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Aaediwen Posted on: 21-Oct-2019, 11:06 AM

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Greetings again, all.

When digitizing an album, I have a separate phono preamp that I connect my turntable to. and then I run the output from that to the line in on my PC and dump it to Audacity. Most of those tables with the built in DAC which allow you to capture directly are cheaply built and poorly made.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 08-Apr-2017, 07:54 PM

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I just finished finally digitizing my 1978 LP of Howling Gael's Rant and Roar album. I highly recommend it to anyone who can find a copy. I always try to keep my eye out for Celtic music on vinyl, and It can be hit and miss with a lot of the older stuff. This one, however, is very worth it.

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Aaediwen Posted on: 16-Aug-2016, 05:20 PM

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For the last couple of days I've been spinning some vinyl, and some time back I was in a local music shop where I found a 1978 recording from Howling Gael, "Rant and Roar". I haven't expected much from it, and I've had it for several months before playing it. Although it's not perfect, I'm really impressed with it. This album is a lot of fun smile.gif Yaay for late 70's Celtic!
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Aaediwen Posted on: 25-Jun-2016, 06:31 AM

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As I recall, it was about 2003 when I first found CRN. Since I had my breakdown, the place I worked closed in 2012. So I went back to school to get a BS degree in Network Security & Electronics. I officially connected with and then married a lady I met on CRN, and I got several industry certs. These including Linux+, Net+, A+, and LPIC-1. I am also now working as a network admin and software developer at a small company here in Lexington, right along side the guy that got me started with Linux. Embedded work there has gotten be back to doing unique LFS builds and I am currently working to see how small of a system I can get to run. Right now, I'm at just shy of 120MB with about 8MB of RAM used while running an SSHD.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 21-Jun-2016, 05:01 PM

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I came across this thread and I wonder why I never posted my own answer when I started it. Certainly comparing my answer then and now could be quite interesting. But right now my thoughts lead to travel. There is a lot to see, and a lot to experience. Also, there is a lot of stuff I can't go in to here that I would do for my family.

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Aaediwen Posted on: 21-Jun-2016, 04:44 PM

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Greetings all!

I want to say hello again, after a few years idle. I have been deeply missing CRN, and have finally decided it is time to return to this wonderful place. Greetings to all the new faces, and blessings to those still here from the old days smile.gif

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Aaediwen Posted on: 22-May-2012, 08:11 PM

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White Fang
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Aaediwen Posted on: 22-May-2012, 08:06 PM

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I see two different questions here. As for how the poll is phrased, calling a song Celtic just because it's a Celt singing. No. A quick YouTube search will turn up covers of Led Zeppelin and Metallica on Harp, and although these wonderful covers are granted a Celtic feel, they're far from being Celtic tunes.

On the other end, there is no rule that says a Celtic artist can't record some non-Celtic CDs. (let alone individual tracks) And even have those tracks fit in a Celtic playlist.

I discovered Nightwish on Highlander Radio because of the Celtic Circle CDs. Most of the artists on that are pop or metal musicians (Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sarah McLachlan, Vangelis), and the tracks on the CD are not traditional (Our Farewell, Who Wants to Live Forever, Sleeping Sun). The case could be made that this is not really a Celtic CD. But I will say that listening to it, you get a very Celtic vibe from it, and I do classify it as Celtic as it does feel quite Celtic by nature.

It has been my experience that when I hear Celtic artists mix in as much pop as they do, especially with the more commercial feel of Celtic Woman, or Celtic Crossroads, that they provide a bridge to Celtic music for those who might only think of it as something to play while drinking green beer on March 17th. At the same time, they are giving back to both traditions. Folk music grows by interpritation, and popular music feeds off these influences as well to evolve and form new sounds (I'd love some CDs of Classical recordings done as metal, there are some awesome YouTube vids out there)

A Celtic artist recording a non-Celtic tune does not make it a Celtic tune, but recording the cover doesn't make the artist no longer Celtic either. And if they start recording CDs that don't even feel Celtic? well that's what we call a crossover smile.gif Loreena McKennitt went full on Middle Eastern for a while, but is Ancient Muse any less a Celtic album than Parallel Dreams or Elemental?

Trying to define music opens up a broad can of worms because you then have to determine what defines that type of music. In order to make this doable, we have had to define such narrow criteria that we now have thousands of genres of music. Good luck trying to define something as broad as Celtic, let alone the parent Genres of World and Folk.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 04-Apr-2011, 04:32 PM

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I agree, everyone should visit the wall at least once in their life. take a few minutes. take your time walking along it. And honor the memory of those remembered there.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 15-Mar-2011, 04:50 PM

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Ghost of a Rose is still my favorite CD of theirs. "Ivory Tower" and the title track are awesome.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 20-Jul-2010, 03:05 PM

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Blessings, Gabby smile.gif My prayers are with you on the trying road you travel. It is so good to hear from you.

