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> Scottish Review, A sum up of several lessons
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Posted: 09-Jul-2004, 12:38 PM
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Ok, this is a summry of several lessons all in one. Thanks to everyone that has helped me with the Scottish Gaelic lessons, I am not as good with Gildhig as I am with Gaeilge. So please, correct my pronounciations if I slip back into the Irish method of saying things if I goof!


English - Scots Gaelic - (Pronunciation)

Welcome - filte ( faaltsh)
good morning - madainn mhath (matin vah)
good day - latha math ( laah mah)
good afternoon/evening - feashar math (fesker mah)
good night - oidhche mhath (oych vah)
bye for now- tiaraidh an drsda (tsheearee an draasha)
goodbye - beannachd leibh (byannachk leyv)
excuse me - gabh mo leisgeul (gav mo leshkl)
I am sorry - tha mi duilich (haa mee doolich)
thank you - tapadh leibh (tahp leyv)
many thanks - mran taing (mohrn tigh ?ng)
you're welcome - ?s e ur beatha (shey oor behah)


How are You? (formal & plural) - Ciamar a tha sibh? (keemar haa) sheev)
How are You? (informal) - Ciamar a tha thu? (keemar haa oo)
Fine, thank you - tha gu math, tapadh leibh (haa goo mah, tahp levy)
I am fine - tha mi gu math (haa mee goo mah)
Not bad - chan eil dona (chan yeyll donn)
I am not well - tha mi bochd (haa mee bochk)
I am tired - tha mi sgth ? (haa mee skee)
We are on holiday- tha sinn air saor-laithean ? (haa sheeng ehr saohr -laah-yn)
I am tourning Scotland- tha mi a' sibhal air feadh Alba ? (haa mee shoo-l ehr fygh Alpa)
We are traveling around - tha sinn a'dol mun cuairt ? (haa sheeng dol moon coorsht)
Do you live here? - a bheil sibh a' fuireach an seo ? ( veyll sheev foorch n sho)
We are staying for a week - bidh sinn a' fureach airson seachdain ? (bee sheeng foorch ehrsonn shach ? kin)

the man - am fear ? (m fer)
the woman - am boireannach ? (m borr nnch)
the girl - a' chaileag ? ( challk)
the boy - an gille ? (n geel-y)
the children - a' chlann ? ( chlownn)
the son - am mac ? (m machk)
the daughter - an nighean ? (n nyee- n)
this is - seo ... ? (sho...)
this is my mother ? seo mo mhthair ? (sho mo vaa ?her)
my father - m' athair ? (maher)
my husband - mo dhuine ? (mo ghoonye)
your wife - do bhean ? (dohvenn)
my children - mo chlann ? (mocholownn)
your daughter - do nighean ? (dohnyee-n)
my son - mo mhac ? (movachk)
my friend (male) - mo charaid ? (mochaa-ritsh)
my friend (female) - mo bhanacharaid ? (movann-charitsh)
my ancestors - mo shinnsir ? (mo heenshir)
my grandfather - mo sheanair ? (mo henner)
my grandmother - mo shaenmhair ? (mo hennver)
my great-grandfather - mo shinn-sheanair ? (mo heen ?henner)
my great-grandmother - mo shinn-sheanmhair ? (mo heen- hennver)
my ancestors came from here - thinig mo shinnsir bhon ite seo ? haanik mo heenshir von aatshe sho)
my ancestors were cleared from this land - chaidh mo shinnsir fhuadach bhon dthaich seo ? (cha-ee mo heen shir oo -tch von dooh-ich sho)
my grandfather was born in ....- rugadh mo sheanair ann an... ? rookgh mo henner ownn n...).
my grandmother lived here.... - dh'fhuirich mo sheanmhair faisg air... ? (ghoorich mo hennver faashk ehr)
do you know where that is? - a bheil fios agaibh cite a bheil sin ? ( veyll feess ahkiv kaahtsh vell shin)

So, I have an new site that is pretty neat, Check out Dannah's Home Page

Also, for original storys or thoughts from me, check out my blog: Dannah's Blog
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Posted: 10-Jul-2004, 11:35 AM
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A review is much needed (for me).
tapadh leibh!


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and guard your treasures
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bring rain at your request
May Ti'amat effect the changes you command
May Ishtar grant you Dragon Power
May Ishtar grant you Dragon Power
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