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Posted by: Celeste of the Stars1 30-Nov-2003, 10:09 AM
I got the idea from the character description for training ground.
I'll start

Celeste Maiden of the Stars
Waist length strawberry blonde hair, saphire blue eye that seem to glow in the dark, medium hight 5'6, athletic build.

Apprentice healer that lost her lord to a dragon. She now travels to find a new one to learn from. Hopeful one better than the last, he was somewhat of a hack! She learned more from trial and error than him. She loves music and loves to dance. One last thing, she carries a purple bag with her everywhere she goes, but please don't look in it, it's magically protected.

Posted by: oldraven 30-Nov-2003, 02:55 PM
Labban (LAY-bun) is a librarian by day, and minstrel by night. He's a hair shy of 6', has shoulderblade lenght curly red/brow hair, one green eye and one brown eye, and has an unrefined lumberjack build. More of genetics than actual effort goes into his stature. He is a librarian, after all. Not a small man, and not a big man (I suppose at the time 6' is pretty large). Just very capable. The kind of guy that would blend into any crowd, but would make you hug the wall if you met him in a dark alley. Quite gentle, and very unsure of himself. He's a goofball with his friends, and rarely stops talking.

He also has no idea what the hell is going on with his life.

(I pretty much just described myself.) wink.gif

Posted by: Aaediwen 30-Nov-2003, 05:53 PM
~ 5' 9", Streight brown hair just past shoulder length. Piercing blue eyes on a long face. Likes to wear blue, and most often seen with a sheepskin bag containing parchment, inks, a pair of quills, and several scroll tubes

Posted by: Highlander 30-Nov-2003, 06:24 PM
Highlander, tall for the times 6'1" with blondish red hair and a full red beard comes from a different time in search of ? His size and demeanor belies his caring nature.
A master of mayhem, but a great diplomat with the sword. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Macerca 30-Nov-2003, 06:48 PM
Feargus Macerca

Mastersmith, bladesmith
6 ft. tall, sandy blonde hair, sky blue eyes, full beard with streaks of red.
Years of working at the forge has made him like a rock, the only soft thing about him is his heart, which breaks to the surface once in a while.

Posted by: 3Ravens 30-Nov-2003, 08:01 PM
Josie 3Ravens, Master Healer.
Short, 5 foot nuthin', pleasingly plump(ahem), of middle age. Grey hair, brown eyes, ready smile and quick laughter. Tendency to talk a lot. Sometimes uses a rather formal style of speech, prehaps a coverup for the speech patterns of her country upbringing. Has an innate talent for healing magick. Coming from good peasant stock, had no "formal" training other than from the local hedgewitch of the village. Functioned as hedgewitch in her own right, caring for people and animals, and presiding at birthings of all sorts.
After her daughters were grown and her husband passed on, decided to persue "formal" training at the nearest Healer's Hall in Highlander Castle. Much to others (and sometimes her own) surprise, and despite having to learn to read first, she was found to possess a quick wit and ready understanding. She had no trouble with her studies, and tested at a medium level in most healing magicks, and a high level in intuition and rapport with magical beings.
Having completed her studies and passed her testing, she was just made a Master yesterday, and now needs only her Master's Quest to complete all requirements for formal recognition.

Posted by: Angel Whitefang (Rider) 30-Nov-2003, 10:47 PM
High Dragon Master Angel "Rider" Whitefang,
Her Body is built like that of an amazon, well built with long shapely legs. she holds her body in deeprespect, feeling that it is a temple and must be at it's peak performance at all times.
Having Long white Hair with a hint of bluishpurple color that she keeps braided most of the time for it would not do well to have her hair singed to the roots due to Dragon Fire.
Dark sable eyes that glow white when using her Dragon Magick. Unknown Birthdate but knows she has seen eons go by. a Mystic Dragon Sorceress, The last remaining of her kind, The red sometimes purple Gem is a mark of her status that glows brighter as she uses her magick more often. Standing a mere 5'7" she wears Battle armourment unless she is in her chambers then she prefers dark purple deerhide trousers with matching boots, a lavender Tunic & always wears her cloke of white and gold. A warrior at heart with the Blessings of Magick she was raised in a villiage dedicated to Dragons, Rider was chosen at Birth by the last High Dragon Master to taker his place. She will continue to live until she has found the appropriate apprentice and has trained them up to take her place. Being Hurt in the affairs of the heart she is wary of the opposite sex. Though she believes that every one has goodness in them. She currently resides in the Castle Dungeons which she transformed to suit her needs. A healer for Dragon related Injuries , she can only do so much and relies on Master Healer Josie to cure and mend when it is not Dragon related. Her knowledge of Dragons is vast but she has a faulty memory so relies on her scrolls and books to remind her. She carries a hip pouch which holds all of her herbal remedies and potions ( It magicked so alot can fit in it)

