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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 29-Oct-2005, 10:40 AM

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Greetings to all! Once again, profound absence but thought I'd pop by & say hello. Life here has been quite busy; the property I thought we'd found turned out not so perfect so we've decided to stay put & make this house work for us for the foreseeable future. While it will mean lots of work, at least I don't have to pack up again!

Hoping all's well with everyone... Happy Halloween!! The grandkids are coming & I'm doing the place up royal for them. Hope to pop in more often...
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 29-Oct-2005, 09:42 AM

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I'm game! Have been getting busy for my grandsons to be here but, since all have work/school the following day, I should be free -- although quite tired, I'm certain!

The decorating is going terrific... we're the only ones within blocks who are all decked out. Young couples drive by & it seems all enjoy it. Still plenty to do to prepare the "potion shop" for Monday, as well as other things that can't be put out ahead of time. Is anyone else decorating? How about others in your neighborhoods? Tombstone has gone all out with blocks of small miner's cottages filled with decs, downtown has horse-drawn wagons filled with pumpkins & it's quite a site to see.

Blessings to all & hope to see everyone on Monday!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 14-Aug-2005, 03:38 PM

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Getting caught up is all I seem to do these days! Greetings to all & apologies for the long absence once again.... JP: They grow up all too fast, don't they? It's nice to know, even when they are parents themselves, they still need us on occasion. Congrats, RivDan... so you'll be out this way in October, eh? Pehaps the massive rain we've had with the monsoons will make your visit especially beautiful! Have had to call the National Weather Service three times in two days to report heavy downpours.... How's the monsoons doing your way, CR? We're having rescues daily!

Wishing all many bright days & hoping to chat soon!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 14-Aug-2005, 03:13 PM

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What a great topic! All of life, not just spirituality, is a type of evolutionary process for me. My love of learning has led to educating myself about many forms of earth-based spirituality & my respect for all forms of belief systems grows daily. I incorporate what "feels" right & appropriate for me at any given time; I gravitate toward that which I need to learn something from, garner my lesson, & continue my journey. I've been following this path for nearly 40 years now & the wonder of it all continually amazes me. While different, I've found all paths lead to the same destination (generally) & those fortunate enough to strive for enlightenment, regardless of faith or path, are the most wonderful bridges between us all.

One doesn't need to freak out neighbors to become enlightened to another spiritual path.... unless, of course, the neighbors need a little shaking up rolleyes.gif! Reading is a great start, especially those books geared toward historical/informational formats. There's much cr censored.gif out there, so being mindful of those whose interests lay in the dollar is essential.
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 14-Aug-2005, 02:48 PM

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Apologies for the absence, once again... getting things in order seems to be a lifelong quest these days. I would be game, as well (especially if I'd check in a bit more frequently sad.gif !)
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 04-Jul-2005, 04:21 PM

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Ty, CR; at least I'll have the house closed but still need to find that elusive property for my dad & I. Decided Benson/Mescal is too hot & not in favor of the Wal-Mart mindset for such a small town. The right place will present itself when the time is right, of that I'm certain.

Will miss our wonderful neighbors in NM once all is done, brother & sister, 65 & 60, one with a bad heart, the other dying of MS. Their cat was attacked on Friday by another neighbor's two pitbulls, which have killed other cats & attacked a 4-yr-old girl. We're pushing to have the beasts euthanized while their owner has incurred an enormous vet bill for the poor cat. We didn't think he'd make it but he's surprising all, which is quite good since this cat has kept Sandy going for a number of years now. My d-i-l watched the whole thing as the cat had just left after his evening visit for love with my grandsons. The town is SO backward & the PD such a comedy, I will be quite thankful to be rid of the place.

I will also not miss the crazed fireworks six times per year, being thankful they are not allowed in AZ. The grandsons spend two weeks evey year this time with little sleep & migraines while the locals blast off, setting fires on private & public property. Most don't even know what they symbolize but, then again, that probably requires more than a third grade reading ability (50% of local h/s grads can't read at this level). Hoping they don't mess up my d-i-l's surgery on Monday; they almost killed her 2 yrs ago & the boys need their mom. I'll not return until a week from Wednesday, so posting is apt to be nonexistent.

