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Posted by Elspeth on Apr 15th, 2007 1:16 AM

How many odes could be written to that word?

Why do we do it? Why did we not manage to get 5 minutes together to go over our taxes until the last possible moment? It wasn't as if we had to pay. It was money in the bank we were keeping ourselves from.

So why? What is the fascination of procrastination? Sounds like the basis for a 1940's musical rumba. Or would that be samba?

note.gif The fascination of procrastination. note.gif

It is a fascination. Is it pushing the envelope? Seeing just how much we can get away with? Like pushing the snooze button and seeing if we really can get up and to work in 5 minutes?

I've heard the philosophy that southerners tend to procrastinate because they have no winter to prepare for. Is it human nature to procrastinate? Is the opposite a learned response? Or does it depend upon the individual?

Whatever the impetus, I like to procrastinate. Except when I don't. And like is the wrong word. Procrastination is stressful. So, again I question, why do we do it? Laziness? A daredevil spirit? Rebellion? Thumbing our noses at the rules of this world?

Whatever it is, the appeal to ‘think about it tomorrow’ is so persuasive I doubt it will ever be eradicated.

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