). Near me there was a ma, who was fishing too. We wish good luck and started... fter an hour a tourboat left the shipyard. I see that the man's fishing rope have very heavy action... the damil left the reel with express speed... whe caught the screw biggrin.gif . But in calm he cut the damil. When we see his reel, we saw: about 100 meter damil he lost!

Have a good day smile.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 03-Nov-2005, 12:40 AM

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So now i have a little time to write you. But i don't know the next food... what type do you want? Soup? Meal? Other? smile.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 09-Sep-2005, 10:32 AM

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Let' start the sharing... I like to try out the different tastes smile.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 06-Sep-2005, 04:31 AM

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Yes smile.gif In this days I have to make my join to university but if I have a little time I will write some another. And sorry the grammatical... :S
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Athalay Posted on: 06-Sep-2005, 04:25 AM

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I see this... HungAry, not Hungry. Its not same thing biggrin.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 06-Sep-2005, 04:24 AM

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Now I try to write down our history...

Start where the gods - at the beginning.

Where we come fro? We dont konow. The most popular, thet our ancient home was somewhere in central Asia. We were nomads, but about a different tribe (besenyők) we have to move away.
Until 200 years we travel across Asia. Our fighters fight near our against the roman empire and the german tribes: we were mercenary. But one of these advanturers make that our mans find a good place to live. In 894, our force spent the winter here (Pannonia, about the our country now), and in 895 the tribe move into. From these, we elect a king, and until 1300 we have kings from these house. The first king, I (Saint) István was crowned in 31. december 1000. Until this ceremony, the religion of state was the Christian.
In 1222, the pressure of nobles make that II Andás (Andrew) issue the Goldbulla, that wrote down the rights of noble. After he, IV Béla try to cancel this, but he didnt success this? and the mongols arrived the same time, and burn up my country, but they went away in this year.
We had some wars against our neighbourgh, or in the country, but in 1301, IV Andás (Andrew) died without son. There were some pretender, and finally, the Anjou-dinasty (with relationship the Habsburgs) win, and I Károly was the king.
In 1389, the turkish army occupated Serbia, and we become neighbourhood with the Turkish Empire. In 1410 the turkish attack, and at Muhi, we lost?. Until 150 years, the country fall into three part (1526, Mohács ? another main battle, that we lost. Nobody sent to us help, but if we didnt stop the turkish army in the next centuries, the western europeans fall?): the north-west part, under Habsburgs, the south part, under turkish, and east part, under habsburgs, turkish, or free.
Still 150 years, the Habsburg kings made nothing to our? only made some castles to defend them. But in 1683 the turkish army siege Wien, the capital of Hasburgs, so they started to chase out them. In 1699 it success, so the country fall into Habsbugs hand.
In 1703 we got up agaimst them, and led of Rákóczy, we started a civil war, but in 8 years, we lost. Again?
In the next centuries, the habsburg kings started to normalize and develop the country. From about 1820, some young people wanted to start new reforms. It looked well, but 1848, in Europe, boke out a lot of revolution (12. march: Paris, 13. march: Wien, 15. march: Buda). In the other country, the other place, these fall into some weeks or month. But in our country it become a war for our freedom, against the Habsburgs? some of our leeders: Széchenyi, Kossuth, Petőfi, Wesselényi, Bem*, Dembinszky* (* = they were polish!). The Habsburgs cannot win, so asked help from the russian car, and the two army together broke down us in 1849? Thousand of hungarians emigrated to West Europe or in America?

//Theres lot of songs about it, for example:
Lajos Kossuth?s message
His force gave out from people
If he message again
All we have to go
Hurray the hungarian freedom!
Hurray the hungarian home!//

Until 1867, we were occupied country. In this years we came to an comproment with Habsburgs, and become Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. We started to development.
In 1914 we step into the First world war near Germany with Monarchy. For five years (until 1918) we fighting, and at the end, we lost, as usually. The last king was left the country, and the communist force become main, and in 1919, an soviet republic (kommunist republic) was declared until a few month. After they were broke down, we declare the peace? in Trianon.
This peace is our darkest peace. In this contract, we lost our territories 70% (from 270.000 km2 to 90.000 km2?.) and our populations 50% (from 15 million to 10 million?)?. Its our biggest national tragedy.
In the next years the country started to be nacionalis because we wants to get back our peoples, our land? We started to look after some alliances. In 1932 Horty was elected to governor, and he made a contract with Hitler?
In 1939, the IIWW broke out. We only fight in 1940 in Yugoslavia, and we fight against the russians ? near the Germans? we lost 500.000 soldiers and about 1.000.000 civil in this war, when soviet groups burn up the countryside, and tha Alliences airplane bombing our towns.
After the war, in 1949, on the election the MKP win. (Magyar Kommunista Párt = Hungarian Communist Party) Until this (to 1989) our country become the part of Soviet Union. We had communist rezsim with Rákosi. It not was a good life. In 1956 the workers (!) get up against the dictatura, and on 23 october begin the freedom of us. Until two weeks: the soviet groups attack, and in 1-3 nap they broke down the revolution. There was a lot of revenge, thousand of people emigrated? again?

