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Journal Improvements?
Posted by Macfive on Mar 19th, 2006 8:38 PM
I've been thinking about making some improvements to this journal system. For those that may not know, an online Journal is referred to as a Blog. I'd to have a better editor for placing pictures, links and alignment. Also, would be nice if you could have some background music and possibly some sort of archive on the left to look at previous posts.

Well, in other matters I am now officially beginning my Java education. Although I have taken a few Java courses, I now need to get educated on the best IDE to use and to understand what exactly NetBeans is.

The possibilities are definitely good with Java. Will be able to hook up the database and do some queries. Also, developement on PDA's and Pocket PCs looks supported.

Now just need to wait for the 230 meg download to end for the free Java Studio 2 Creator!

Please post your comments below.

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