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Maxie Posted on: 25-Aug-2010, 02:11 PM

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The 'Land of the Sixth Moon', the latest album from Serundal ( the follow up to 'Ab Initi' and Part Two of the trilogy 'The Legend of Serundal' has produced three tracks to be awarded a semi-finalist place in the folk genre of the UK Songwriting Contest 2010. The tracks are as follows

The Stone of Destiny
The Sisters of Caer
Don't Let the Daylight Break

And from 'Yule' (2009) a semi-finalist place for
White Stag

Check it out from here


A novel, 'The Legend of Serundal' is currently in progress, and the third and final part of the music trilogy will be released in the new year.

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Maxie Posted on: 28-Oct-2009, 05:01 PM

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Just thought you might like to know that Serundal's song 'Lady of the Isles' from the album Waiting Rooms (2006) was placed one of the semi-finalists (from over 6000 entries) in the 2009 UK Songwriters contest.I know this song is a favourite with Celtic communities on the web, and Serundal welcomes the support and friendship they have found here on Celtic radio.If anyone hasn't heard this song and would like to listen to it-
You can find it on the playlist at www.myspace.com/serundalmusic (where other songs not available here are also).If anyone is a myspace member,please come join us as a friend we would love to hear from you! Lady of the Isles along with all other Serundal albums are available as physical cd's from www.cdbaby.com and downloads from appleItunes worldwide. A medieval Celtic Christmas E.P is also due to be released hopefully in November. Thank you for your continued support.
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Maxie Posted on: 13-Sep-2007, 03:00 AM

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To all our supporters and fans on celtic radio we would like you to be the first to know that our new album 'Leylines' has just been released on www.cdbaby.com
This album has kept the familiar Serundal musical signature but is also a fresh new departure into a more progressive celtic folk style. As the title suggests all the songs deal with celtic or anglo-saxon legend and mysteries and the lyrics and themes have been very carefully researched for authenticity. Serundal has a strong fanbase on www.myspace.com/serundalmusic and is number two three and eleven on Folk Top Hits radio on www.songvault.fm. We are also a featured artist on www.ubl.com with the track 'My Inuit' from our album 'Visions' as well and in the top ten in the world and miscellaneous charts there. 'Snowy Owl' from Ab Initi the first part of a trilogy telling the story of The Legend of Serundal has also been the editor's pick for many weeks on www.castmp3.com. Come join us on myspace and share in the love for all things Celtic old and new. Hope to see you! Love Serundal.
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Maxie Posted on: 30-Aug-2007, 03:24 AM

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hi everyone I haven't been around for a while due to studio commitments but I have just noticed this post. Thought I'd just tell you that our own music (Serundal) and many other artists are now selling full albums as downloads plus graphics on www.cdbaby.com. Serundal now has six albums plus an E.P. Lady of the Isles from our album Waiting Rooms is currently number one in the Folk Top Hits radio charts on www.songvault.fm and is very popular with people who like medieval english music. Our albums are also for sale this way on www.payplay.fm. If you are interested in medieval england, scottish and irish roots, mythology and legend, the supernatural or other unusual celtic themes come visit www.serundal.com or www.myspace.com/serundalmusic. The more friends the merrier! Everyone is welcome. Celtic is cool!
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Maxie Posted on: 09-May-2007, 04:04 PM

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biggrin.gif 'The Storm' a track from Serundal's new album 'Ab Initi' (In the beginning) is now number one on the Folk Showcase top forty charts on Songvault.fm. The album is available fron www.cdbaby.com and downloads from www.appleitunes.com. Pretty soon you will also be able to listen to it and buy downloads via snocap from www.myspace.com/serundalmusic. A big thank you to all our supporters and voters from Highlander radio.
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Maxie Posted on: 27-Mar-2007, 03:00 AM

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hi everyone

In response to the many fans who wanted to know more about the story behind Serundal read the introduction on www.serundal.com and now it's here!

Serundal's latest album 'Ab Initi' (In the beginning) the first part of the trilogy 'The Legend of Serundal' is out now on cd baby.com.

Check out Serundal's friends on www.myspace.com/serundalmusic to hear celtic music including Great Big Sea, Albannach and many more.
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Maxie Posted on: 30-Jan-2007, 03:12 AM

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Stunning album from the Tannahill Weavers. Traditional music at its best. Fair Gallowa' makes me cry ( I love and miss Scotland!)
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Maxie Posted on: 16-Jan-2007, 02:47 PM

