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> The Haunted Apartment
Posted: 08-Feb-2009, 11:42 AM
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The Haunted Apartment

About five years ago, I was living in a small studio apartment in Pocatello, Idaho located at 431 South 9th Avenue #3. I lived there for eight years, and all in all it was enjoyable. It had been an old house, that had been converted into apartments, and in its youth during pocatello's younger years, had been owned by a well to do family- my little abode had been the maid's room.

The building had four apartments, one downstairs, one up, and two on the side, plus a small house in back. It was very much in a college neighborhood, and so new tenants were frequent.

One night when one the basement apartment tenants were moving out, they
had taken a load of things over to their new abode, and came home to find
the lights on, and a mop in the middle of the living room- which hadn't
been there before they left. The house had had some plumbing problems,
and their basement apartment had had some water during one of our
SouthEast Idaho winters, however at the time of the move, during summer,
that problem had also been fixed.

The former tenants came roaring to my door wanting to know if I had heard anyone going in downstairs or seen anyone. I not only hadn't, but there were no sounds of footsteps emanating from the downstairs apartment whatsoever.

Several weeks later after the apartment had been vacated, and re-rented, I
went to bed and later that night was awakened by the sound of footsteps
downstairs. The new tenants weren't home, and later there was a sawing
sound. I was petrified, and told one of the other neighbors about it who
had some reservations about what I had told them.

The next night I heard it again. I didn't believe in Ghosts at the time, but that was a little close for comfort. The second time, the sound was right underneath my
bed. I turned the light on, it stopped, I found myself even calling the local police department thinking someone had gotten in, as well as the neighborhood watch people in my area- a citizens crime control group- thinking it might be juveniles or something.

Later on, I began to receive phone calls with no one on the other end, came home from work to find favorite jewelry broken, and being a Christian believer, also found a couple of religious oriented things I had, including a special little cross on a neck chain I had gotten from a retreat I went to gone.

The entity, whoever, whatever it was then proceeded three years ago to make itself known in a very pronounced way one late fall night. I had been at home watching TV, and my cat, a very lovely black Tabby/Persian with gorgeous long hair began to act strangely. Suddenly Gabriel's eyes went red, and he pranced back and forth in front of the couch on which I was sitting, moving backwards, and forwards meowing in highs and lows as if trying to tell me something. I went to calm him down and he grew very aggressive. I was alone at the time,and rather frightened of being scratched badly, so backed off in fear.

I was going to call the neighbors, and the second the thought entered my mind, he began to calm down, coming up and purring, and rubbing against me. He was not an aggressively tempered cat, and very loveable. This only happened once, then he was back to his normal easygoing, well-tempered mannerisms. The entity chose never again to make itself known via poor little Gabby- thank heaven!

Shortly after that, two weeks before Halloween, I happened to let Gabriel out to
play and he never came back. There are teens in our area who engage in
occultism, and I can't help but think that was what had happened. I told these things to a friend out of town who has read about paranormal, and studied it a little, and was gently told whatever was going on wasn't the result of any juvenile delinquent, or someone in the neighborhood- and that the harassment I seemed to be occurring was from someone... dead!

The hair on the back of my neck went straight up, and I about fell in a dead faint while I was on the phone! However during that time, I also noticed some changes in my own behavior- I became rather edgy of course, and people who knew me also said I wasn't the same person they knew- almost paranoid, and at times it was as if I was in contact with something- which bothered me no end- it was almost like ESP or alot of the other things I don't believe in at all.

I sought the help of a minister who wondered about what I was telling him, and even went to a psychologist wondering if it was all me. In the psychologist's view- I had indeed had some traumatic experiences, but I was fine.

One night I went to bed to hear sounds downstairs again- this time right under my kitchen sink like pipes being knocked on. I got up, checked the window of the downstairs apartment which was right below mine, and to my horror found no one at home. This time, however after my conversation with the friend I had had, and alot of frustration of telling people what was going on and only getting nowhere, with the exception of my friend, I took matters into my own hands. I took my hand put it on the door of the cabinet located under the kitchen sink and said "In Christ's name, whoever you are, whatever you are, leave." The sound stopped, and I didn't have problems again with that particular one.

I began to delve even deeper into my Bible, and also put a few little things up on my walls I had found at the Christian bookstore- focus points on Christ if you will, it all seemed to help, and the sounds seemed to dissipate a little, much to my
relief. I was however after that plagued by the persistent entity by things I would read standing out to me as if something were trying to continue to communicate.

At that time, I would usually quietly start to do Breath prayer- a one sentence prayer one develops by visioning Christ standing in front of them asking what they most need at that time, - i.e. in that case, "Lord, thy peace," after doing this the things standing out while I was reading the paper, or whatever seemed to cease a little.

Later my landlord, who had obtained a Realtor's license came by during the
time I was chatting with her, she began to tell a little of the house's history. Apparently, as I mentioned it had been owned by a well-to-do family in Pocatello's early history. It had also caught fire when the gentleman was in bed with a cigar, and had been rebuilt.

Several times after I had come home in the evening I smelled... Cigar Smoke. As she went on, things suddenly began to click, and several things that had
happened soon became a little close for comfort. The disappearance of my cat, and the red eyes, broken jewelry, a neck cross missing, I still don't understand, but the cigar smoke, the footsteps, the sawing sounds- all seemed to make sense. I felt something there several times as well, but it never felt threatening- except the incident with the cat.

the current house I am living in also has had a couple of things happen. I found out that once an elderly gentleman lived here who had a heart attack and died in the basement. We have a renter downstairs who has a sleeping room and one day he said he thought he heard a scraping sound- I heard it too and low and behold it sounded as if it were coming from where the current gas furnace was. My roommate and I had taken the coal furnace out, and put a gas one in.

I later found out the gentleman had had the heart attack while cleaning the furnace, and was found by his wife.

Once or twice I sensed something in my room, a cold, unassuring presence.
I have since then put a picture of Christ on the vanity, and it seems to have dissipated.

by Terrie Wallace


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Posted: 08-Feb-2009, 11:47 AM
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LeeLee...you posted another great story...fantastic
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