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> Poems By Lady Alexandria, Burns, Scotland Inspired
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Posted: 26-Apr-2007, 06:14 AM
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There Once Was A Dream, A Dream That Was Burns

Once there was a dream that was Burns and you could only say it in a whisper
To hope and pray that one day a dream could come true and could be realized
The distant Ancient Highlands would say his name in a whisper and send it along on the north wind, Burns, Burns, Burns

Can you hear the name from within the distant fog and spread about the moors
It is a name that history has written within her book with tears of forbidden love that is for sure

Love and hate we are told indeed go hand in hand, throughout the ages of time they both indeed span
Burns is indeed a legend, a myth and is truly more than a mortal man
His words of love, passion have tested time itself, more than he could have ever planned

He takes his rightful place as a romantic and can be said he was a realist, far beyond his given time
His words of passion make you dig down within your heart and soul, you say with a gentle whisper, I wish him to be mine

Many a fair maiden have fallen under his spell, how many through the years, it is hard to tell
The promise of true love and devotion pulls at your very soul and is part of the very magic of the spell
Without his words and touch your body feels like a distant empty shell

So as you drift through the years remember as it nears your time to pass, there once was a dream, a dream that was Burns and it has been realized

Lady Alexandria

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Posted: 26-Apr-2007, 06:15 AM
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The sun's gentle warming rays are starting to peak from around the ancient crumbling castle walls
Making the distant horizon seem like a towering image of a long since vanished warrior standing so big and tall
Except for it being the beginning of a brand new day, a new beginning, I would not even show the slightest care at all

My cracked and raw hands are all rough and have a gritty feel just like the sand I have been digging through all these many years
It takes me back in time when a new treasure was unearthed and all you could hear for miles was great joy and good cheer
To get the respect and admiration is so great coming from all your peers
Hey let me tell you it beats broken memories and the many haunting jeers

The sights of great wonder my weary eyes have gazed upon makes me wish to travel back in time
To travel the forgotten centuries searching for a lasting love would just suit me fine
I gaze high into the heavens above looking and hoping for a single sign

To unearth some of the greatest treasures in this world have been one of my life's greatest pleasure
But as my bones begin to age and ache and fill with pain, I long for a love to take its place and become my greatest treasure

Is there someone out there for me, in this time or of the past
My time here is slipping quickly away from my very grasp so very fast
Is my fate sealed and my lonely end already cast
I long and hunger for the bitter sweet feeling of the warmth of love flow through my veins

I look into the murky distance and into the sea of lush green evergreens and for a brief instant I see a shape take form
It becomes so clear and crisp just like how the forest settles after a midsummer thunder storm
A hint of brazen copper highlights begin to peek through and more and more it begins to take on a female form

Also with a mighty shout and roar I hear coming closer a bloody battle cry
My stance becomes frozen in time and to move my feet I give it a try
Like in a block of cement my feet I cannot begin to pry
Can this be true and real, I look to the sky and begin to pray and ask why

It would seem I have been transported back into another place and time
I give myself a shake but it is strange I feel well and fine
But the past and present seem to merge together and age as one, just like a fine wine
My memories and dreams become as one and have been entwined

You come out into the clearing of the brush and right into the very hand of harms way
I try to yell and scream an alarm but my very words are frozen and they are unable to say
"Run for your life and hide to get out of harms way"
I drop with a thud to my knees and begin to hope and pray

With the very grace of God and a miracle a mystery rider with his shiny armour extends his arm and grabs hold of you
To wisk you away, with that I grab hold of a lone stead not sure of what to do and just like that I give chase out of the blue

I fear if I wait I will lose my very chance at love
So to follow you with the guidance from the great above
Your smile and hair are so soft, just like that of a beautiful pure white dove

I fight with a ready sword to steal you away and save your life
You my maiden are worth every drop of life's blood that is spilled on this very ground
The clashing of steel against muscle and bone makes a very chilling sound
For within you my dear it is true love I have indeed found
For we are to be together timeless, forever bound
The bodies of the fallen enemy begin to collect and form a huge bloody mound

I have made my choice and it is my sincere wish and pledge to stay with you
Deep within my heart I know it is something I must do
I have the strongest feeling that you indeed feel the same way to

Since my brief taste of the past has left a sweetness in my mouth I just have to have and need
I feel the chains upon my heart begin to fall away and my passions indeed be set free
Let us start our life together and begin to plant the smallest of seeds
Let the flowers of our love begin to take root and bloom and our unhappiness be plucked out like an unslightly weed

My heart is singing the melody of a rich love song as I feel I have indeed found a love that is sure to last
As together we begin our lives journey into the past, I feel my heart beating so very fast as you and I forever slip in to the
shadows of the timeless mists

Lady Alexandria
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Posted: 15-May-2007, 08:03 PM
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note.gif This really is good...Lady
I'm taken back.. Write more when you can. Its passion,adventure and emotion.
Well done!

Health 'n Laughter,

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