Good hearted and affectionate to those who mean the most to her. schooled well in the ways of the warrior a Master with a double bladed Staff and her Sword Dragon tears. She has a volatile temper and is emotional before thinking things through sometimes. Has a fondness for a certain Gentleman but has been hurt recently by him so has vowed to show her colder side to him........if she can.

Tries to see the good side in every situation, though often times the only good side is that she is still breathing, Plagued by nightmares that cause her to scream out. She is often thought of as a loner. They couldn't be more wrong.

Posted by: Liriel Baenre Do'Urden 01-Dec-2003, 02:35 PM
Liriel Baenre Do'Urden

Comes from a distance land. She is not what she seems to be. She is 5'0, athletic build, long white hair somewhat braided into a netting of sorts, amber eyes with a mischievous glint. She has some magick training but mostly is a warrior. She dresses in black trousers, a white billowing shirt laced in the front, a long black cloak with a large hood that tends to shadow her face, fine soft and supple leather gloves and sturdy leather ankle boots. She carries a small crossbow, and a necklace that tends to glow when around other magicks.

She seeks her master, Drizzit Do'Urden, from whom she takes his last name until she is of age.

Her presents in the land is puzzling but will show through when needed.

Posted by: myriad 04-Dec-2003, 11:58 AM
Lahatha, of wolfenkind, she has silver-blue fur and green eyes. She was born with a deep understanding and love of nature but until her early womanhood was unaware of her behavior as being curious. As she spent much of her time in the wood and was close to natures heart, she was chosen to have her abilities revealed to her. She was shown her wolven ancestry and now her preferred form is that of a wolf, she has found the human form to betray her in times past and reveals it seldomly. Her life has been one of turmoil and grief. Having lived in the wood for many years... centuries in fact... she can understand human, elven, and multiple animal languages.

When in human form Lahatha is short, 4'9", with silver blue hair streaming to her calves. She is a thin waisted young woman with defined muscles. She has found that if she remains long in human form her skin tone becomes a bit tanned and her hair gains some light red streaks. She prefers to avoid this for it shows more of what she was a very long time ago. She has guarded green eyes that reveal little about what she is thinking. Do not take offense if she avoids eye contact and beware if she stares into your eyes in both human and wolf form. She is calm and strategic. Do not betray her trust.

Lahatha has had a vision. A very disturbing one that reveals her need to accompany the travelers. There are many things she is unsure of but will not readily admit this. She is guarded in telling the others of her vision for she is directly involved in it and things will come to pass that will alter her ways. She carries with her some useful talents. She has stealth, strength, a deafening yowl, and the ability to track. She is able to confuse, divert attention, and call creatures to assist in her endeavors. She must take human form to take a human life and she must be in wolf form to take another creatures life.

She hates full moons. Do not be surprised if you do not hear her howling. It is during these nights that she shifts without choice... she will simply take leave into the woods or anywhere she can find to slip away to.

Posted by: Aon_Daonna 06-Dec-2003, 03:56 PM
Lives in the forest and seldom comes out. A small creature, with a strong limp. Her voice even though hoarse, betrays her as a she, but it is not known what she really is. Her hands seem to be disfigured but all that can seldom be seen since she is hiding mostly and her features lie in the shadows of her cowl and cloak.
She is whispered of in the villages, known as the "hag" and sometimes comes out for the market day to trade her vegetables and herbs for a bit of meat.

Children are frightened to bed with stories about her, since one boy went into the forest to do mischief and came back and never spoke a word ever again. No one knows how long she has been there but everyone knows she has been there a long time.