I cleaned up your post for you and removed the duplicate smile.gif

Blessings to you, my friend.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 12-Jun-2010, 06:35 PM

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Yup, IIRC, Richie and Candice met when Candice was doing background vocals for Rainbow (And I think for Deep Purple too)
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Aaediwen Posted on: 05-Jun-2010, 05:22 PM

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My gaelic is introductory at best, so I am likely wrong in some spots. However, via my translation dictionaries and what I have observed in the bit of translation I have done, perhaps this will help point you in the right direction at least:

gairdín rúnda -- secret garden
gleann i bhfolach -- hidden glen
gairdín i bhfolach -- hidden garden
cioll i bhfolach -- hidden forest
aít folach -- hidden place
cioll na aingeal -- forest of the angel
cioll na síogaí -- forest of the fae
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Aaediwen Posted on: 26-May-2010, 03:20 PM

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Greetings smile.gif

Sounds like you're well on the way to finding what you're after. Might I recommend Great Big Sea, William Pint & Felecia Dale, And Schooner Fare?

When it comes to recommending folk tales though, I will recommend based on the title. Some songs to check out would be "Barbara Allan", "Molly Ban", "The Ballad of Tam Lin", any of a number of incarnations of "Two Sisters", and most any piece collected by Sir Frances Child. Also, Emerald Rose and Heather Dale both have some wonderful pieces that are based on The Mabinogion (Castle of Arianrhod, Culwich & Olwen)

Hope that helps smile.gif I can suggest more too if you want. Many of the ballads in particular form the bridge between Celtic music and Appalachian folk. Often you'll find the same song in both places.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 29-Apr-2010, 03:14 PM

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Creich parish, Hadrian's Wall, E-mail conversations with Kris Manvell
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Aaediwen Posted on: 13-Apr-2010, 04:51 PM

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I agree with Robert. it sounds like Cape Breton fiddle work. I don't recognize the tune though, although it sounds downright awesome.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 13-Apr-2010, 04:45 PM

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Thanks for reporting your issue. is it still not working though? I just tried one and it worked fine. Who are your ISPs? I'm on AT&T here . . .
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Aaediwen Posted on: 11-Mar-2010, 05:55 PM

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What you're hearing is a silver flute. More like what most people think of when you think of a flute. The tune is one I don't recognize, but I will say that although the 5 seconds of a tune that is there does sound like it has some Celtic influence, I can't say how much of that may just stem from the sound of a flute. That might be a pre-existing tune with which I am not familiar, but I don't peg it as a Celtic tune and it wouldn't surprise me if it were specially composed for that interview.

Just my two cents. It is pretty though smile.gif
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Aaediwen Posted on: 11-Mar-2010, 04:02 PM

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Congrats OR!

/me holds out a bag of gingernut
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Aaediwen Posted on: 10-Feb-2010, 04:12 PM

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A few months ago I was browsing a local record shop. Now I don't mean a local music shop, I mean record shop. not a CD to be found. Racks and racks of 12", 7", and 10" discs of analog aural awesome. Anyway, in the folk section, I found a near mint copy of Ruby Murray Endearing Young Charms. I've been curious about Celtic music from the early 20th Century. I've been curious about the treatments for these tunes from the birth of recording through the 70's, so I picked it up. Now, to be sure, the sound is a bit dated, but there's a really beautiful voice on this record and I rather enjoy listening to it smile.gif I don't think I'd recommend it for a modern introduction to Celtic music. Yet it's really a nice change, and a beautiful recording.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 29-Jan-2010, 09:36 PM

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Beautiful piece smile.gif Blessings to all who serve, and to their families.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 14-Dec-2009, 03:54 PM

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Should be noted the IRCD still seems to be down, and ssh seems closed, so I can't get in to fix it.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 22-Jul-2009, 01:54 PM

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One requirement for a website is a computer to store and provide it. In order for the site to be transparently avaliable on a 24x7 basis that machine has to be operational and online 24x7. That machine is the host for the website. Providing a service (in the case in question a web service), to any clients that may request a page on that server.

Most people do not have the resources to maintain such a system for their website. As a result, many of those who do have the resources to maintain a presence will offer space on their servers for others to put their own site online without having to worry about persistent connections, backups, and maintaining their own server.

Web hosting, is providing the online drive space, and bandwidth for someone to put a web page, or a complete web site online.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 08-Jul-2009, 03:00 PM

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I have this small glen at the base of a towering waterfall that exists in my mind. I tend to go there and lay by the stream, listening to the waterfall, and the birds in the woods. As I trail my fingers in the cool water and bask in the sunlight. I'd love to find a real analogy to this place.
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Aaediwen Posted on: 08-Jul-2009, 02:55 PM

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Take inventory of your expenses, and then pay the bills off one at a time. Then take the money that used to go to that bill and put it in some sort of savings every month. Stocks would be the best right now, while they're still down, but at LEAST in some sort of a savings account. Preferably though, in something where you can't get it back out very easy.
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