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Importance of Warehouse Inventry
Posted by wmssoftware on Aug 29th, 2018 6:32 AM
Your warehouse is prime real estate, and regardless of the size of the warehouse, you need to optimize the space you've. In case your stock is disorganized and hard to access, it'll cost your company a lot of man hours when workers spend more time to find items which are misplaced, broken, or lost. With the right amount of planning on your part, you can organize your warehouse in a way efficient and effective place of business, Kristie Lorette of Demand Media wrote in an article in Chron. Ultimately implies more money for your company. Batch detection systems identifies all inventory with identification labels.

When products are received or shipped, the IDs are read and logs are automatically kept in an inventory management system. A bar-code inventory management system easily connects the dots between what items you receive in the warehouse to what goes out. Imagine if you're one of the 46% of small companies that collect inventory info on paper and one of your products is recalled. It'd be a nightmare to track down which clients purchased the item. When you've a bar-code inventory management system in place, all records are easily scanned, stored, and found again in case of an emergency. In accordance with the 2015 State of Small Business Report, 20% of company owners hoped to invest in tools that would improve employee efficiency.

Nevertheless, with the plethora of new technology that became available, seemingly on a regular basis, you may disregard the most obvious: inventory management. When the right tools are delivered to your employees, they'll be more productive. Which will be created for them and for you as more work is getting done and more profits will be realized. Cycle counting is a vital piece of your inventory management puzzle and must become part of your daily or weekly routine. In case you only cycle count sporadically, you will only get sporadic results, Ted Hurbut wrote in an INC article. The only way to get the full advantage of any cycle count program is to count. If you only cycle count sporadically, youll only get sporadic results. Start pre count preparation the night before. You will need a good start to develop a schedule for conducting cycle counts.

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