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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Jan-2004, 08:26 AM

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I got all misty eyed when I read that Daddy Travis is in Iraq.
Keep your chin up and he'll be home soon! I know my family is proud of our boys over there! (Our girls too) We're proud of the families back home too!


Well.. can't remember last time I updated everyone on our condition. Almost exactly to 1 month after Alexa was born, daddy got hit by 2 mortar rounds in Balad, Iraq. His injuries were very severe and he had a choice to live or to die. He chose to live because of me and because of his daughter he had yet to see. He spent about half a day in Balad, Iraq where his life was saved by enlisted surgeons and some Iraqi doctors. He will have permanent scarring all up and down his legs because they don't have the technology over there that we have here. He was stabilized and med-evac'd out of Iraq and into Kuwait where he transferred planes and was on his way to Germany in under 24 hours from sustaining injuries.
He spent about a week in Landstuhl, Germany where he was stabilized even further for the long transport back to the US. He arrived in the US by way of a very bumpy and crappy medical plane. Everyone on the plane had received their purple hearts, but he hadn't. He spent a day at Andrews AFB near Washington DC where he stayed in a large gymnasium full of cots. Then he hopped a plane to Ft. Gordon, near Augusta, GA where is the best treatment for his injuries this country has to offer.
My father, me and Alexa (2 months old) drove the 7 hours to meet daddy Travis for the first time in what seemed forever. (He had did his tour of duty for 6 months at that point) We arrived on base about 7 PM. The hospital brought him out to a main area that was cleared on a gurney with his back to the door. When I saw him, my heart sank and rose and all I could say was 'Oh my god.' I couldn't believe he was still alive and he came home to us because he loves us.
I walked around the other side and handed him his sleeping daughter. He raised both arms up and pulled us down to him and we cried and hugged and exchanged I love you?s until the doctor came out. My dad walked over and Travis grabbed his hand and shook it real hard and thanked him for everything he has helped me and Alexa with during his duty. My dad hugged him. (That's a big one for these two)
I had my hair done, wore a nice outfit, put make-up on and dressed Alexa in a beautiful gold dress... And after we were done hugging, it was all messed up!
My heart was broken still though because he was physically broke. Being such an active and outgoing man, we wondered if he'd be able to even walk normal again.

That Sunday, we went to a service provided by a non-denominational pastor. He read 1 paragraph from the Bible which happened to be the same one priests read at funerals as they are lowering the casket. (Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear?) Our mortality, his mortality swooned over us like the holy spirit did in that movie the Ten Commandments. Tears streamed down our faces. We held each others hand, white knuckled. Alexa slept peacefully through it all.

Well, 5 weeks in the hospital and 4 surgeries later, he came home. We had our fights, arguments, and love. We sought counseling, went out just the two of us, newspapers called us at every moment. We did 4 articles making the front page every time. TJ spent time with Alexa. She got to know her daddy. I enrolled in school working towards a bachelor degree. Then we got that fated call, again.

Travis was to report back to Ft. Gordon to fulfill his active-duty status. (Brief history: FL National Guard will not take any injured soldiers back until they are 100%. Since, he could not go back to Iraq or any major duty, the US Army is ?stuck? with him until he is 100%. He will never reach that point. He will be honorably and medically discharged from the US Army after he has his rehab completed. Until then, he is to remain on active-duty status.) We had 3 days to prepare. While Travis took care of his stuff. I was going to school at night and working full time in the day. This was almost my week of final exams. I had to put Alexa in the care of others for 17 hours each day for a week and a half. Thank god for friends and family! I will never do that again. She lost recognition of me at 4 months old. After the quarter ended, I switched to daytime schooling, and dropped to part time work. Money is tight, but we?re making it.

Now, he has one more surgery to go and then it?s a waiting game for us. He will be home for the whole month of February and we will pull Alexa out of her day time sitters to stay home with daddy. Alexa is 7 months old now and is saying da-da-da-da mmmmm buh bah. She crawls and gets into everything. Pulls herself to a standing position, tries to walk. Sits real good and sturdy. Knows when we play hide and seek, I don?t really disappear, nor does her toys when she drops them behind her back.

