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> Time change
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  Posted: 06-Apr-2002, 07:05 PM
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Celtic Guardian

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Hi Gang

For those which this effects DO NOT forget to turn your clocks forward before bed time tonight!!!  :O

Lose a dang hour of sleep.  :{
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Posted: 08-Apr-2002, 01:29 PM
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Celtic Guardian
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I managed to set every clock in the house ahead one hour except one very important clock next to my bed. Needless to say I heard the school bus honking, then pulling away as I looked out the window.


Guess who drove the kids to school! :)

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  Posted: 10-Apr-2002, 07:12 AM
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Viking Queen of the Fair Isles

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Pot luck dinners, after service. on the first Sunday of  April, is how we let those, who forgot to change clocks and came in late, know  that there is always something for them at the church.
Sounds like you have a nice bus driver (one that honks).
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Posted: 10-Apr-2002, 09:33 AM
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Honored Clan Member

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It seems that changing the time is a source a problems for some of us. Glad to know I'm not alone! I changed the time on every clock before going to bed but forgot to turn on the alarm  on the clock near the bed. Results: my boyfriend only had 30 minutes to wake up, take a shower, have breakfast and go to work in the morning. Oops. :B
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Posted: 10-Apr-2002, 10:25 PM
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Celtic Guardian

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I know this isn't really about time change, but I wanted to share this story with you.  Maybe help cheer Mel up.

Here in Alaska in the summer time,  we have up to 23+ hours of day light.  Our first summer up here, my son had stayed up really late one night.  He woke up at a few min to 6 and thought to himself he had only a few min. to get to the bank before they closed.  He thought to himself as he ran down the street that he couldn't believe he'd slept all day.  Needless to say the bank was closed.  He said not so nice word as he walked back to his apt.  He get in the door and turns on the TV and Good Morning America was jest coming on.  He'd only been asleep for about 2 hr.

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And Not Faint." ISAIAH 40:31
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  Posted: 11-Apr-2002, 10:51 PM
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Warning: HUGE POST
My story on Father Time:

I left the Tampa airport at 2pm one Wednesday afternoon.
I arrived for my scheduled layover in St. Louis at about 4pm and departed about 6pm.
One hour back in time is nothing considering i used to live close to that Indiana place that never changes their clocks! But I had a huge headache and a slight sore throat.
I left Tampa in a pair of jeans, tank top and pull over sweater wrapped around my waist. I arrived in St Louis with ice on the ground. The airport wasn't much warmer. i sweated my tail off walking to the other side of the airport to make my connection. All the while fretting AA would lose my luggage.

I arrived at LAX around 730pm. It's still Wednesday and all that time traveling and spending in the airport just didn't seem to measure up. oh well. By this point, I could barely talk, but there was no fever. So I headed for the baggage carousel. It took them an hour to drop my bags through the shoot.
With my sweater on, I huffed it up a steep hill (4 bags in tow -thank god they had wheels!;) to the International Terminal.
I made it and headed for the Qantas counter. I almost fell over. The line was coming out of the ques! (yes, they had 2 ques going at two different counters)
So, humbly I stood in line to pick up my ticket.
By the time I reach the agent, she asks for my name.. which at this point I hoarsely whisper it -give ID and start to look about for those infrared cameras that detect if you lie in your face.
At this point, I was sweating buckets, I was dizzy, very hoarse and couldn't wait to get on the plane so i could sit down and calm down.
Then there was the security checkpoint for which they thought I was a terrorist. I had on sandals -slip ons- which they had to check for a bomb. *shrugs* All because I didn't want to put my 1600 and 1000 speed film through the metal detectors. They made me for which they ruined 4 rolls of film. (I will be presenting them with a receipt for 50 dollars) They made my 1981 Canon all metal camera go through too. I was upset and couldn't voice it. They still thought I was a terrorist. Or maybe it is my dark hair and features? Guess they can't tell an Italian from a Mexican from a Middle Eastern from an American!

By the time I got to my gate to sit down it was almost 10pm. I went up to the ticket agent to ask for a window seat and that I was very sick and retaining at least a 100 degree fever -which they responded in half english, 'all tickets sold!" (I will be lodging complaints against them.)
(I mean how can they expect me to trust them when they put foreigners to assist me? it's not wonder i love this country.)

We finally board into sardine class (coach) for which I'm promptly stuck inbetween 4 very gernerous and nicely elderly women. When they introduced themselves, i could only whisper. It's not even midnight yet. They kept throwing me salt packets and blankets on me... every hour.. gargle with salt water.. wrap in blankets and here are tissues to cough in so you don't get it on us. I can't trade seats with you.. my husband is over there. what kind of airline is this??

The lights go out, but not after they feed us something similar to food and mashed potatoes. I ate it. ICK! i should have had some vodka. (l)

ding - "Ladies and Gentlemen the current time is 6am, we crossed the International Date line a little over an hour ago and will be arriving in Sydney, Australia in just under 4 hours. Feel free to roam about the cabin." -ding.
I couldn't move. I was sandwiched and at this point, couldn't even speak. so i slept.

ding - "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your pilot. We will be landing at Sydney International in 30 minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts. ..." and then went on about altitude and ceilings and securing loose items.

We landed about 40 minutes late. It took me under an hour to collect my bags and proceed to customs. They asked me if I had any medication. Of course! I thought they were going to quarantine me.. but as long as it was OTC American, they didn't seem to be bothered about it. Twas nice of them :D

My friend picked me up and we were on our way for an hour drive into the country for a highland dance competition.

The time now was 10am Friday.

Where did Thursday go? I don't know. All I know is I had a bad horoscope for that day, and it "Did NOT Apply"!! which I wrote on my calandar :p

Of course, at this point, I couldn't even whisper. i made it to a doctor the following week to learn I was recovering from laryngitas, possibly strept throat. Apparently I took such good care of myself, I was recovering the whole time. He only prescribed me anti-biotics in case of re-infection. Maybe they should have quarantined me?

all i can say is thank god for Barbra Striesand. I promptly went to sleep when i put her cd in :D
Seven Nations I couldn't contain myself. I had to curb my celtic habit for at least a plane ride of 14+ hours. :{

I don't ever want to go throug that again. Though, i still have to make it home. And the time changes for that?
I leave Sydney at 9am on a Saturday. i arrive in Tampa at 9pm the same Saturday. I will get home abouts midnight or 1am and do nothing but sleep in the sun the next day :o)

Dance Life to the Fullest.
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