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Posted by stevenpd on Sep 11th, 2004 12:59 PM
Many thoughts are racing through my mind today.

I remember three years ago, early in the morning, just flipped on the TV for a little news. A brief blurb about a plane hitting one of the World Trade Center towers. Oddly enough, it was caught on tape by a filming crew during an interview with local firemen. The images of a plane flying into the side of a tower, erupting in a ball of flame. Never in my wildest imagination thinking of what was to follow.

Then a second plane into a World Trade Center tower, rumors of a plane into the Pentagon. Could all of this be coincidence? Probable, but three planes in roughly the same time period? Not likely. Rumors of a fourth plane crashing into a field in Pennsylvania. More coincidence? Can't be. America is under attack by hijackers? More plausible. But what group? President Bush was reading a story to some school children when the news reached him. Chaos. Conflicting news reports. It had to be some super group with internatinonal connections and a lot of money. But what pilot would intentionally fly into a building? Suicide? It definitely was a suicide mission.

As time painfully moved on, the picture became clearer. There were four planes that were involved. Two into the World Trade Center Towers, one into the Pentagon, and the fourth never made it to its destination for some reason and ended crashing into a field. My God, the carnage. Chaos, confusion, uncerainty, and death laid out for all to see. People jumping to their deaths, no alternatives? What made them choose that solution. Could they not fight for survival? Have Americans become so complacent so as not to be able cope?

Then the incomprehensible occurs. The North Tower collapses, then the South Tower. White out. Fifty Thousand people are supposed to be working just in the Worl Trade Center alone. How many made it out? A huge gash is carved out of the Pentagon.

Towards the end of the day on the West Coast (we're three hours later than the East Coast) the veil of confusion begins to lift revealing a day that should never be forgotten. A named group comes to the forefront as the instigators of tis atrocity, a radical Islamic group called Al-Queada, headed by someone called Osama bin Laden.

This terrorist organization had been linked to substantial terrorist acts around the world. Confirmed by the organization itself, boasting of the fact. I'm not an infidel nor have I done anything to even remotely justify such horrendous acts. Just because I am a citizen of a country justifies such brutality?

It comes to light that this organization has an agenda and they will do anything to further it. Fine, bring it on. But will Americans have the stomach to do the job? War has been declared and a line in the sand has been drawn. This shadowy group hides, using civility as a method to hide. War is a nasty way to do things, but, is there another way?

Let's see. We have to deal with a group that has no respect for life in general, not even their own. They have a radical thought pattern where they are right and everyone else in wrong. Infidels must die because thery are infidels. Nice tautology. Obviously discussions will be futile because of their circular argument.

They want a war, let's give them one. Release the war hounds from hell on them. they seem to only understand action regardless of consequences. Let's give them the consequences of their actions.

It has been three years since that horrendous day. What has been accomplished? America has gone into Afghanistan to eliminate their safe haven. A government that sheilded them has been scattered to the wind exposing them to the world. many of their fighters have been removed. Another government, Iraq, also sheilding them has been removed and the seeds of freedom have been planted. But they are so terrified of the prospects that they continue to fight. They fight their own people to prevent loosing whatever grip they might have.

And America has forgotten that day three years ago. We were attacked on our sovereign soil and everyone wants to forget. Maybe if we just don't talk about it anymore it will just go away. America's history is to be ignored. Little realizing that our prosperity was purchased time and time again with blood. I pray to God that there will never be a time where the spirit that built this nation fades into obscurity. Unfortunately, I think we've started down that path.

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