Now, after 1 full year, TJ?s unit is coming home for good! They have only had 1 injury to be sent home (which was TJ), and some minor ones that were treated with band aids. Their unit is coming home with honors. He can partake of the ceremonies if he wants. I think we will wait when they come back to the armory.

Our ordeal is over.
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Falachaidh Posted on: 06-Jan-2004, 02:42 PM

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the problem with a lot of pure breds is the line is so fine, it gets crossed a lot just to keep the puppies "pure bred".. at least in America.
I have had 6 pure breds growing up and I have had and trained 2 rescue dogs in the last 10 years. They have been the most joyous, fun, and loyal pets ever. One was a blue heeler.. or an Australian Cattle Herder, blue color. She was a rare breed in the US when I got her at 5 yrs old. After being bit by my family pet, one year later, my mom decided I needed another dog to not be afraid of them. We put a call out to our local vet's office and a month later the receptionist called to say she had a rare breed she couldn't define that was hit by a car and dumped on their doorstep. The vet ate the cost, we paid for her shots and took her home.
She stayed with us for the next 17 years until she died peacefully of old age, arthirits in her sleep. We buried her under a beautiful blossoming tree in Ohio.
The other one had some serious issues. A norweigen elkhound afraid of everything under the sun.. especially lightening! We worked through it, and now he has a lovely home with small children and another medium sized doggie.
i miss them!
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Dec-2003, 10:57 AM

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Wow.. now that's way too far above the line.
See first off the restaurant should have never allowed. Dogs, like many other creatures, are absolutely filthy. They can't wash their hands/paws, and their mouths are loaded with germs. They shed, and I wouldnt' be surprised if the waiter/ress wound up with hair on their next customer's food!

The way I think, dogs should be treated similar to young children. Like babies. You correct them when they do somethign wrong, and you reward for something correct. Use repitition so they can learn, and play with them lots.
You should never have to raise your hand or "spank" if you use the correct words and tone of voice. And stick to it. Don't renig on your correction. (that's how children get spoiled, and that's how dogs get spoiled.) Don't be mean or beat or be too harsh with the animal. It is very easy to turn them mean.

And when you're deciding on a breed to bring home to love, be sure you do your homework.

**begin soapbox**
Don't pick pit bulls or chows because they're cute (and they are cute.) Don't pick a lab because you like big black dogs. Pit bulls are notorius for biting other people. Chows are an ancient breed and were bred to protect royalty. They are very territorial and can bite and will bite if they do not recognize someone in their home. Labs are quite lovely dogs, and the most damage they can do is lick you to death.. but they need lots and lots of attention. They are demanding breeds to love. If you do not have the time to donate to them as if they are your only child, don't get one. Jack russells and coon hounds were bred as outside hunting dogs with never the intention of bringing them inside to be lap dogs. Don't bring them inside.. they are extremely difficult to house break and train. Obedience school is out of range for them! Don't get a Norweigan Elkhound if you live in an apartment. If you love that breed, get a Keeshond instead. Same blood, but specifically bred for small living quarters.
There is a breed for everyone. Not everyone likes chiuauas, elkhounds, pitbulls, etc... but if you Do your homework!, you will find the right one for you.
**end of soapbox**

This is from learned experiences. I have trained dogs my whole life. My mom uses Tellington Touch with her training and has gone to Westminster to see her prodigies win trophies.

Yours as always,
Julia as Falachaidh

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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Dec-2003, 10:39 AM

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Wow. What a touchy subject.. and I thought this forum was supposed to be about religion, or the choices of religion by others.
An to think some are offended by clothing. Well, to shame marilyn manson!
Want to talk about clothing, how about ms. spears or ms. aguila's choice before they turned 18?
Anyways,... here's some food for your brain...
The Christmas tree comes from the pagan tradition.. decorations and all. Except I don't think they hacked it down and brought it inside.
Halloween is really a celtic new year before the gregorian calendar was in total place.
Roodmas is really Beltane.
and do you think "Noel" came from "Yule" - pronouced "EWE-elle" ??
Talk about supression.. and depression...

yours as always,
Julia as Falachaidh
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Falachaidh Posted on: 22-Dec-2003, 02:28 PM

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People get angry or afraid when they don't comprehend or understand something. It takes a very brave person and one who isn't afraid to swallow their pride sometimes, to learn something new. Especially something so emotional and touchy as religion.

