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big sports fanatic. I coach and play softball, bowl, etc... I love Scotland and hope to visit there one day. I am currently pursuing my bachelors in business w/ emphasis in accounting.
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Nightmare of a weekend
Posted by Lady of the Loch on Mar 19th, 2007 9:36 PM
we went away this weekend for a bowling tournament. We got to this city and checked into our hotel room. Well, they gave us a room that wasn't clean. So I had to go back to the check out and tell them and we waited about 3 hours before it was clean. Then bf went to bowl. They told us the wrong bowling alley to bowl at. Luckily, we had enough time to get to the other one.After that, we(about 10 of us) gathered in my parents hotel room, doing shots of crown royal and decided we would head to the organization sponsoring this tournament. We called the shuttle that would come and pick you up and take you back free of charge.The guy was really nice (the person picking up and dropping off) and we went in, ordered our food and waited, and waited and waited and waited. After an hour, people got their salads. They came back and said they were out of prime rib, out of baked potatos. So, my dad never got his salad. After another 1/2 hr, we went in search of the waiter and asked about his salad. We got that, but we were still waiting on our food. At the 2 hour mark, we were pretty pissed. Yes, they were busy, but not 2 hours for freakin' food, that is ridiculous. So, we went and found someone and told them that it was BS, we canceled our order and walked out. We didn't pay for anything, we just told them we were leaving and went.So we took the shuttle back to our hotel room and decided to walk across the street to Denny's cause it was like 10o'clock at night. We had a few drunks with us, one who happened to have an asthma(sp?) attack. So then we got our dinner @ Denny's in like 15 minutes. So, we headed to the liquor store to buy more booze cause after the night we had, we thought we needed some more, but they were closed. Everyone went their seperate ways and we went to bed.
We got up this morning and realized the lady who made reservations for us were charged for all the rooms on her credit card, which came to over $600. (Even though we all paid cash). Then we got to the other bowling alley and there was no concession stand and the guy behind the counter was being a real freakin' jerk. The lanes kept breaking down and he would ignore us, so we were waiting for like 10 minutes at a time to get the lanes fixed. Anyway, I come home tonight and got my mail and seen a letter from our court house. I have jury duty! Ha, can you imagine that?????? What a nightmare of a weekend!

I guess I didn't have the luck of the Irish on Saturday. What I thought would be a great time, turned out to be a terrible experience. Don't get me wrong, we had fun though, how could we have not when we were laughing everytime we turned around at something someone did or said!

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resolutions-> kicking the habit
Posted by Lady of the Loch on Jan 2nd, 2007 3:14 PM
okay so I said I would quit smoking. I am trying, I smoked 6 yesterday and that wasn't bad compared to my almost 2 packs a day habit. I am not doing so well today but the thing is, it isn't the physical attachment to it like I thought there would be luring me back, it is the mental attachment, the little thing in my brain saying, "Hey you need a cigarette". If I could just stop that, I would be fine. I tried picking up some things like my kids play-doh to keep my hands busy, but it isn't working sad.gif. It is 4 in the afternoon now and I am at 5 today already. But again, it isn't so bad as what it was. I think I am gonna get some help with this, like the patch or something, maybe I need some subliminal taped messages and need to listen to it over and over to stop...hahhahahahahaha that would be funny! Probably doesn't help that the kids are driving my looney and I seek one in situations like that too. They go back to school tomorrow, so maybe it will be a better day....we will see!

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busy as a bee
Posted by Lady of the Loch on Dec 12th, 2006 8:50 PM
let's see in the last week, I have wrote 2 papers for my classes, held two birthday parties, went shopping for x-mas, took the kids to a big dinner and to see santa. This week, I am going to finish my shopping, my son has a reward party for the all A honor roll, christmas plays next tuesday, babysitting my niece and nephew and kids are out of school on Thursday. I will be glad when I can once again relax for a bit!

I am contemplating what to get for x-mas for those hard to buy for people and I am at a lose. i want something personal, and want to avoid gift certificates, which I seem to get them all the time. Still thinking......................

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a busy day
Posted by Lady of the Loch on Dec 2nd, 2006 8:59 PM
Well, kids had to bowl today and I woke up to my lock being frozen on the van. So I trudged over to my parents house, borrowed their tracker and went to take them bowling. No sooner than I got home, my locks on my van thawed out and my son had to go to a birthday party. At that time, I went to help pack boxes for soldiers overseas, and I am sooooo glad I didn't organize this event. However, they wanted my expertise on filling out the forms for shipments, which I knew how to do because of the event I organized in 04 for the soldiers. But, they asked me to do it next year, and of course, I said I would.
Ugh, I went bowling tonight on our league and how frustrating when you get beat out of the bracket by your mom. I must have got my competitve genes from her, cause God knows she likes a good competition. I didn't do bad, 192, 162 and 226 for a 581. Can't believe I missed another 600 again. I haven't had a 600 this year, I gotta get on the ball.

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New for me
Posted by Lady of the Loch on Dec 1st, 2006 12:41 PM
December 1, 2006
Okay so, this is new for me. I haven't ever written in a journal before, but I thought what a time to start. I have been rushing around all week preparing for my little dd and ds's birthday party this weekend. I just went shopping for them and for christmas last night....what a nightmare, everywhere was packed. But, I just can't seem to find anything that I think my son will like besides playstation2 games, which I have already got him. I think it is hard when they reach that age where they aren't yet wanting high tech things, but don't want the little boy toys either. He will be 9 and the playstation is his life.
So anyway, besides the birthdays, I am going to help out a non profit organization this weekend. We will be packing boxes for soldiers overseas. I am really glad that I didn't organize this event considering all the work I did in the past organizing the last one.With classes and the kids activities, there just isn't enough time.
I have been asked again to coach both the T-ball and girls 9-10 softball leagues this year...again. The problem is that now I have 3 kids in it and the games are hard to schedule around, but , I love teaching them, so that is a big issue for me. Do I or Don't I? I gotta weight the pro's and con's on that one.
I have had this dream plaguing me since last friday and I truly wonder if it is real or is was a dream. I was asleep, or actually had my eyes closed for 5 minutes late last friday night and I know it was 5 minutes because I looked at the clock. But, I opened my eyes and I was paralyzed. I could see someone or something standing above my bed, but I only seen the black figure from the waist down. I finally got ahold of myself and jumped up. I don't know, I keep thinking about it and wondering if it was more than a dream.

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