//There is a song, that?s free translate is:
Europe was in deep silence
Now its too late, theres flown of blood of thousands
The crowed be bigger and bigger
The freedom comes on caterpillar-belt //

But the reforms slowly become? until this bad years, in the beggining of the 1980? years, it was a mitigation, and in 23 october (!! The date of the revolution [1956]) the country become democratist republic. In 1990 the first election was hold. The MDF (Hungarian Democratis Forum) win, and on the next elections: 1994: MSzP (Hungarian Socialist Party ? The successor of the Hungarian Kommunist Work Party), 1998: Fidesz MPP (Youngd Democratist Alliance), 2002: MSzP. They goverment now.

Its only a sort form... if i write down the full history, it an be about 4-5 page... smile.gif But if you want this, i will try.
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Athalay Posted on: 05-Sep-2005, 02:37 PM

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I think that i will give you some good hungarian meals. The first is the goulash.
(it's very interesting... we understand two meals under the word goulash... a soup and a meat)


This meal made in stewpott (or kettle). At first: put some fat into de kettle (about a quarter of kilo {half of a pound}) and melt it. When it hot put some onion (cut it into little pieces, 3-4 big head of onion) and start to steam it (with water that cover up the onion. Fill up if it vapour). When it started to be transparent (or veiled) we can added the spices. Its very spicy meal so put brave a lot into it:). I usually use hungarian red pepper (5-6 table-spoon) , white pepper (1 tablespoon), salt (one-two table-spoon. All in powdery). After that we mix it we can added meal (about two kilo {four pounds}). I usually use pig meal but you can use cow, sheep, etc. We fill with water the kettle until the water cover up the meal. We cook it, and when it started to soften we can use the crone of this meal... yes, the vine. Use half-dry or half-sweet red vine. We need about one litre of this... about quarter od british gallon, or a third of american gallon. Fill up the water until it cover the meal and fill if it is vapour. we nearly finished... we only have to wait until the meal will be soft. Eat whit bread and cucumber salad. Enjoy it:)

It will be about 1,5 - 2 hour long.
We need:

2 kg (four pounds) meal
3-4 onion
5-6 table-spoon hungarian red pepper (it can be hot, but its not bad smile.gif )
1 tablespoon white pepper
1-2 table-spoon salt
2 bottle of red vine (half-dry or half sweet)

If do you have any questions, put in this topic smile.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 05-Sep-2005, 01:32 PM

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I think about that do you want a topic for the ... History? smile.gif
I really like this, and i think, we can discuss the europian history, if you want.

At first... do you want to know Hungary"s short history? biggrin.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 24-Apr-2005, 12:15 AM

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I'm a hungarian boy from Hungary:). I would like to make good talk with you... because i prepare my language exam:). If you want to help me find me on my messenger:

Good day all for you:)
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Athalay Posted on: 06-Feb-2005, 04:03 PM

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Learning TO chemistry teacher... sorry, here is 23.03 now...
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Athalay Posted on: 06-Feb-2005, 04:02 PM

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What type of chemistry do you learn? Maybe i can help for you... I learning chamistry teacher in Hungary, so if i can translate my studies, I can help lots of to you smile.gif

Oonly write to me wink.gif
And if someone wants to same thing, writes too smile.gif
( I can help in the History too, mainly the Europe history)
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Athalay Posted on: 02-Feb-2005, 01:31 AM

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Sorry, I forgot this link:


Its in english wink.gif
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Athalay Posted on: 02-Feb-2005, 01:27 AM

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Here the picture. Its udapest, Capital of Hungary: the front of the picture is the Parlament, and before is the Danube. The background is Pest. (Buda is the other side of the river smile.gif )
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Athalay Posted on: 17-Jan-2005, 01:44 PM

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I have tragedy day... i have to take an exam from meteorolog. I have to wait for the teacher about three and a half our... she forget the exam. And I have to take another tomorrow, and wednesday, thursday and friday. I only can hear anything rearly. Its very bad sad.gif

Better days to everyone!
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Athalay Posted on: 12-Jan-2005, 03:42 AM

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Which are your favorite books? Write a sort introduction about it smile.gif

My favorite book is Wayne Chapman: Banners of Flames.
Its about a bard, Tier nan Gorduin, who help his friends. There are many battla, magic and excitement. War beetwen two big state - and the eights red banner of force can change the end of figth... or doesnt?...

I can only offer this book everybody.
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Athalay Posted on: 23-Dec-2004, 02:09 AM

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Marry Christmas to all members and visitors angel_not.gif
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