Her hut is built out of stone, an old hermit's hut. In the Garden she grows vegetables and fruit but villagers often tell that she is growing herbs for more sinister purposes as well.

Posted by: AhilissaMay 08-Dec-2003, 01:00 PM
Medium height about 5'6", Long silver white hair slight curl, Crystle Green eyes.
Know by her friends as a Moon Goddess, she sing praise to Luna in respect of saving her life . Lonely now from loseing her love to a deathly beast. Her only wish is to help those who seek her and which luna tells.

She has a unique gift of Dream Vision in which is can see the future in dreams and help those through them.

Posted by: Aon_Daonna 16-Dec-2003, 08:50 PM
Mauz wink.gif

here I go, yet again with another character.. i sort of think that your group is a little short of people with no special abilities at all, so I thought I'd add a valiant catwarrior, being of the catpeople is the only thing about her that is different.

Mirre is not big, she is barely 5 feet and of a slim elegant built. Of course she moves with the elegance of the cat people and many are known to have longed for one of their kind. Her ears sit high on her head and can be turned into any directio to filter the slightest of sounds. The beard hairs have long since their development disappeared and are now a net of senses and nerves that can feel the slightest of changes of the pressure in air. Her green eyes are able to see well in the dark since that is the primary time to hunt for cat people. She is of a dark grey skin color, or what appears to be skin. It is infact very very short hair. She is "tigered" with black stripes that pass all over her body and has a beautiful long tail of which she takes great care.
The hair on her head is long and bound together in her neck by a bit of silverwire.
Her hands are formed like elongated paws, the fingers not thin and nimble but able to wield a sword to great perfection. She also uses her razorblade sharp claws, another very good weapon in battle. Her primary weapon as such is the scimitar which hangs off the belt of her armor. Primarily a leatherarmor but at vital places inforced with steel and adorned with the flowing symbols of her kind. She wears what appears to be a short leather skirt which is splitted to both sides to give free movement.

To her people she is known as a shadowwalker, those that walk alone and only will appear to the loose clan-meetings. She also can melt into the darkness, being invisible to those that do not know about shadowwalkers. And in fact not many do.

She is confident of her own appearance and of her skills and although not much of a talker she is able to cast decisions quick and without regrets.
She is quick to kill but not without having mercy on some.

Having had no mate as yet she is not welcome to return to her clan as yet. Catwarriors have to prove themselves in battle and find a mate outside their clans before they are allowed back in after their initation.

Posted by: oldraven 16-Dec-2003, 11:01 PM
I'd forgotten about this part. tongue.gif

Grungahn is a dark Dragon. He was once Gron'egaun, a member of the Draconian Council, but never more than average in the hierarchy. He toiled for 3400 years to obtain a Lordship, but never achieved it. He grew bitter and turned on his people to find his own Kingdom. He has been a silent threat for over three hundred years, but has now finaly gathered his design up to the current point. If the Council did not grant him his ambitions, then he would rule the world of Dragons by force.

Generations of seers have trained his eye on a small but diverse group of misfitts who have been given the one task that he must foil.

His mercenaries and loyalists were out watching them at all times. Uninterferring until the right time. A time where he would have his future firm in his grasp.

Posted by: Aaediwen 24-Dec-2003, 01:44 PM

The last of the clan of Renellan, she was part of a group many years ago who came to ease the burden of the village when the torment of the dragons began, and she has the scars to prove it, which she keeps hidden. With her on that fateful day, were the remaining few of her kin, so she has noone close to her now. In the village, she is seen as an outside magik woman. They have accepted her into the village, but not with complete trust, making her all but an outcast.

Physically, she is quite attractive, despite the scarring Standing tall, her strawberry blonde hair has regrown since the encounter to half way down her back. She is normally found wearing long clothing, even in the heat of summer to hide the evidence of her encounter, and the pain it brings her. She resents the dragon magick in the group for the same reason, it reminds her of her own party, and the pain in her life. Aaediwen felt her energies as they walked in, and convinced her to join the party to avenge her clan and perhaps end the pain.