I would not pull my child out of the class because the teacher is a Wiccan. To me, that says she has more of an open mind than half the Catholics I've ever dealt with!


in return!
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Falachaidh Posted on: 15-Jul-2003, 09:49 PM

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Well Daddy will be home to enjoy his little one..
well not right away though.

TJ was injured in a mortar attack earlier today (July 15). His injuries include a broken femur, severed artery, and shrapnal in both legs and one arm.
Last I spoke to him, he was being med-evacd to Kuwait to await air transport to Germany. He will be state-side in under 2 weeks.

He is in good spirits.. and is lookign forward to seeing his baby girl for the first time smile.gif

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Falachaidh Posted on: 08-Apr-2003, 04:49 PM

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Well, it seems as if I have bounced back again :)
hopefully for awhile now. life has started to settle just a tad bit. Though, I am planning a birthday, baby shower and a move all within the next month. well, the birthday has passed.. 1 down, 2 to go.
by the way, i registered at target if anyone has any spare money floating around *hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge*
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Falachaidh Posted on: 08-Apr-2003, 04:45 PM

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or belated ;)
i know i'm a teensy bit delayed. but i was having fun!
It seems there was a large celebration here in Central Florida that I missed.. overcoverage of support our troops rallies, and gov. bush and the lt. gov being scattered around the state.
I wore a piece of my tartan. :)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 08-Apr-2003, 04:42 PM

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Quote (scottish2 @ April 03 2003,7:14)
Well Julia, You had me surprised. After your first paragraph I expected just the opposite and I could not believe what I read after that first paragraph and I must say I support you and you husband fully.

It is the puppeteers that I question.

As for the training he went through I find this apalling that the national guards are so severly lacking in what they provide for our men and women. I know when I was in the reservses (Mind you that was before I grew up ??? ) I was always given 3 meals when we were out in the feild training. When we were just hanging out at the meeting hall they would usually let us go get what we wanted which was always a plus over Army rasions. but I find it apaling that while traing in the feild they are not provided with meals which is standard and then to boot what does slept in frozen mud puddles have to do with training for desert fighting? I mean can't they devise training which is appropriate?

Thank you for the support. I was amazed to find a lot of people are supportive, eventhough they disagree. I think you'd find a lot of young married couples feel the exact same way I do. Generally, we don't agree with the decisions Bush has made, but we do support our families. Our husbands and sons and brothers and fathers have a job to do. They knew that when they signed those enlistment papers however many years ago. It is not a decision, obviously, we would have done, but one none the less.
And of course, the ultimate reason why I choose not to vote: your quote, "It is the puppeteers that I question".

I honetly could not believe the treatment the National GUardsmen received during their 4 week training period. And once they did arrive overseas, other groups felt they needed more. I don't believe that is so. They went through BASIC training all over again without food this time. How could they receive more? It seems as if that would be redundant and just make them even more mad. And trust me, that would not help the situation. Oh, I have no idea why sleeping outside in frozen mud puddles, sleet and hail, and catching pneumonia have anything to do with desert summer conditions. I highly question that as well. i'm more worried about dehydration than frost bite.
Well, he will be home soon enough with a tan face, some experience to look back on, I really do think he will be more of a man when he comes home. and all the more appropriate since he left a girlfriend and willr eturn home to a family.
I am holding on to that hope and love. Seems to get me through each day and the nights alone.
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Falachaidh Posted on: 08-Apr-2003, 04:17 PM

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am i just not remembering, but what happened to celtichearts websites? i can't seem to find mine, let alone find anyones anymore ???
aka, Falachaidh

ps- Thanks for the remembering the password tip :)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 03:29 PM

