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Posted by: CelticRadio 29-Sep-2019, 12:59 PM
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In medieval England, Magic
was a service industry!

Chances are that when you hear the words “medieval magic”, the image of a witch will spring to mind: wizened old crones huddled over a cauldron containing unspeakable ingredients such as eye of newt. Or you might think of people brutally prosecuted by overzealous priests. But this picture is inaccurate.

To begin with, fear of witchcraft – selling one’s soul to demons to inflict harm on others – was more of an early modern phenomenon than a medieval one, only beginning to take hold in Europe at the tail end of the 15th century. This vision also clouds from view the other magical practices in pre-modern England.

Magic is a universal phenomenon. Every society in every age has carried some system of belief and in every society there have been those who claim the ability to harness or manipulate the supernatural powers behind it. Even today, magic subtly pervades our lives – some of us have charms we wear to exams or interviews and others nod at lone magpies to ward off bad luck. Iceland has a government-recognised elf-whisperer, who claims the ability to see, speak to, and negotiate with the supernatural creatures still believed to live in Iceland’s landscape...
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Posted by: Shadows 30-Sep-2019, 08:03 AM
What we do not understand ( most of today's Medicine would be considered magic in the past) , nor see with today's eyes as reality are just some of the things the universe has hidden from us. It is the magician for lack of a better word ( I would say shaman ) that shows the way to the unknown.

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