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CelticRadio Posted on: 16-Aug-2019, 07:01 AM

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After several successful years of streaming through the Radionomy platform, today we have decided to end our streaming accounts on Radionomy.

It appears that most listeners from Canada and the U.S. have been blocked from that platform, but it goes a little further than that. Radionomy appears to be redirecting our listeners to other broadcasts and they have crippled our ability to stream our channels through their platform.

There was an option to continue our 3 Radionomy channels by paying them a huge service fee, but in the end we would have ended up with duplicate channels that resemble what we currently offer through our Shoutcast channels.

The Radionomy channels have been closed today and we will remove any links on the website to those channels.

Sad state of affairs for the independent radio webcasters. Unlike the original radio broadcasters from 1906, they did not have to deal with regulations and the constant push for money money money!

Our TorontoCast streams based in Canada will continue at this time.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 31-Jul-2019, 08:00 PM

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The Radionomy streams are not working for anyone residing in the U.S. Outside of the U.S. the ad-supported streams are working fine.

So basically they are blocking any listening from the U.S. Here is a press release on the topic. More depressing news for streaming in the U.S.

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CelticRadio Posted on: 07-Jul-2019, 05:36 PM

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To think that the beams in Notre Dame were 1,200 years old is just mine boggling. They really should have taken better precautions when renovating such a treasure.

But at least Europeans honor the past and try to keep their monuments in good shape. Whereas in the U.S. they tear down works of art that are deemed no longer politically correct. If Rome was in the U.S. it probably would have been flattened for a dog park!

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CelticRadio Posted on: 07-Jul-2019, 05:33 PM

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Just a quick note that our "Celtic Christmas" broadcast is up and running. We did not plan on keeping this broadcast going until the season, but through some sort of mixup the server is still active. Not sure if we paid for a yearly server, but most likely the case.

Enjoy Christmas in July!
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CelticRadio Posted on: 01-Jul-2019, 06:43 AM

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A Medieval Castle in France

could be Notre Dame's salvation

user posted image

In a forest clearing in central France, history is being made. Or more precisely, remade.

This is the Guédelon medieval construction site, a back-to-the-future project that involves recreating a 13th century castle from scratch.

How hard can that be in an age of electricity, power tools and hydraulics? Extremely, if you decide to do it using the methods and materials in use in the Middle Ages, as workers at Guédelon have been doing for the last 20 years.

Now the traditional skills being rediscovered here are in demand for the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral, ravaged by fire in April.

The inferno reduced the cathedral’s roof, partly made with oak from the 12th century, to dust. Flames also consumed the 19th century spire, which collapsed and crashed through the Gothic stone vaulting. At the heart of the blaze, firefighters estimated, the temperature rose to up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Read more from the LA Times
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No New Posts  King
CelticRadio Posted on: 30-Jun-2019, 04:44 PM

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Background: The origins of the King surname date back to the time of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It comes from an early member of the family who was a person who lived and acted like a king. It is derived from the Old English cyning or cyng, meaning "king," and was probably first bestowed as a nickname upon someone who was kingly in personality or appearance, or perhaps to someone who had played the king in a pageant.

Variations: King, Kin, O'King.

More Info: Read Full Family History and view the Coat of Arms

Discussion of this family is welcomed.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 23-Jun-2019, 02:40 PM

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In order to line up our desktop website with our mobile App, we have made a change on how you can login.

Starting today, you may login with either your username or your email address.

Passwords will still be different between the two systems (App vs. Desktop), although on your own you can update your passwords to match.

Or, you can just avoid the hassle of logging in by using our facebook login if you have a facebook account. That works in either system.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 09-Jun-2019, 06:23 PM

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user posted image

China’s rulers already revile Hong Kong’s independent streak. Many see the island territory as a feisty place corrupted by Western political thought, a legacy of its time under British rule.

Now along comes a campaign to vindicate the Communist Party’s worst suspicions.
This movement’s adherents aren’t clamoring for freer elections. Nor are they demanding outright independence.

They want to transform Hong Kong back into a British territory — and proclaim Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state.

“Many Hong Kongers love Her Majesty very much!,” says Alice Lai, the leading face of the campaign. “Even now, we still call Her Majesty ‘The Boss.’”

Even in Hong Kong’s more rebellious circles, this idea will sound far-fetched. The city’s pro-democracy camps are mostly fixated on less radical goals, such as loosening Beijing’s grip on Hong Kong’s leadership.

But the Hong Kong-United Kingdom Reunification Campaign, while extremely small, is quite serious.

Read more from:


and sign up for their Twitter page:

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CelticRadio Posted on: 09-Jun-2019, 06:11 AM

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user posted image

This is on the heels of Outlaw King which I think they did a great job with that movie. I get the sense the budget for this movie is not as big as Out Law King - but I am hoping the story and acting will surpass Out Law King.