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How aweful! My heart goes out and thoughts of a thorough recovery. Man definately takes too much away from nature.
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 03:26 PM

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wow Catriona. You have definately made a true point. Honestly, I believe you have closed the debate  ;)
Another one is your Tartan Day, which people like Sean Connery and others attend.   I believe last year a couple of MSPs attended, in order to try to encourage Americans to travel to Scotland (our tourism has been badly hit by the many Americans who were not confident about flying, after 11 September).  Personally, I think that was a cynical marketing ploy!   Some people are even talking of trying to introduce it to Scotland, god help us....  We have St Andrew's Day as our national day, we don't need another imported ceremony that has nothing to do with us.

I think it's nice that our government finally recognizes everything the Scots did to help establish nd settle our country. I don't know why they couldn't have just merged it with St. Andrew's Day.. maybe they didn't want it to become another St. Patrick's Day. As someone with a smidge of Irish decent, I never celebrate it. It exploits the country and the myths. Pokes fun at them. A true insult. I honestly hope Tartan Day does not become that. I know in being a part of the first couple celebrations, we tried to educate the press and onlookers. They all asked questions and were enthusiastic in learning; and we did our very best in keeping with the true history and culture and pointing out websites directly based in Scotland to more educate. I think Sean Connery attends Tartan Day parades and celebrations because he is a proud Scot. This, of course, is assumption as I don't know the man personally or follow People magazine. I did watch the Kennedy Center Awards 2? years ago when he was honored. Out came the Washington DC pipes and drums and a handful of national championship highland dancers. He was bent over the railing grinning from ear to ear with tears streaming down his face. I bet he was the proudest man alive that moment.

Tartan Day has a lot to do with Scotland. Not necessarily IN Scotland. It is ultimately an American holiday. It's about your people coming to our land. I don't think Scotland should have it as well. It wouldn't make sense!

After Sept 11th, everyone was afraid to fly. Scotland wasnt the only country hit hard with lack of tourism AND exploitation. Australia, Canada, France, Japan to name just a few. The commericials to try to bring the tourists back were just funny. Stupidly funny. I mean, do you honestly think you would go to Japan and get dressed up as a Geisha girl? Or go to Australia and live with Aborigionees? (okay, maybe, but very rare anymore.) All the boomerangs I saw were made specifically for tourism, or were in a museum behind glass.

maybe we all just need to relax a bit. Identify with ourselves.. and not everyone else and just have some fun!

This all coming from a 2nd generation American. (Dad was first. The rest were from South America and Italy ultimately. And I knew them during their lives.)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 02:55 PM

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I haven't seen a rainbow in years. When I was driving to the airport to go home from my long trip to Australia...
As we were crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a rainbow spanned the entire city. The center, being over the bridge. I drove through the rainbow. Just an awesome sight!
Wish my camera hadnt been packed!
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 02:27 PM

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Just wondering if anyone saw the parade?
The West Highlanders from Indianapolis, IN strutted in true Scot-style. This highschool marching band sports bagpipes and drums.. along with other instruments. As soon as they paused in front of the center stopping point, the flagline dropped their flags and did a short Highland Fling!
Just nifty I thought :)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 02:16 PM

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Great site Catriona!
I love reading about history. Have any more to feed my brain?

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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 02:07 PM

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No, I am far from being a judge! I just teach for the fun of it. I still need to take my exam. But having a baby definately pushes things back a little bit for me.
My mom is the one so much into horses. She got her first when I was 9. I started taking lessons when I was 10 in english. I quit, eventhough I was very much encouraged to continue by my teachers. You know how it is when mom wants something so bad, and you really don't want to head in that direction? That's how it was for me growing up. But the horses have been in my life until a couple of months ago.
I do miss them alot, and realize they had such a personality.
I don't think I'd ever own a horse. Maybe take adult lessons or something. For so long my life centered around them. I'm enjoying the freedom :)
I definately know how tied down you can be because they need so much care. And they are very expensive. After the horses, we never went on vacation. (mom was super picky, so no help was good enough for her) We cut down alot on going out to eat.. and just the basic things a lot of people take for granted.

