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Besides being totally in awe with Celtic Music and wondering why it took me so long to find ~ I promote a wonderful Irish Artists, Eamon Ireland.

2014 has been a tough year medically, but I'm bouncing back and anxious to get back to doing what I love! Thanks to Eamon I have been blessed enough to have made two trips to Ireland and have big ideas for my next trip in 2015. After that, its Scotland!!!

Paul McArthur has helped me tremendously in promoting Eamon and others prior to meeting Eamon, I thank him with all my heart, he has no idea just how much he helped.

I've taken some much needed time off from promoting, but managed to finish editing and publishing a book called Island Stories by Eamon Ireland; something I'd never done before, a lot of trial and error and help from my friends but we finally printed the final book a few months ago, its quite good. Eamon actually lived on the Aran Islands when he wrote the book; quite a talented young man.

I am by no means a professional promoter, editor or printer, just trying to help out a friend, I've got the resources and the time, so why not.

I've come a very long way since I first started helping out but a handful of musicians and songwriters a few years ago, its been quite a journey; I expected nothing but was rewarded two holidays of a lifetime, I was treated like royalty and never wanted for anything at any given moment.

So, I'm slowly mending and getting my strength back and just about ready for anything that comes my way. I must admit I've missed Celtic Radio, but I'm back!!
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