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hi everyone As some of you may know as well as being a member of this site I am also one half of a songwriting team called Serundal (my better half being the other). I thought some of you may like to hear some of our other albums which are not available on this site,(check them out on cdbaby.com) albums which deal with subjects which touch on the paranormal in all its many forms. As well as writing lyrics I have written poetry from the age of fifteen (I am 53 now) and much of the themes in Serundal's songs come from my poetry which is also based on experiences I had while growing up. In 'Visions' there is a song called 'White Room' which describes a recurring nightmare I had for many years as a child. I was walking down a corridor with glass walls which was illuminated by a bright light. Attached to the walls were masks many of them grotesque, some of them like pierrot clowns. The further I walked down the corridor, the more they laughed at me and the louder the laughter became. My husband's musical arrangement of the dream captivates the unnerving child like haunting sound of a carousel and every time I play it back myself I still get shivers. 'The Haunting' is about a spirit child who is trapped in limbo and who longs to play with the mortal children she sees. 'Ghost' is about to lovers seperated by the death of the woman and the man's longing to be free of his mortal life to be with her again. Of course, these themes are from my imagination, but I do believe I inherited something from my mother (who died in 1985) which makes me sensitive to such things. I guess writing the songs helps me to come face to face with this and not to be afraid of it. I believe my mother has helped me with many problems that have happened to me since she passed away (one especially when I was diagnosed with cancer in 1996) Still here still OK! From the album 'Transitions' (on this site) there is a medieval ghost story in 'Child of the Innocence'. Do you think a Celtic background has anything to do with my interest in this? My mother was the most down to earth person ever and yet she was a firm believer in reincarnation, I have often wondered why. You're welcome to listen to the music, I hope it doesn't give anyone nightmares! (Only kidding just haunting not frightening)
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Maxie Posted on: 30-Sep-2006, 07:28 AM

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hi all! For all those lovely folks who signed Serundal's guestbook enquiring as to when our music will be online on Celtic radio so they could make requests

Just to say Serundal's (www.serundal.com) albums Transitions and Crossing over are now available on this radio station for full length previews.

Close your eyes
Step inside
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Maxie Posted on: 16-Sep-2006, 03:42 AM

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Greetings Lisa. I haven't been here long myself but the people are so cool I'm sure you will feel at home in a very short time. Happy listening!
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Maxie Posted on: 07-Sep-2006, 09:13 AM

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Dawn on Auchenlarie

Bonnie auchenlarie wakes from sleep
All the creatures from the woodlands take a peep
At a sinking moon and a rising sun
And the shimmering laughing sea

Rabbits run by me and tease me into chase
While the pinkness of the light falls on every flower's face
And the sea-birds fill the sky with dancing flight
I am breathless from the salty air
And every sense is stunned

By every sound and sight: mountains cast a gentle shade
On swirling hills and such a wildness overhangs the glade
And the craggy towering cliffs are strong
Against the first warm rays of gold
And the tiny pebbled cove

Yellow and red, blue and mauve: scents intoxicate and bless
The heart with peace and loving tenderness
Even berries on the hedgerows cast a glow
On everything before them like jewels in the sun
Their encrusted beauty is so fair

Its influence is everywhere and smells so fresh and sweet
Like perfumed pine in the searing summer heat.

Although all human heads are still at rest
This little world is at its best giving birth
To a new day. The wind picks up to catch the spray
And bonnie Auchenlarie blows my mind away.
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Maxie Posted on: 07-Sep-2006, 08:54 AM

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Glad you liked the stories. This is not a story really probably just a child's vivid imagination, but when I was in my early childhood I used to have a recurring dream about a place I liked very much. It was cold but sunny and there was a lot of snowy mountains and forests. I used to tell my mother that when I grew up I wanted to go to Iceland! And for years I truly believed this was the place in my dream. In 1993 I toured the west coast of Canada and the rockies with my husband on an anniversary trip. We both fell in love with the place and I couldn't help noticing how much it looked like the place in my childhood dream. I love places with a strong sense of spirituality and tradition hence Scotland Canada and everywhere Celtic! I also love indigenous peoples for the same reason. So the songs I help write as part of Serundal are based on the poetry I have written over the years about the kind of things that interest me. On our album Visions on www.serundal.com there is a track called My Inuit and I am thrilled that it is now a popular download at Apple itunes Canada. To me it is an honour that the Canadian people like the song. I think I am an empathic and intuitive person but don't profess to be psychic. I believe we all have psychic abilities but they are more developed in some people than others and that the materialistic world of the 21st century has reduced these abilities. Like all mothers I know when anyone in my family is unhappy. Sometimes I wish I didn't pick up on it because I am too much of a worrier!
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Maxie Posted on: 05-Sep-2006, 04:06 PM

