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Hardware Failure
Posted by Aaediwen on Aug 20th, 2005 8:27 PM
Maybe you've been wondering where I've been, maybe you haven't. There's a reason I've been completely offline the last day or so. I had a hard drive failure in my main machine, and pulled a drive from my server for backup purposes. I've then had hardware config issues there... fun fun.

I was up all night last night after work getting the server back online and copying data from the failing drive, then all day today restoring damaged systems. For the large portion of the day I've not been able to run X windows, and so unable to run Firefox/Thunderbird due to damaged installs. However, I have most things back online. No Windows, right now, since no space for it on the smaller drive I'm running on atm. Still got work to do, and still need a new Hard Drive. But at least it looks normal now. . .

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