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katydid15 Posted on: 20-Apr-2004, 11:20 AM

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I plan to be cremated. I would like to have my ashes spread in the Great Smoky Mountains where I grew up. I have lived away from my beloved mountains since 1974 but they still call to me. I would like my final resting place to be where the wildflowers bloom and the winds blow free.
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katydid15 Posted on: 01-Jan-2004, 09:00 PM

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I'm a free spirit,
Haven't fit any slot
Ordained by society
Since I was a tot.
An artistic person,
A different drum,
Apart from the others,
My own line of plumb.
An independent thinker
With an open mind,
Choosing my own paths,
My own ways to unwind.
I'm a free spirit.
I am what I am.
If you don't like it,
I don't give a damn.
I offer no apology.
Take it or leave it.
I can be a true friend -
You can believe it.
I've come to terms
With the person that's me.
I will always remain
Different, loving, and FREE!

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katydid15 Posted on: 30-Dec-2003, 07:31 PM

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This is a very good article, one I had saved and printed out. I agree that people fear what they don't understand. As far as the subject of hell goes (and I really don't mean to offend any of you guys who are christians), I saw a bumper sticker that has "stuck" with me. It said, "It's your hell. You burn in it." I was a devoted christian for the biggest part of my life, but now I'm not and never will be again. I am much more tolerant of other folks right to a different opinion than I was then. God and/or Goddess appears in whatever form each person can understand and relate to.

Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents worth in. tongue.gif

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katydid15 Posted on: 27-Dec-2003, 11:59 PM

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I am pagan. Hear me roar. But my roar is only a whispered shout, a gentle breeze that goes unheard, drowned by the typhoon winds of organized religion.

I will not push my religion on you nor will I try to save your soul. I will not knock on your door being a constant nuisance to get you to become part of my "elite" group.

I do not seek "converts". Those destined for the pagan way will find it in their own heart. Mine is a peaceful way. In quietness and solitude, I find my strength.

I will not preach hell and damnation, nor will I tell you that my way is the only way you can reach the Divine. All Gods are one God. All Goddesses are one Goddess. The God and Goddess are one.

I will not corral your children and try to indoctrinate them to my way of thinking. I will not tell them that the devil will get them if they do this or don't do that.

Instead, I will quietly Honor Goddess and God in my own way. I will follow what my heart tells me is right FOR ME.

I will honor the earth and its inhabitants and do my level best to improve rather than destroy the legacy that has been handed down to me.

I will never knowingly harm anyone or myself. What I send out comes back to ME. I will accept responsibility for my own actions and not blame the christians devil or my brother or my neighbor for what I have done.

Yes! I am pagan! Hear me roar!

Willow 8/28/2002
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katydid15 Posted on: 27-Dec-2003, 11:48 PM

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Hi! I've been reading the genealogy forum. I just joined and it was (naturally) the first forum I chose.

I found cousins (or rather they found me) on rootsweb, too, and filled in lots of information I didn't have. I now have info on my dad's family, Brannon, back to 1723 Ireland. His mother descended from the MacArthurs but I don't have documentation on her side of the family yet. My other two grandparents were also Irish ~ Shell and Carden.

Now I've found you, I'll be back. wink.gif

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