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I was born in Wales but I have always felt kind of lost here. When I was a child my father told me stories about his grandfather who came from Scotland. He was always singing Scottish songs and telling me about our ancestors who were wealthy landowners and suchlike but of course at the time I never took any notice. But as I grew up I became more and more interested. Then my husband and myself (who have been campers for many years) decided to go to Scotland for the first time. We decided to go South for the first time because the journey to the highlands would take about 12 hours. So I took a pin and stuck it in a map and picked the first campsite near to where it landed. This happened to be Auchenlarie on Wigtown Bay. After travelling for nine hours my husband was convinced we had gone too far and wanted to turn back. But for no particular reason I knew we were going the right way. I told him to keep going when we passed the Cardoness Estate and other derelict castle landmarks. Then we saw the sign for the park and we got out. When we saw the sea the view was absloutely breathtaking but more than that I felt I had come home. Later on in the vacation I looked around the local tourist shops and looked up my clan history. I was amazed to find the Maxwells had owned a large amount of land in the area most of it along the now A75 running along the Solway coast. We have been back many times since then. We have been all over the UK camping but Auchenlarie is the only place where I feel relaxed and the only place I miss when I come home. Another time much later we were taking a bus trip to Oban. When we got on the bus there had been a mix-up and there was nowhere for us to sit together and no-one would move. Then a lady down the front of the bus asked me to sit by her. We talked to pass away the time and she told me she was from London. She was retired and was once a nursery nurse in a children's home. Guess what! I am a qualified nursery nurse too. I told her I loved Scotland and that my maiden name was Maxwell. Guess what You've guessed it! She said her name was Maxwell and like me she was a member of the Maxwell clan. Then they played Bonnie Galloway over the radio. I told her I thought the highlands were beautiful but I had a soft spot for Galloway. Guess what! She said she loved Galloway so much she wanted to move there but couldn't because she had to take care of her disabled sister. I told her I would move too but I had a profoundly deaf brother to look after in South Wales. The lady even had a brother who lived in Castle Douglas only a short distance from where we camp. Something she said rang true. Although she was born in England and had lived in London all her life, she still felt as if she was Scottish. All the Maxwells were either musicians scientists or writers or any kind of creative people. I am a published poet and now write songs with my husband. So is it he place you were born that makes you or the blood in your veins?
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Maxie Posted on: 05-Sep-2006, 03:22 PM

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Me and my husband have agreed that we will both be cremated.Then whoever dies first the other person will take care of their ashes until they pass away.Then all being well our children will mix the ashes and scatter them over Wigtown Bay in Galloway South West Scotland. It is the birthplace of my ancestors and the place where my husband took me to recuperate after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a very special beautiful place to us both. I am a free spirit (could not be placed in a box and buried) and would like the ashes to be blown over the sea.
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Maxie Posted on: 05-Sep-2006, 02:57 PM

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My mother's great aunt was a medium and when she was a little girl she used to stay with her in a large victorian terraced house in south wales uk. One day when she was sitting at the piano in the parlour she saw a figure of a lady in a bonnet and a long blue dress standing at the foot of the stairs. Although she was just a little girl, my mom wasn't scared but later on at bedtime she told her aunt about the lady. 'Oh yes, she replied, that's Gwen, she won't hurt you, she lives here and has done for a long time.' My mother (who passed away in 1985 from cancer) was a very down to earth person but she was very intuitive and could sense other people's feelings very easily. I seem to have inherited this from her. She always used to say to me 'It's the living you need to fear the dead won't harm you'.

Another time much later when she was looking to buy her first house, my father wanted to buy a place in quite a smart residential area which was a little run down but was up for sale at a knock down price. It was a good bargain but as soon as she entered the threshold she refused to have anything to do with it. My father was very angry at her 'silly' behaviour and they had a huge argument over it. All my mom would say was it had a bad atmosphere and that something bad was going to happen there. About ten years later the brutal murder of a district nurse
rocked the local community. It happened in the same house my mom refused to buy. The murder scene was so horrific that the house stood unsold for many years until it was finally demolished because no-one would go near it.
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Maxie Posted on: 05-Sep-2006, 07:28 AM

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hi and welcome Celtic son. I'm pretty new myself but this is sure a great place to be! Great music and great people what more can you ask?
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Maxie Posted on: 31-Aug-2006, 03:25 PM

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A big thank you to all of you lovely people who have made me feel so welcome to your site. Thank you for the kind comments about Serundal's music. Welcome Tom looks like we have both found some great friends!
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Maxie Posted on: 27-Aug-2006, 12:32 PM

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Hi all I am a part of a husband and wife songwriting team called Serundal. We live in a small town called Blackwood in South Wales, UK which has become quite well known in recent years for the bands it has produced. My background is truly Celtic because my great grandfather came from south west Scotland and his family are all decendants of the Maxwell clan. I think this may be the reason I love all things Celtic especially the landscape of Scotland, its mythology and of course its music. I am a published writer (mostly poetry) and the lyrics to our music are based on my poems.

Our music is not strictly traditional, but it respects traditional roots especially the emotion and vocal interpretation of the past. If anyone wants to check out our website Serundal.com or download our free track 'Incantation' you're welcome. I think your site is real cool and can't wait to hear lots of Celtic music from you guys!
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