Hoping all have a terrific & safe 4th & happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 29-Jun-2005, 10:22 PM

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Greetings to one & all!! Sorry I've been so remiss but closing/selling a house, a d-i-l getting ready for a hysterectomy (2-3 days before I move her & the grandsons out of NM for good), the heat here in the SW... things have been crazed!! Now that I have dsl at the computer I use most (none at the NM house), I hope to visit more. Also hoping the discussions here become lively. Maybe now that I can listen while visiting & all running so smoothly, I'll even become a member!!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 29-Jun-2005, 09:39 PM

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Hello to all! Sorry for such an extended absence but have almost finished closing the house in NM down... One more big truck load next week (hopefully); will go early Friday to make some dump runs. My daughter-in-law goes in for surgery on 7/11 -- my son & I will be watching the boys for the two days she's in -- then hope to scoop her into the car on the 13th & bring her to AZ to recoup for a month. Whew! Exhausting in this heat, to be certain, although I imagine it's a bit hotter where you're at CR! I now have the dsl in AZ, although nothing in NM, so hoping my posts might become a bit more frequent in the coming weeks. Hope all can bear with my sporadic visits until the dust settles... will have the "gang" here for at least a month, which is great as I miss my grandkids something fierce.

Blessings & good will to all until next time!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 18-Apr-2005, 06:54 PM

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Greetings all! Still no luck on the property but I've finally cleared out the tumbleweed forest!!! I've managed to scrape to dirt about 1/4 of the dogrun & plant some yuccas & bird of paradise that I started from seed. Heading home to NM tomorrow, return on Thursday... promises to be a hot trip, I think. Hoping to gather some pomegranite sprouts that were left when I moved the main one to my folks' place almost 2 years ago (got more than 40 off it last year!!), just because they make a beautiful, albeit prickly, fence.

A bit of a scare here awhile back. My dad & I were talking in the living room (dark outside) when all of a sudden it looked like Independence Day out back! Helicopters, people running, police searching the yards. Next day I find the side fence broken down & a backpack under a bush out front. Guess the Border Patrol was after a group that stole a car (total of 9 packs found). I worry about my dad when I leave as he doesn't hear well. Now I've got to see if the insurance will pick up any for replacing the broken fence. One more thing to add to that ever-growing list.

If anyone here is a nurse or familiar with hospital procedures, I have some "issues" I would love to get some feedback on. I didn't want to post onto the Shiavo board since there are some definite differences but it's kind of along those lines.

Hope all have a great week!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 11-Apr-2005, 02:23 PM

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So sorry I've not been around but have been searching for that elusive property. CR, we really like the Mescal area, close to Tucson yet far enough out. I know it's out there but I don't think agents make enough on bare land so they don't seem to enthusiastic about assisting.

If it's allergies, I have a couple suggestions: Buy local bee pollen & take that; it work rather like a "hair of the dog" & usually works pretty well. Also, allergy Zicam works pretty good. For colds, try the Zicam for colds at the very first sign; it helps lessen the severity. (I'm not blowing smoke here since I'm a hereditary herbalist.)

Hey jpm! Congrats on the 200! I personally don't have anything against the snowbirds, only lousy drivers! Being on the interstate a lot, I know which states have all the fruits, to be sure. The mother of a guy I went to school with (from grammar to high!!) spends her winters in Casa Grande. CR: A neighbor of my aunt's in CA just moved to CG!! I can hear "It's a Small World" right now!

Rindy: I've begun the gardening at my dad's, although it is currently more like ridding the dog run of his tumbleweed forest. The dianthus I began as seed over the past couple years is blooming & taking like crazy, filling the air with the fragrance of carnations. Lots to do to prepare the yards before selling.

No problem with DST here... AZ stays the same! Just gets confusing for the tv & calling family in other time zones....

Take care all & have a great week!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 05-Apr-2005, 10:06 AM

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Hey CR! Hope hubby is feeling better soon. I thought I had something but am now thinking it must be allergies. I thought the northern part of the state got lots more rain than we did here... flooding in Cottonwood & Sedona. I'll take it, however, as it really is beautiful here. Haven't checked out any of the canyons yet as we were still quite cold at night as of a week ago. No luck on the property as of yet after talking with a half dozen different agents. I really don't understand the difficulty as I see new stuff going in where I like all the time! Guess you've got to know someone to get in on those, but I'll keep trying!