I can't wait for my lessons to start. I'm running them through the local college, so they're only going to be 5 weeks :(  enough to learn a basic fling with basic technique..maybe ;)
I have 2 classes :) My first official classes! I have taught other people before. Private lessons because they were bored or wanted to lose weight. I had one student go and compete and won some medals at her first competition. I was so proud!
Can't wait to teach my kid too! LOL.

so how old are you HighlandLassie? highschool? where do you dance?

Tinkie - anyone can do ballet. :)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 01:45 PM

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you guys are too cute!!
last May, our Chatterbug was very pregnant and ready to go. We went to sleep and the next morning we woke up and there was 2 horses in the field. We originally just had 1 the night before! Poor brand new uncle Reo. HE was in the next paddock. The look of pure confusion on his face!!!

And now, baby Zorro runs circles around his uncle.. and won't stop!    ::lol
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 01:37 PM

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I picked dressage because that ususally leads into jumping.

I used to love western. But I got bored! We used to drive too. We have a vis-a-vis. Took it in a bunch of parades. So much fun!!

Went to a rodeo the other day. It was so cold, we didn't stay for the bull riding. I think most of us enjoyed the calf roping though.

Hey the couch seat is the best!!   (d)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 01:31 PM

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Hey! I've been here for One Year and a Day!!!

Happy Highlander Radio Anniversary to me!

hey, programmer, where was my reminder??
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 01:28 PM

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Happy belated Anniversary Knightly Knight!
Hope you had a joyous celebration and made lots of memories!

(way late, I'm sure!;)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 01:19 PM

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Quote (Catriona @ Nov. 30 2002,12:34)
Yes, I have never quite worked out why when we Scots have a perfectly acceptable Scottish holiday on 30 November, another holiday date should be set - just because it's overseas.... :)

And, yes, I am aware that it is the anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath... :D

In Scotland we have probably only 3 nation specific holidays.... January 25 - Burns' Night, 30 November - St Andrew's Day and 31 December - Hogmanay.

Of course! We always have to be different! We're Americans!
Our Constitution was modeled after your Declaration :) Our founding fathers were either Scottish or of decent. :) Why on earth it took so long to honor that, I have no clue. At least Clinton recognized it.
I remember dancing on the courthouse steps the first Tartan Day. We were on the news and in the papers! Quite a lovely reaction from the public.
I used to love performing at Burn's Nights and St. Andew's Days. ALL THE FOOD!!! Ohmygosh, I thought I would explode!! And then, more dancing.. country mostly :) fun!

This is the first year I am missing it all :( Tis okay though. I'd rather sleep! LOL!

Happy St. Andrew's Day everyone!!
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 01:13 PM

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Catriona Posted on Nov. 22 2002,09:53
My thanks to Paul..... I've got rid of my title - now I'm just what I am.....   Scots, born and bred!

(d)  (b)  (d)  (b)  (d)  (b)  (d)      ::lol

Congrats Catriona :)
True and wonderful as it is :)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 01:08 PM

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Quote (Catriona @ Nov. 21 2002,5:47)
I HATE shortbreid tin-itis, BPC and Jacobite romances etc....

Hey, me too!!
I think one of the worst movies out there was Braveheart. So highly acclaimed, all of my friends loved it, I loathed it.
I think the only thing I'm really enamoured with is the history of the dance, music and all those half beaten castles. I think Ewan MacGregor is a fine speciman of a man, and a good actor.. but just because he's Scottish isn't my reason ;) Same with Sean Connery.
I identify with the dance so much, I really haven't a reason. I don't do that with any other form. (I've done ballet, tap, medieval, ballroom, jazz, square, country, courtly, and irish.) It just draws me. Just like the music. (I grew up playing woodwinds in school bands and private lessons.) Though, I have to say, I want too bad an irish flute!

