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> Beyond Angels
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Posted: 27-Nov-2003, 05:50 AM
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Hush now, Hush now

Can you see the wee children, running through the fields?
Can you see the wee children, laughing as they play?
Hand in hand, 'round they go,
No worries on their minds,
Only songs of play and dances gay.

Keep watch for horses they will come,
Your lives they steal away,
Hush now, hush now,
Quietly you breath.
For sure they'll hear you if you move,
Too soon we all shall grieve.

Scurry mice and hide yourselves,
Take care for horses trample,
Children rush, children hush,
Disappear beneath the bramble.

Hush now, hush now,
Quietly you lay,
Breath the dust beneath your hands,
Keep still and live to see another day.

Once too close the reds may ride,
Scurry mice, they'll call your thrice,
Young children are their prey.
Hush now, hush now.
Hush now, hush now.

Before us lies blank paper and pen

Long ago before you or I.
Before the sun set beyond the sky.
There were two girls, neither like the other.
One day, One night.
To all who knew them,
who knew them well.
They were beautiful girls,
as the stories do tell.
Their visits left many shadows between,
Seems forever now since either has been seen.

Now these girls were precious,
A commodity you see.
For they were the ribbon tied round the tree.
The bonds they would make beyond you and me,
Would save us from our future one day.
Powerful and proud all clansmen would say.
Fionna her great knowledge and never ceasing pen,
Bron with the courage of the clans greatest men.
Together the pair has never been seen,
For you see, their visits, between them lay three.
Father from the highlands, an asset to his clan.
The mother, a woman, from a far away land.
Fate brought her to him.
it seems they would be,
leaders among us,
but soon they did deceive.
Rob us of our sanctuary pair.
Two children born,
One dark, one fair.

How does this story now end?
Before us lies blank paper and pen.

Bronwyne and Angus I

Sit ye round the fire strong,
listen closely to the younghearts song.
Of a love more pure than fallen snow,
of a tender caring not many know.
Children raised in worlds apart,
strange lands from shore to shore we start.
From the dawn the pair had sworn,
silver to silver both always have worn.
Strong as an ox young Angus be known,
gentle as a lamb when his Bronwyne be home.
None could mistake the fires that grew,
to look upon them but once every man surely knew.
Of the passions these younghearts could no longer keep quiet,
Elders of the clans no more could deny it.
A day was set forth for the bowing of heads,
broken sadly by the cries of the dreaded English Reds.
Bravery and arrows would soar through the air,
younghearts never knew, never had they a care.
Courage and anger flooded their veins,
as women ran fearful and let loose the reigns.
Quietly they hid from the red coats' sight,
they waited till the long day turned violently into night.
Sadly the tale through the morn would unfold,
of a desperate battle young children be told.
Red stained the ground where love was to stand,
tears now and sadness took hold of every hand.
Dawns light now shone on the terrible scene,
the brave were gathered, lives none could redeem.
Time be not friend to the young lovers heart,
silently that night, Bronwyne and her mother did part.
Flowers since wilted on ever door around,
Angus' breaking heart was the only sound.
Days began to pass with little much grace,
emptiness stood in young Bronwyne's place.
As months turned to years young Angus would plead,
for the change to avenge the mothers terrible deceive.
He knew his Bron would not is heart forsake,
their love too strong for any to mistake.
Happiness disappeared from his sight,
cold grew his heart silently in the night.
His lips never smiled for even one minute,
since love has vanished none would again see it.
Strong as an ox young Angus be known,
Gentleness gone while Bronwyne is kept from his home.

Fionnna and Padrig I

Rings of promise polished and cold
fields of daises silver and gold
from his lips a promise of love
soon heavenly tears would fall not from above
round and round the dales they ran
a centuries old tale had just began
from birth they were united with grace
Fionna and Padrig, none could take their place
fate had surely taken hold
of these young children endless stories be told
of a quiet morning near___________dale
a perfect beginning to a sorrowful tale
children with nary a care in sight
for their lives one child would desperately fight
a boy just barely called a man
would defend the girl who would give her hand
in the blink of an eye only red could they see
as hundreds of dragoons flew out through the trees
like bees to honey the English did swarm
brave Padrig would keep his Fionna safe from harm
their families must know of the danger to come
Fionna gathered her courage and desperately would run
with fear in her mind and desperation heavy in her breast
she knew she could not fail such a considerable test
rushing through the gates of Mackenzie place
to her knees she fell, ignoring much disgrace
her gran began to scold the girl where she lay
of wasting precious hours at mindless childs play
when the girl possessed, stood and hushed the growing mass
she started to tell of what had come to pass
anger flooded every being from their heart to their soul
with weapons in had their rage would take its toll
as they surrounded the site Fionna had named
sadness took hold, Padrigs' life had been claimed
with weapons bowed they turned their heads in shame
the truth thrown upon them as Fionna cried the sweet childs' name

Rings of promise now tarnished and old
fields of daises no longer silver and gold
a legacy had barely begun
when deaths dominion claimed just one
around the tree that heaven has grown
beside the wall of metal and stone
a path of delicate baby blue flowers
grows all year through snow and showers
to mark the place where his heart does now wait
to recall his lost love to their destiny and fate
brave Padrig with courage beyond his slight years
the dales now awash with Fionnas' lonely tears.



Sweet kisses after death, are remembered
Sweet smiles after death, are recalled
Sweet voices after death, are silent
Sweet love after death, after all.

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Posted: 27-Nov-2003, 07:45 PM
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A new tale is born to be passed through the ages. Needs one more revision to correct some typos and name the dale, but quite a wonderful read biggrin.gif Quite enjoiable

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  Posted: 27-Nov-2003, 10:21 PM
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Hello Aaediwen:
Thanks for the input, I totally forgot to do the spell check when I posted. Caught a couple of words. I think the worst is the words that are words, just the wrong one for the use. I do that all the time. Sorry. As for the names of the characters, all spell checks see them as wrong. LOL Oh well. cool.gif

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Posted: 28-Nov-2003, 08:57 AM
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really nice writing!




Who the truth speaks needs a fast horse

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Posted: 29-Nov-2003, 12:04 AM
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Thank you very much. biggrin.gif
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