Best to all for a great week!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 05-Apr-2005, 09:56 AM

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I agree wholeheartedly, bubba! There are a number of groups to which I belong that seem to be deliberately skirting the issue, completely ignoring the fact that he managed to put aside longstanding differences between many of the major religions (& this includes apologies given). Commonalites are far greater than differences, as you so eloquently stated. I may be dreaming but it would be nice to think that we could oe day put aside the bashing & attempts to convert to realize we are all cut from the same cloth, that each piece contributes to the whole.
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 03-Apr-2005, 10:35 PM

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Many blessings to you & your family in this time of loss. Candles seem to be perpetually burning in my home these days & your father will have one.

CR: I drove to get my daughter-in-law on Thursday (to Silver City, NM & back) & the desert is alive with color! Carpets of goldpoppies are everywhere, lupine -- it was spectacular to see. You should be able to see some beautiful sights going off the beaten path, especially after such a wet winter. I cooked dinner on Friday for my son's 26th birthday. Between some pictures I had developed late (some with my mom) & the Pope's passing, reminding him of his grandmother, he had a few tears to shed. He recovered quickly this time & the day turned out great. Now if only the "right" property would turn up....
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 03-Apr-2005, 09:28 AM

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Speaking for myself, I wish I had more time to read & post! Sometimes I just get caught up reading while here. When I'm at my home, which is very seldom these days, I'm able to post more (thanks to DSL) but, when at my dad's (most of the time since my mom's passing) it's dial-up until I can relocate two households -- sounds a bit like a full plate, eh? I love the spirited debates here & I walk away feeling wiser for having visited. Even those that might get a bit "testy" shall we say, I feel contribute greatly to an overall understanding. Call me crazy but I believe these are the things that allow us to grow to full potential as human beings & teach us to deal with differences in a productive manner. While I may not always post my response, simply reading gets the old wheels churning in my head & clears the cobwebs out.

Sorry if I took this a bit too philosophically but it appears that's where I'm at these days! Perhaps it is the result of joining this community... yet one more positive thing! Thank you to all for sparking thought.
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 02-Apr-2005, 09:01 PM

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Thank you, Shadows, for the warm welcome. I've been a bit remiss re: checking as we had a small celebration for my son's birthday (26). I was also tuned into the Pope's health as my mother was quite devout & loved him very much. I find it refreshing how so many of different faiths are celebrating his life, which could be an interesting topic from a Pagan perspective. I think my favorite site was seeing him kneel to kiss the Earth! It always served to remind me of the commonalities we all share.

Thank you again. I look forward to many interesting discussions!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 30-Mar-2005, 07:52 PM

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I'm so glad I ventured around a bit more today & found this! I've been on my path for 37 yrs now & have always honored Mother Earth in my ways. I come from a long line of curanderas in the old country (on my paternal side) & have been healing the family critters as long as I can remember. I've never joined any temple, coven, or the like but travel my path as revealed to me. I was fortunate enough to have worked for a NA art museum for many years & was involved with Windstar, which opened many other doors to Earth-based spirituality. I was raised Roman Catholic & respect all who strive to bring out the goodness in people. I practice herbalism, am wiccan (although I do not necessarily consider myself a witch), solitary, love history, learning of world cultures, & respect honesty. I also have inherited a profound ability to see... something I am truly grateful to my ancestors for.

Thank you so much for having this board. I look forward to learning more about all here.
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 24-Mar-2005, 03:37 PM

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CelticRose--It is, indeed, beautiful but nearly 7 years is enough for me. I have a condition which is adversely affected by cold so in winter I wind up looking like a lawn jockey when I try to check the mail! It's definitely on the rise so I'm hoping the sale of my home will be relatively swift, once we get to that point. My grandsons have been in my home since birth so I'd like to be close... I miss Mr. Boo & Nicy Pitt terribly! My son is studying classical archaeology (he grew up in a Native American art museum with my boss being an anthropologist) so it makes sense. He hopes to teach college while his wife hopes to attend CSI school in Tucson.

Back at 'ya Dundee!