Posted by: Nefariel 02-Feb-2004, 10:04 PM
Ladaerwen (pronounced Lah-DIRE-wehn): in common tongue, maiden of shadow

Kin to Lahatha, but where Lahatha has a silver hue, Ladaerwen is a black wolf.
She also can change shape to human form (in which she is fair-skinned with short black hair), but prefers wolf form.
Ladaerwen has no special fighting powers, but is a maester of the arts of sorcery, healing and tracking. She can sense beasts' true motives, but whether or not she tells you is up to her. She is quick to deceive and prefers solitude to company.
Although she looks evil, she shuns the dark arts, and has defeated many a black foe.
While Lahatha was raised human, Ladaerwen was raised a wolf. They found each other in the woods of Daurendin, and knew a special bond, for without speaking (wolf or human), they knew the others' thoughts.
Although they roamed the forests for many years and knew no sorrow, the Dark Lord Gron'egaun found them and was jealous of their friendship. He hated all wolves, but especially the race of Lurhath (Lahatha and Ladaerwen's great grandsire), who would not join with him in usurping power over the Yirnen Forest of the north many years ago, but fought against him instead. Losing that battle, he was exiled to the Eastern desert Narranh.
One day, Lahatha and Ladaerwen strayed from the Yirnen Forest, and although Lahatha's strength and Ladaerwen's magic greatly weakened him, Gron'egaun overtook the sisters, and split them apart.
Upon finding one another recently, they have sworn an oath to break the sword of Gron'egaun. The sisters have but one clue to his whereabouts: each hold half of an emerald from the Dark Lord's crown.
However, they know that they can not defeat Lord Gron'egaun alone.

Posted by: MacErca 01-Jul-2004, 06:59 PM
Guess I should have posted this early in the saga, oh well.

Draconis Brightwing
Elder member of the Draconian Council his intervention with the dealings of humankind has met with some controversy in the past, but never the less his foresight tells him that the future of all they stand for will be met in this band of humans he now assists.
Well versed in Draconian magic.
It was his doing that caused MacErca to find the first peice of skystone and bade him to forge a great sword from it.

Posted by: Snoogans 30-Aug-2004, 04:22 AM
Donnchadh MacDowglas (Donn-kad) derived from the meaning "Brown Battle".
6'5" bald usually blue woad two fingers wide from back of neck over head and down over right eye down to neck again
blue and green kilt
black shirt boots and socks sgian dubh
dark brown leather armour, thick hard plates studded on to a medium leather jack which covers shoulders down to thigh (half covers kilt)
bracers and grieves matching armour cover shins and forearms.
celtic knotwork belt with buckle which matches avatar also adorn twin longswords and daggers, shield slung over one shoulder on long lether strap partially conceals a weapon that is axe on one side and stone mace on the other, these two bear the celtic cross, carrying a plain wooden staff in one hand and usually a tankard in the other he seems positively bristling with a weapon for every occaision.
a grin that suggests mischeif and sometimes malice
at the moment the only thing that is known is that he appeared in mid air and hit the ground at a speed and angle that created a small crater in the mud

Posted by: Blast 14-Oct-2004, 08:13 PM
Ack, I hope you guys are still accepting. o.o


A man, hailing from the Highlands of Ireland, with a moderate accent. He is flaxen-haired, with a sinewy build, and an average height, around 1 and a half meters tall, with a weight of 65 kilograms. He is very charismatic, and will try to woo anyone into doing anything. However, he will resort to the less-refined methods, if need be, and is quite well-trained in blunt weapons, in addition to some experience with swords. He is a wanderer of sorts, attempting to find himself in the mountains and glens of this land.

Posted by: oldraven 28-Oct-2004, 10:27 AM
Hello Blast. I'm sorry for taking so long to answer, but people, me included, have been quite busy lately. If you can find a way to insert your character into the story, then go ahead. smile.gif

I'm moving the group, everybody. We need to get moving, (yet again) so we're heading back into the real world and preparing to retake the castle. If only our 'guy on the inside' were around. *cough*Lyra*cough* Simply to bring closure to this thing, I have the feeling that I'm going to have to take on like six characters. huh.gif

Posted by: oldraven 29-Oct-2004, 07:33 AM
DOH! bored.gif

I guess I should have told you that there was a purpose to my loosing the staff. frusty.gif

Any way can you make it so you didn't find the staff? wink.gif There's no traitor this time, but there is a thief. (Grungahn's right hand man) It's supposed to get us to leave the wood.

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