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Writing, painting, reading, STEELER FOOTBALL!!!!! my kids and all their various activities, my dogs and cat, knitting, quilting, cooking when I have the time and always, contemplating the meaning of the universe
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ROWE system
Posted by Elspeth on Mar 19th, 2007 6:46 AM
I heard this on the radio and of course, now I can't remember what the acronym stands for. smile.gif Middle-age short-term memory loss. Results only work environment?

ANYWAY, Corporate Best Buy has put this into practice. They've thrown out the established boundaries of a work day. Instead, employees are free to come and go at their convenience as long as their work is done. Time put in does not necessarily directly correlate to productivity. They call it TVo for the workplace.

So far their results have been promising. So promising they plan on taking it to their stores as well.

Think of it. Completely taking away the established time boundaries of the workday. And just who decided “the workday” shall be eight hours – 8-5?

What a concept!!!

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Posted by Elspeth on Mar 18th, 2007 9:23 PM
If society prospers at the expense of the intangibles, how can it be called progress?

This came to me as I was thinking back to my days working in Conservation. It certainly is true of our natural resources, our open green space, clean water and air. We've learned that lesson, almost too late, but seemingly we've been blessed with time to remedy our mistakes.

But the danger for today isn't what we belch into the air and dump in the water, it's what we are doing to the human resource.

The intangibles we abuse today are those of relationships. Relationships with loved ones and relationships with ourselves.

The self seems to need to be either worked to a frazzle or entertained constantly. The self is rarely challenged or nurtured. The scripture says - Be Still and Know I am God. Does society embrace stillness? Is it even respected? God gave us the Sabbath not only to Worship Him, but to be recharged. It is a gift from our Father that we throw back in his face.

Do we any longer hold in esteem integrity? Is our word to be trusted? Is the workplace a place of truth, integrity and responsibility?

Do we love our children enough to give them the time it takes to expect the best from them? To expect them to be responsible, trustworthy? To discipline them?

Feeding the wellspring of our being, believing in truth - even when it is uncomfortable, expecting the best our children have to give, taking the time to give guidance and discipline, being pure of mind and heart, sincerity.... All these are intangibles I see society trampling upon.

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Posted by Elspeth on Mar 18th, 2007 8:21 PM
Growing up we didn't use matches except for a few magical days a year. And now, even thirty some years later, that sulfurous, nose burning, acrid scent takes me back.

Back to the glow of birthday candles as they flickered atop white frosted, flower strewn chocolate cakes. To the anticipation of presents, the camaraderie of family and the special feeling of being Queen for a Day.

Matches ignited charcoal briquettes and tikki torches around that 60’s suburban patio, but those are not the events that come back to me.

Forever, the first strike of a match will be my time machine that transports me to birthdays of my childhood, long past.

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If society prospers at the expense of the intangibles,
how can it be called progress?


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