My mom was quite the typical red-haired Irishwoman & almost lost her leg to melanoma when young. She showed them all, however, living through far worse to a ripe old age but she was constantly going in to have everything checked/frozen. I lucked out, taking after my paternal grandma (southern Spain) for skin, paternal grandpa on eyes (green).

Thanks again to all for the warm welcome & great place to be!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 22-Mar-2005, 09:45 PM

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Hello CelticRose! Actually, my son is in Tucson going to UofA & my daughter-in-law & grandsons, who currently live at my home in Silver City, will be moving with him in August. I've been with my dad since my mom's passing in Sierra Vista, although we're looking for property at present where we can eventually move all onto. Thus far, he's quite enamored with Mescal, St. David, & Benson... more of the sleepy towns that are peaceful & quiet. I'll be heading back to his place tomorrow but don't know if I can talk him into the fair or not... Perhaps next year the whole clan can attend! Would love to make the kids' outfits for it!

Thanks again & chat soon!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 22-Mar-2005, 09:33 PM

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Thank you, Wizard, I'm feeling quite welcomed already! I'm not a real techie, either, but jump in feet first. I hope to be here more, if I can get things going on my laptop at my dad's (where I've pretty much been since my mother crossed). As for handling it well, it's a step we all take sooner or later & I like to believe it's a good step, that life is the test we all take to achieve it.

Again, thanks so much & hope to chat more!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 22-Mar-2005, 04:51 PM

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CelticRose: On one of my return ventures I heard of a Renaissance festival in AZ somewhere but the radio ad never said where. Could you enlighten this poor woman on the topic? The last one I went to was a wee one is Silver City & sorely miss the days of old in N. Calif. when they were held at Blackpoint.... my son grew up going & I would love to take his sons....

With gratitude,
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 22-Mar-2005, 04:30 PM

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I'm not certain how I did it but managed to get CR! Perhaps it's got something to do with all the warm welcomes I've received.... thank you so very much!

I'm getting ready to head back to AZ tomorrow with a load... hopefully I can have the house almost cleared by the time my daughter-in-law & grandsons are ready to join my son in Tucson (August) & work on getting the house sold. I only hope I'm able to access CR while in SV.... I miss having music at my dad's.

Thank you again to all who've made me feel quite welcome!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 22-Mar-2005, 04:01 PM

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Thank you, CelticRose, for the warm welcome! I love Celtic music although I've not been able to listen to any here thus far (perhaps age is getting the best of me). I log on at two different locations, one via dialup in Sierra Vista & the other DSL at my home in NM (although I'm only there once or twice per month these days) so perhaps that has something to do with it... or else just a major brain lapse. My father just purchased a Celtic harp for me... I wanted to play harp as a child &, not knowing there was something other than the orchestra type & not having an abundance of spare money in those days, he told me I could "get one free when I died." Now I have one & hope to teach myself to play. We soon hope to combine our households in AZ since I worry about him terribly when gone.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom. My mother & I never had what would be a super relationship but it wasn't all that bad, either. I am the only (living) child of hers that ever really cared about her, so that's what I hold dear. She did the best she could under the circumstances & I learned so much from her.

Again, thank you for the welcome... I'll take any suggestions as to finding my way around (or how to get some music!!).
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 22-Mar-2005, 02:14 PM

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Thank you for your kind words, Rindy. My mother was 88.5 & in poor health; she is at peace now & is able to enjoy rather than hurt. We were able to dec her out for St. Paddy's Day, a holiday I can remember her pulling us out of school for!

Again, thank you for the warm welcome & I hope to find my way around here!
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 22-Mar-2005, 02:00 PM

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The Goddess of Roses and Love. You are a hopeless romantic. Always optimistic and loving, you have many friends and you are exceptionally trustworthy. You are a innocent beauty.

I'm not certain how well this one fits....
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CoyoteMoon Posted on: 22-Mar-2005, 01:48 PM

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Hello to all. I am quite new here, only able to visit occasionally since my mother's passing last August. I'm still finding my way around so any assistance would be appreciated. My mother was quite Irish & my son just returned from a visit to Scotland; I have two fine grandsons & am in the process of combining homes so I can be ready to assist my father. I hope that covers the basics & thank you very much!
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