Now what I have to say is just a general concensus. I think most of us on this forum board think enough for ourselves, we can exclude some of it to some extent. An in no way do I mean to sound attacking, or Fruedian. It's just my nickle of thoughts on why we like certain things :)   (b)

I think the real reason why we're like this, us in the US, is we don't have the history you  have. When we learn American history, it starts with the Pilgrams in 1642. Well, I can tell you, we've already skipped about 100 years of real American history. But in 1642, the Elizabethan period was already halfway over in England. We can't date anything back before 1000 AD..unless you count the Native Americans.. and even then, we don't have much in our books on that.

As far as the ranking system here.. I really don't see it as a ranking system. I was one of the first handful of people on this forum. I'm not a queen. Primarily because I like to read more than chatter unless I'm in a chat-room. But I think we like it because it wouldn't be so much fun if we were called Presidents. We have that: Clinton, Nixon, JFK, Bush.. who wants to be that? Or dictators.. Castro?? um, no thanks ;)King and Queen hold a romantic title to us. Ask any American to name the first Queen that comes to them. Elizabeth? Victoria? Catherine of Russia? Mary, of Scots? We never think of the harships they endured to hold that office. Especially in a man's world..even more so back then... to keep their countries together. Elizabeth had one heck of a time keeping England financially afloat. (only because I'm studying her now. Mary is next. her half-sister.) We think of.. wow.. those dresses, the manner of speech. Victoria and her white wedding, the romantic age. Elizabeth II, Charles, Princess Diana, etc. The paintings, the castles, palaces, they got whatever they wanted, the money, gold, silver, the jewelry, those crowns and sceptors and coronation robes, the la-ti-das of births, marriages, coronations, and deaths. They are all in our storybooks we read as children. So, to have, even a fake, title such as queen or king, it's literally awesome to us. We all want to experience something like that in some way. (I mean, when little girls dream about their wedding -in the traditional sense- what do they want to happen? That massive church wedding comes from the Victorian Age. Queen Victoria was the first one to standarize white as the wedding dress. Purity. Virgin. Love and Peace.)

It's romantic to us.. and amazing. We really cannot comprehend our ancestors 'being there' when castles were being stormed by knights. When Henry VIII divorced from the Church so he could divorce his first wife and marry 5 more. It's hard for some of us to comprehend clans that didn't wear the kilts and tartans.
Hollywood brings it to life and we revel in it because it's not in our books.
Honestly, we really don't ever get into that kind of depth of history unless we major in it as a degree of some sort. (education, research, etc)

I learned a lot about British history just by attending highland games. I talked to the Scots that came to sell their wares. They cleared up a lot of "romanticism" about their country. I was definately proud to hear them tell their stories. I can imagine how proud they were to just be able to help set the record straight.

btw, Spanish romances are awesome ;)   (d)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 30-Nov-2002, 12:30 PM

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Happy Turkey Day :)
I thought it was going to be a small thing, being mom moved to IL, and well, just me an Dad. Had 5 people over, Dad and TJ cooked the entire meal, and we're still eating left overs!!
Definately the best year in a while.
We went shopping in an outlet store. Only 4 people in the entire place!! They had some even better deals.. so TJ is done with his christmas shopping. Me on th eother hand, must wait until the next paycheck. I like to go on the 23rd and get last minute deals, or wait until the 26th for people I know I won't see until the New Year. I once bought a dvd player for 50 dollars like that. (2 years ago when they were new!;)
I wish you all good luck.. and try not to get trampled at Wal-Mart!    (d)
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Falachaidh Posted on: 19-Nov-2002, 05:34 PM

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THe saltines have been by th ebed for about a week now. I have to agree a frosty from Wendy's is the greatest thing ever created! I've already figured out *that* smell I can't stand.. bacon in the morning. UCK!!!!! It's just too much!

I went to my checkup today and everything came out very healthy and normal. I'm very happy.

Well, off to dance!
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Celtic Radio Network
Celtic Radio is a TorontoCast radio station that is based in Canada. They provide music license coverage through SOCAN.
Highlander Radio, Celtic Moon, Celtic Dance Tavern, Celt-Rock-Radio, A Celtic Christmas, SaltyDog Radio, Best of Celtic Radio.
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Celtic Graphics , Cari Buziak

Link to CelticRadio.net!
Link to CelticRadio.net
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