Just realized that Angus Macfadyen who played Robert the Bruce in the original Braveheart movie, returns to claim his part which is really nice spin to this movie. Looking forward to it.

Just have not heard about how to watch in the U.S. This is being released in the UK. Anyone know how we can watch in the U.S. please post here. Thanks!

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CelticRadio Posted on: 08-Jun-2019, 08:53 PM

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/TOgI7TAA3H4" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Scotland 1306, Robert the Bruce (Angus Macfadyen: Braveheart) crowns himself King and takes the ambition of Scotland’s freedom as his own. But he cannot overcome England’s power: defeated again and again, his army is scattered and Scotland’s nobility abandons him. Hunted, with a price on his head, he finds himself alone and wounded. The cause of freedom seems lost once more.

Hidden secretly in a secluded croft of a clan pledged to England, and close to death Robert is nursed back to life by a young widow and her orphaned children. His determination to do what is right, regardless of the cost, reinvigorates his passion to rise again. But it’s not revenge he desires. It’s freedom. Now.

Also starring Daniel Portman (Game of Thrones) Anna Hutchinson (Cabin in the Woods), Jared Harris (The Crown), Zach McGowan (Black Sails, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous), Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Emma Kenney (Shameless) and featuring original music from Scottish national treasure, Lulu.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 05-Jun-2019, 04:21 PM

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Welcome euni33, thanks for finally posting and thank you for the support of our site and broadcast over the years.

We so appreciate people that have been listening or visiting us that decide to post. And would love to hear about your story if you want to share.

Very interested in Iberian Kelts as we have a number of music groups and dancers that we feature on Celtic Radio from Spain. And it appears this crossed the ocean to South America as many of those countries have Bagpipe bands and Highland Games or Festivals.

Pull up a chair, a pint and listen to the music. You won't regret biggrin.gif

Again thanks for posting!
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CelticRadio Posted on: 04-Jun-2019, 08:07 PM

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Hi Dalern63! Wow you are a long time member.

Good news, the App was upgraded thanks to our member donations and the results coming in appear to be good.

Be sure to check out the new Social Hall from within the App. A place to post messages, pictures and videos.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 02-Jun-2019, 08:17 AM

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user posted image

Sign up for our special Celtic Calendar Contest. Winner to be drawn on July 4, 2019!

The Celtic Mandala wall calendar presents the magical knot weavings of Welsh artist Jen Delyth. Jen's intricate paintings and illustrations are founded in her deep connection to her Celtic heritage and are a personal journey into the language of ancient Celtic myth, mythology, and symbol. Jen's original iconographic style is inspired by the spirit in nature and Celtic pagan knotwork, which expresses our mythic connection to the natural world.

- Calendar ~ 28 Pages.
- 12 inches by 12 inches full size.
- U.S., Canadian Holidays, Moon Phases, Observations.
- Frameable artbook-quality printing.
- Perfect art gift for those who love all things Celtic.


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CelticRadio Posted on: 02-Jun-2019, 07:45 AM

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We are still getting some decent listeners from Europe and Canada. Looks like we will be able to keep our three Radionomy Streams as the service requires a certain # of listening hours per month.

For those receiving the message that the stream is no longer available in there country, just use our website link to tune into those stations from our Canadian Servers.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 27-May-2019, 10:38 AM

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Well if you are like us we recently discovered what a scan code is. Simpy point your phone towards your screen with the Camera and the phone will open up the App to download.

I know - we should have known years ago - but hey we eventually get it! biggrin.gif

user posted image

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CelticRadio Posted on: 25-May-2019, 11:58 AM

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As of Today Apple has approved our new upgraded App which features many bug fixes and improvements for the latest phones. So both Apple and Android versions are Live!

A big thank you to our supporters for making this happen. There was a big expense associated with this upgrade with our developers and again you all came through to make it happen. We feel with this version we have finally reach a very high quality and useful App to be proud of and we hope it is an improvement over past versions. If you could give us a plug or comment in the associated App stores we would much appreciate it.

One change on Android phones is the premium link now appears to be working, so we will probably remove the dedicate android icon and direct everyone to the premium icon.

Be sure to check out the new Social Icon where you can share comments, photos and videos in-app.

wink.gif thumbs_up.gif
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CelticRadio Posted on: 18-May-2019, 04:55 PM

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We have some good news for our Celtic Radio Network App.

Google Play (Android) phones can now listen to all channels through our App.

In order to tune in, please make sure (if you are a premium member) to use the Android Icon to tune in (not the premium icon). The Android Icon has a duplicate of all of our channels only they work specifically for Google Play phones.

For our premium members, you may receive a permission error when accessing the Android Icon. If you do, please logoff the App by using the triple dots at the right top of the App to bring the menu down and select logoff. Log back in and you will gain access to the premium channels.

Our basic Highlander Radio listening icon now works for both Apple and Google Play phones.

thumbs_up.gif wink.gif
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CelticRadio Posted on: 18-May-2019, 04:47 PM

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Well it's been a while since we've had an update, but we have some good news for our Mobile App.

