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Not Christian Enough?
Posted by Elspeth on Apr 11th, 2007 5:35 PM
Somewhere or to someone one I wrote I would write in this journal every day. Didn't know the days were so long, did you?

The problem with writing is it is too easy to fall into the trap of thinking only the great and the glorious should be set down.

So, what happens is nothing happens...

In fairness to myself. rolleyes.gif I have been writing, or well sort of. I've been revamping my first book. Originally the first section to submit as an on-line romance. However, the site I planned on sending it to appears to be defunct. So, I decided to go with plan B. Revamp the entire book and see if I can sell it to a Romance publisher. My biggest problem is, I appear to fall in-between categories. What I have is a 'sweet' romance. Too sweet for current mainstream, but not 'Christian' enough for Christian romance publishers. Apparently only stories of saints are sold to Christian bookstores. There is to be no explicitness, no swearing, no drinking, no smoking, no gambling (even raffles) and no dancing. Goes back to the days of my Brethren ancestors. And the romantic couple must be a member of a church family by the end.

JEEZE! Under those guidelines, most of the BIBLE would never have been written. Just think of the story of King David. cool.gif

So, I have to find a place that is willing to look at my 'sweet' but not sterile, saccharine romance.

Please post your comments below.

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