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Irish step dancing and ceili dancing
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Old Dominion Feis
Posted by Irish Stepper on Sep 13th, 2004 5:03 PM
Well I've now competed in my first Feis. I didn't do too bad I guess. 2 of the categories, I was dancing alone, so I got 1st and last place...hehe. I got 1st in Slip Jig, 2nd in Irish Jig, and 3rd in the Reel. Those had 5 people in each category. At least now I know how these things work, and next time hopefully I won't be so nervous! Next one is in November!

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Old Dominion Feis
Posted by Irish Stepper on Aug 17th, 2004 3:33 PM
Ok...I've gone and done it now. I entered into the Old Dominion Feis for September 11th. Like a friend said, what's the point in taking lessons, if you're not going to do something with them. I'll be competing in 5 different categories. Now, if only I could find a place with enough room to practice...

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Posted by Irish Stepper on Aug 6th, 2004 5:03 PM
Well, since MacFive put so much effort into improving this feature, then I guess I'd better put something in it. I'm just sitting here at work listening to Highlander Radio on the head phones. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My Irish Dance class is going to be dancing at this little Irish Festival down in Old Towne Alexandria. I'll be taking the hubby and the kids with me. It will be the first time my kids have seen me dance "for real" rather than just for practice. I'm still contemplating whether or not I want to enter in the Old Dominion Feis that is happening next month. Guess I might as well. Need to start somewhere...

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