We are in the process of doing a upgrade which should provide for more current phones to be able to use and access the App. The process is starting today, so you are going to see only the basic features of the App available - such as the listening and the social part of the App. This is needed as the App will need to be reviewed by each store we have submitted it to.

Once the App is upgraded and confirmed working as expected, you will see the other features of the App come back online such as the playlist, requests, top ten, etc. Again, this is only for the App and not our desktop or mobile website.

On the back-end side, we have switched our vendor partner and our broadcast servers are now being provided by TorontoCast. We have ended our relationship with our previous vendor due to issues with their servers. We hope this results in better listening for all.

Our Celtic Christmas broadcast will again be a seasonal channel from October 1st through January 15th each year. You can expect to hear the Best of Celtic Radio during the off season for this channel.

That's the update, thanks to all that support us that have allowed us to make these changes happen. We don't expect any major changes to our setup for quite a while, so we are going to begin to submit or update all of our channels on the major music directories.

thumbs_up.gif wink.gif
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CelticRadio Posted on: 15-May-2019, 06:12 PM

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We now have a special icon for Android listening for our premium members. The Basic Free version of Highlander Radio is where it has always been and now works with Android phones.

One suggestion, you might need to log off and log in to get access to the Android premium channels.

So the premium listening icon is for iPhones, Windows and anything else other than Android.

Android listening is an icon right below the premium icon. Unfortunately, we needed to create a separate tune in link due to some technical issues with Android requiring secure connection.

Any questions, please let us know.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 14-May-2019, 07:42 PM

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This is very frustrating because Android is requiring true HTTPS radio links when shoutcast does not support (our way of bring the stream to you). This is not affecting Apple or Windows phones.

Yes - we have a solution that we will have ready in several days.

our apologies on this and yes we will also be updating the App.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 05-May-2019, 10:14 AM

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Radionomy is a company that is owned by Universal Music Group - a very large media company in Europe. They were the ones that purchased the WinAmp and Shoutcast technology many years ago and continue to support those platforms.

When things looked bad for small internet broadcasters a few years back, we went with Radionomy to host three of our Channels: Highlander Radio, Celtic Moon and Celt-Rock-Radio.

As of today, Radionomy has ceased to stream to the U.S. due to copyright laws and the threat of being sued by the U.S. music industry.

So these three streams will no longer work in the U.S. If you try to connect and live in the U.S. you will receive a message that states the station is being blocked.

We will continue to keep our Radionomy streams available to international listeners, so if you are outside the U.S. feel free to continue to listen.

We are still broadcasting our streams on the shoutcast platform which we are now based in Canada and abide by all Canadian regulations. There has been some talk of these streams being blocked to U.S. listeners, but Canadian jurisdiction prevents that. Our physical address is now located in Canada and we will update our contact details soon with that information.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 02-May-2019, 06:25 PM

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Good news, we have mailed most of the donation packages out. If you ordered a stein, coffee mug or Tee Shirt those will be produced and mailed over the weekend.

Thank you all for your support.

After all donation packages have been mailed we are going to start on an upgrade to our App which will bring it up to the most current software to work on most phones.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 29-Apr-2019, 07:34 PM

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Irishqueen, thank you so much for your kind feedback! Much appreciated.

North Sea Gas is an excellent Group. We were approached by their U.S. manager a few years back to feature their music. I think we might of done a few reviews of their CDs and we were lucky enough to see them perform at a festival too!

Highlander Radio is probably the best channel to get a wide range of music and discover new groups. Be sure to save music you hear and are interested in as a favorite. This can be done by logging into the website and on the main page click the little plus sign on the front page now playing widget.

It can be difficult even for us to track down songs people here and the save song feature really helps.

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CelticRadio Posted on: 29-Apr-2019, 07:29 PM

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We wanted to express a big thank you for reaching our goal this year. And to express our apologies on the delay in mailing out the donation packages in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, a member of the Celtic Radio family was recently diagnosed with a very serious chronic health condition that required a lot of our time over these past few months. She is doing much better now but her diagnosis is life long.

With things calming down, we finally were able to get the first batch of donation packages out the door today. Roughly about 25 mailings and we plan on having all donation packages mailed out by this weekend.

So keep an eye on the mail box! Thanks again for everyone that supports this site. We very much appreciate it.
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CelticRadio Posted on: 31-Mar-2019, 08:46 AM

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Yes we did make the goal and thank you and everyone else for making that happen!

We are going to start on the thank you gifts now, so it might be several weeks for us to get through mailing all of the gifts.

Hoping for an App upgrade next month with our vendor to support new devices and fix some bugs. We are also introducing a new channel which we will have more details about and resurrecting our Celtic Christmas channel all year long. I know some people will say "What? Christmas music all year long!" - but we actually had a few people really hoping it would be available throughout the year.
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